Morning Musume


Morning Musume are a group of girls who transformed the pop of Japan. They started the revolution, and they're still in it for the win. With amazing songs and great performances their voices are ones that anyone would love to hear. Already have performed in not just LA but Paris as well, these girls are known. They don't lip sing, and each girl gives 200% with each performance. With great voice talent and amazing dancing skills even for the younger members, Morning Musume should be shared with the world!

Singing in London is a great chance for them to expose themselves and thus improve themselves more. The newbies (9th and 10th gen) has already improved a ton within such short time. Who wouldn't like to see them as THE best idol group?

Morning Musume bring happiness, energy and love wherever they come. They are top-quality singers that never lipsync and they have amazing dancers among them, too. Seeing a band like this live is a great joy.

Morning Musume is one idol group which revolutionize the idol era. They inspired thousands of people with their upbeat songs and cheerful characters. They worked hard with determination and has become a symbol of purity which true idols should have...

I have so much respect for the members of Morning Musume and their producer. I think they are the best group ever. They are such a unique group, and they have a variety of sounds. This is the first group I've ever seen that is built around the members, since their producer writes with the group as a whole and each member individually in mind. This is an amazing group.

Morning Musume and their good live performance skills would be perfect for an event like this. They are wonderful and on stage they never lack energy.
I love them

I have nothing but respect for Morning Musume and their producer. They have a wonderful history, and it would be a dream to see them get the kind of exposure that the Olympics would offer.

They have the talent to go worldwide and is yet underrated. With their performance quality and youth appeal, the girls definitely deserve the worldwide spotlight now. - reinakathy

Morning Musume, A J-POP group from Japan. They are full of energy and have truthful smiles; each with strong individual characteristics. They deserve this opportunity to share their cheerful and genki vibes with everyone!

They are the best in my heart. It's a good chance to let everyone know them. That can make them more and more hard-working.

I love Morning Musume, they've been there for years and I grew up with them by my side! No lip syncing, amazing quality performance! I would love it if all members could sing together, old and new members! I love they're energy, English or not, I'm a British citizen and I'm saying I'd LOVE to see them!

Morning Musume has followed a tradition of excellence for 15 years. Their humble beginnings and continual evolution have propelled them into a league of their own. Anyone who has ever been to a Morning Musume concert is left with an incomparable experience. Words may not do them justice. So, for those curious, I suggest you seek out a live performance, sit back and enjoy the unique and uplifting show.

Morning Musume is an inspiration to international music. Having been around for more than 10 years, we can get a real sense of their experience. Allowing them to perform at the Olympics would be a great benefit to the world and would make a lot of fans and non-fans very happy. I'd love to see them perform.

Their performances are always fun and energetic. All the girls try their best to make their unique personality shine through in their singing and dancing. This group has been around for 14 years and they're still amazing.

Would love that! They deserve much more exposure than what they're given. And what better venue than the Olympics? They have plenty of songs that can get the crowds pumped.

Their music is inspirational and they can perform a wide variety of different styles of music
They have a large discography and produce many more songs every year they have a long history in Japan and are now an icon locally as well as internationally as they have performed in Korea, France and America as well as having fans in a large number of countries

Vote for Morning Musume! Best Female and Japan's No. 1 Girl group of all times! Morning musume deserves to be recognized around the world.

Morning Musume will impress everyone with their high energy and wonderful presense that is difficult to achieve. A fun group with high-quality. They are one of the female groups with the largest number of sales in the world! It will be an honor to have them since they also have (currently) 10 generations! To have all of them to perform would be truly spectacular!

Morning Musume is one of my favorite bands ever! Seeing how I hate American music, they truthfully are one of the best and one of my favorite bands ever! I really hope they go to this It would be a good break-through, not only for them, but for Hello! Project all together! I really hope they can go

Morning Musume's music is upbeat, catchy, and a joy to listen to. It's truly inspiring to see girls who love what they do so much and have worked so hard for their dreams. You don't need to know the language to feel the love and positivity coming straight from their hearts.

They are all talented singers! I think they do their best while they are singing. Although it is not a very popular group, I love them very much because they show their love to music, as well as singing. Love them so much that I hope they can perform on this huge event.

I love these girls the new generation is awesome and i�'d like to everybody enjoy their music, all the songs that they have are really great and if they perform in the olympics opening ceremony they would be recognized around the world, come on give them a chance to show their talent

Ganbare momusu!
They are pretty talented ans their songs are full of positives messages for the world Morning Musume it's an example and reference for the word "progress" not only for japan, but for the world!
Ganbatte kudasai!

Honourable young women, full off energy. I agree with the last comment everyone should participate in such an event close to home. On top of that, they are rising stars in countries OTHER than Japan. Look around and you'll see international love

Morning musume is so great! They can make us happy and full of energy I love musume so much