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Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial Metal band consisting of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard), that formed in 1994 in Berlin . ...read more.


It's the best show on the earth! I really love his fire show because its really surrealistic... And I think they can make a memorable Olympic Games opening show! They really rocks... I saw them 2 times on my life and I don't regret about it...

Rammstein is the greatest band on the world, because it's sure, they're playing metal song (tanz-metal), but their songs are full of poetry. Till can sing everything what you want - with some metal.

The best live band I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot! They would put on an amazing show for the Olympics. They are so professional, well put together, talented and all round brilliant. Rammstein for the Olympics 2012!

Rammstein is the best band in the earth, only performing Stripped hey will take the wolrd in their hands...

They are the best band, and the best live performing band I have ever seen! You want see a real great Olympics Games opening, vote for Rammstein! Believe, it will be great!

They are the best band, and the best live performing band I have ever seen. They have catchy songs, and they are very wonderful to listen to. Their songs have meaning, and perform them well and are capable of getting the audience going.

Rammstein can surely give us a great performance, just fits perfectly in the atmosphere the Opening Ceremonies really deserves. They are irreverent, heavy and unique. No one can do the same they keep doing.

Rammstein has a lot of fans. But people most can't stand Justin Bieber or Tokio Hotel. People like rock? Not pop music. And there is fire on their show, just like olympic fire.

Rammstein the best! I love Rammstein so ass it is very cull group. Thanks all who vote for this г�уппу. Rammstein, I wish you a victory in this voting.

Good luck Rammstein. We with you!

Rammstein is better than any band! They must play at Olympics opening ceremonies. There are very good bands for this, but this one is the best for playing and they have the best live!

The power from rammstien's music it could be the best way to open Olympics. And the performance from the artist and their classical fireworks is something the people will remember for years.
Rammstein rules! Viva rammstein

Their video for "Stripped" should explain it all. Plus just to add the lead singer Till Lindemann was a chosen Olympic Swimmer.

From Mexico, Rammstein is simply the best. In addition the event requires action and only knows how to turn Rammstein a party, at the Olympics Games need. RAMMSTEIN... YEAH!

The best option to get the people on Fire (Literally) Is Rammstein, The best opening act, with great music and Great entertainment. Everyone would be happy to be there and ready to compete, My respects From Venezuela.

Even if Rammstein does not win, they MUST finish higher than Justin Bieber! The only concern is that people might be disappointed by the Olympics after seeing the band.

Rammstein has the best show in the world! Every their concert is sold out! Rammstein has fans all around the world!

Look yeah, this is all I or anyone need to say... Rammstein. But for unfathomable reasons, that I do not know of, this comment's quality is not met yet. I mean quality or quantity? Something Rammstein and also Chuck Norris know the answer to. Of course the answer to this is quality and quality is what Rammstien represent. I mean if you are looking for entertainment then look no further because this excellent collection of actual real musicians unlike the untalented auto-turned lip syncing commercial pop acts of this doomed society, that is like to cause us all to fall back into primates because of people like One Direction, Justin Bieber, Girls' Generation and etc of associated acts that are polluting this beautiful music industry with their regurgitate stomach content that they and the majority of this forsaken hell-hole call music. Please for the love of people who have working ear-drums please vote Rammstein... Chuck Norris would*.

*For possible legal reason this is just an ...more

Rammstein is the best band of Industrial Metal and will be a great and different musical style, making a unforgettable opening to this event...
Is a great band, with powerful presence

NEED SOMETHING OTHER THAN POP MUSIC! They have been around for a long time and they should get the credit they deserve. They have yet to be recognized on a broader spectrum of musical talent. They not only tackle topics that no one else would touch, they give amazing live performances. Their fire shows would not only suit the Olympic games for this reason but for the cultural diversity. Their music is in German and we only really ever hear English bands/groups etc. Not to mention, their video for the song, with English Lyrics, "Stripped" was Olympic themed. And not to mention frontman Till Lindemann, was a junior Olympic swimmer.

They are perfect for the Olympic Games! They can give a great show with tons of energy never experienced before! One thing is for sure, they won't let anyone down! They are amazing!

Rammstein should play the Opening Ceremony at the 2012 Olympics due to the fact that they as a band have broken language barriers around the world due to their unique and one of a kind sound with very deep meaningful lyrics. A lot of these artists on this list are cookie cutter manufactured and don't even write their own lyrics or even know how to play instruments. Real talented musicians write their own lyrics and play their own instruments and Rammstein does just that. Ramstein have spent their entire careers cultivating and perfecting their original sound and style of music. Rammstein is the BEST LIVE BAND in the World and would put on an excellent opening Ceremony show. Let Rammstein do the Opening Ceremony for it would honor the BEST BAND ON THE PLANET. Thank you Rammstein for all of your hard work and contributions to the music world. Love you guys!

Shares the right kind of energy for the Olympics! Let's not forget to mention wide usage of fire, which is crucial with this kind of symbolic level of event.

One of the best bands to be chosen to play in an event of such social and cultural importance, a sporting event that seeks to overcome various barriers against various kinds of preconceptions. Place a band of this style of music that often suffers prejudices "by other music styles" could represent the breaking of these barriers, not to mention the part of the show the band has with their pyrotechnics, and his lyrics that often can seem polemics but on the other hand may represent smoothing considered as controversial topics in today's society, in short what else to say about Rammstein?
I very much able to have the pleasure of attending his presentation at the opening of an event that is both for me and people around the world, thanks for listening.

Best performance ever!
Rammstein is the best band of the world, with more than 10 years playing good music.
Their music is strong and lyrics are full of sense.

Rammstein has an incredible, powerful, strong, and moving sound that would surely resonate with viewers and listeners the world over. The energy in their music and the incredible visual effects they use would be perfect for the Olympics. No other musician, band, or music group can compare.