The best K-pop group because of their unique sound. Really working hard group. A perfect representative of the Halluy Wave. They have lots of international fans who loves their music, songs, dances as well as themselves.

Each member's talent is exceptional... They could showcase a very well production number with just 5 of them... SeungHo plays the piano ingeniously and really sings well...G.O is someone with a voice you cannot imagine... Joon definitely can pull a ballet dance... Cheondoong is not someone with just a pretty face... Mir is still Young but his talent isn't someone for his age and his different on stage when performing... Don't forget their looks-- Leading man looks... Slim guys are a trend in Korea but they are manly in different ways...

MBLAQ isn't my favourite group, but since they've first sung "It's War" I really liked them! I think they worth this. Don't know, why "It's War" touched my heart this much. Maybe it's the feeling people should have from really good music.

MBLAQ is a great Korean Pop band! They should be beating SUJU right now! I don't know why MBLAQ isn't added yet, but please vote and help them get all the way up there!

The best group in the world!
Congratulations on the new album 100% ver!
Amazing songs

MBLAQ is a amazing group that ever do the best for their fans! They are the best band! Have amazing songs, a amazing dance, act and all that you can think! MBLAQ have a lot of talent that show in their new song Its War! MBLAQ is the best! I Love MBLAQ! Fighting A!

MBLAQ is amazing and so is KPOP and they would totally rock the Olympics! I totally think that they make amazing music and this will just make them even more amazing than they are already! Totally let them! Sad that they are in 97th place though...

MBLAQ is really a great band! Their songs are so beautiful. They have real talent! They really are "living in absolute quality. " As much as I adore Rain, and know they get some from him, they are so hardworking and fantastic at everything they do!

See MBLAQ at Olympics?
That would be amazing their music is touching to the heart
They just make some of the best music out there

MBLAQ is the best Boy Band that I've ever seen.. They are so talented... They are all amazing singers and at the same time dancers..

MBLAQ is really a great band. The boys are really talented and we can see that on their live performances. But I can't understand why they aren't so famous as other bands in Korea so this is the best opportunity for them...

The greatest group I've ever seen! MBLAQ with all the 5 members are unique! Great vocal and dance skills. The boys are really talented and their performances are amazing!

They are the best... Mblaq... actually mblaq deserve every thing I love them

I would love MBLAQ to perform everywhere. One of the KPOP boybands who are not so much into the POP mainstream. They are different in terms of their skills. Their music is unique. American IDOL judges once said and agreed about an American Idol aspirant who was so different among the other contestants in terms of displaying his singing/musical talent. Voice, style,.. Different! MBLAQ is different. New and fresh. Please Check out their Albums... Thanks

In my opinion is one of the best group of k-pop. They have so much talent in everything. They are so handsome. The music is unique!

Their the best, want something new? Vote for mblaq
Watch YouTube for the videos and see how their perform, amazing and breath taking

Starting for Oh Yeah, Y, Stay, Mona Lisa and This is War, MBLAQ haven't managed to disappoint their fans yet.
They are really hardworking and is really underrated, I hope that they have the chance to perform so that more people around the world will know how talented and amazing they are

I think they deserve to be in the top ten. Yes they may not win a lot of awards compared to other K-Pop and International artists but you just have to see it for yourself. They work really hard and you can't underestimate them when it comes to talent. They just need a certain break that would help them shoot higher. Songs are great. Dances are great. Faces are great. And Attitudes are great.

They are internationally loved and a nation wide known group. "they", are MBLAQ. Not only are they well known for their skills and effort, they are also seen to be caring and hardworking, especially when their fans (A s) are involved. From variety and reality shows to live performances, they have never ceased to amaze the audience, and honestly? I think we should give them a chance

MBLAQ is an amazing group and IS THE BEST group~ (in my opinion) their music is the best and this music can touch your heart Always&forever Fighting!

Mblaq are really original and handsome guys! Give them the opportunity to demonstrate it!

They are the "sons" of Rain!... That should be enough to believe in them. But, I have to say that they have gain with their own sweat the big popularity that they have. Their songs, voices, performances are absolutely amazing!, they have charisma, they have ALL! And I'm sure that they will be a really great choice for this event. Why?... Because... They are simply MBLAQ

MBLAQ's music and performances are of high quality. Their songs carry meanings and it is great to see the members participating in creating their music unlike many other Korean idol groups. MBLAQ's love for their fans is already well known and their official fans, 'A+' is highly commended for their manners on or off net. MBLAQ's international popularity is the evidence of them being worthy for a stage at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony.

THEY ROCK! Mblaq gets the most high quality performances as we can see at the T. V known as the vampires. They deserve to be at the London Olympics! Their new album This is war is now on the charts firing! Please love them and I love A! Mblaq and A forever!

MBLAQ is my favorite and the GREATEST group IN THE WORLD! I LOVE THEM! They would be AWESOME to perform for the 2012 London Olympics! If they do end up performing, which I REALLY hope they do, two things would happen. One, I would faint. And two I would actually watch the Olympics this year. MBLAQ A