Rin and Len Kagamine


PLEASE! RIN AND LEN KAGAMINE ARE MY FAVORITE VOCALOIDS! I would do anything to see them sing at the Olympics ;. ;

Come on all you Rin and Len fans! Let's get them to sing at the London Olympics!

-Their voices are so amazing and talented. Actually I think they should have a grand stage of all the vocaloids like Kaito, Hatsune Miku, Rin and Len Kagamine.
So like this if you agree with me about Vocaloids - 806153420

GREEN IS THE ENEMY! YELLOW FIGHTERS! I love the Kagamines so much, and have a Vocaloid concert would be something new that few people get the chance to experience. It would be new and fun, and give them publicity to many new people. VOTE ORENJI AND BANANA!

We shouldn't give ALL the spotlights to Miku!
Give Rin and Len the opportunity to steal the show!
Besides, they are AWESOME singers! Mix their voice and it will sound AMAZING!
They will have you speechless! =]]

While Miku is the most famous Vocaloid, I love Rin and Len because they poor more emotion into their songs! Miku does not show much enthusiasm or emotion while singing, and I think Rin and Len make every song they sing more exciting! Along with their voice coordination and love for each other they are my favorite Vocaloids!
Unfortunately, due to Miku's vast popularity over the Kagamine twins, they have no chance of winning... Miku hogs all the attention. I think the Kagamine love should be spread and they deserve a spot ahead of Miku for a change!

Go Kagamine Twins! Vocaloid are Awesome! They should definitely get to sing!
Rin and Len's voices sound great together, so they should definitely sing a duet, not sure which song though.

To me, they are much better than Miku, the best vocaloids in the universe! GO RIN AND LEN! WE LOVE YOU!

Because everyone loves them, don't they? They would be a worthy competitor with miku, it would be awesome if the whole cast of vocaloid could preform, but I don't think that theirs a song where they are all singing. I also love there some butterfly on your right shoulder, its beautiful!

These twins are happy, they pump up a crowd, and they many people smile. They seem very sweet in their songs and I think they should perform in the olympics Kagamines

I personally love the Kagamine twins when it comes to vocaloid. Now I know all of you are thinking they aren't that good like Luka or Miku(And they both just had to be above them. )but to me they are really awesome and their voices are just perfect for each other. Their songs are really amazing too! (although most are love and most of you don't really like mushy stuff like me... Still please give them the chance. )Because of that many fans have liked them very much. I know it doesn't show on here but it's because not many have heard of this vote so PLEASE SEND THIS TO OTHER KAGAMINE FANS IF YOU REALLY WANT THEM TO PERFORM! Go Kagamine revolution!

The Kagamine Twins should sing there, because they are the perfect stars! They can sing, they can dance and they can reach every heart, because of their awesome songs. All in all they are perfect for the olympics!

They're adorable, have AMAZING voices, extraordinary songs, and a lot of fans. They might not be real, but heck, THEY INSPIRE ME!

The most awesomest twin vocalists! They can make everyone pumped up and are very popular towards the audience. With their stylish looks, and great voice, they make the perfect pair!

I really hope that The twins perform! They are probably my favorite vocaloids in the history of vocaloids! They are so cute and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that! Also they have wonderful voices, even if their voices are simulated. GO TWINS!

So cute Their sings are my favorite. Kagamine twins are also important number in vocaloid, and I Always support them.


Out of all the vocaloids, the twins are the best. Their music touches my heart, and, unlike a lot of music, can bring me to tears. I recommend them to everyone!

The Kagamine twins have great voices and great songs. While I would like even more for Miku to perform, I would be far more excited if the Kagamine twins also made their appearance. Well, I'll be looking forward to seeing Miku perform! I sure hope the Kagamine twins do too!

Hnnh~ the Kagamine's are adorable! Where is the Kagamine fan club when you need them.?

This would be such great opportunity to introduce people to the loveable Kagamine twins! Put your Kagamine spirit together and let's try to get them to the top 10! Let's go team Road Rolla!

If they make it it will be a miracle but there is always a hope they just need to be able to sing it needs to happen

They have to preform! I mean along side Miku singing a group song like 'Love is War'. That would absolutely bring the mood up!

OH MY GOD I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RIN AND LEN. Honestly, their music is 34982349823049 times better than Miku's music.


Rin is a evil princess and her servant is Len. Len is Rin's brother/servant in this story. (sometimes rin and len are lovers, it depends on the story. ) One day the guy rin loves (Kaito) fell in love with a green haired girl. Rin told Len to kill her. Rin ordered for all the green land to be destroyed along with her in it. But truly Len actually loved Miku and hid her. She ended up dying anyway. That day all the green haired people where killed because rin was jealous of how pretty they are. Everyone wanted to kill Rin and since Len was her brother, Len traded clothes with her and they switched places to where len would die. Rin didn't want him to do this. Rin started crying and crying and finally, they cut Len's head off. In Regret Message Rin was ...more

Two words to describe the Kagamine Twins: Awesome & Cute! I've been a big fan, ever since my friend introduced me to Vocaloid. They were the only singers in the world that have actually made me cry through their songs. Believe me, people say I'm cold-hearted because I don't cry easily, but Rin and Len's songs always melt my heart.

That's why I love 'em, 'cause they always make me cry! X'3

Also, they're the reason why I suddenly developed a huge obsession over oranges, bananas, and roadrollers.

I find them better than Miku by voice range and genres of music they sing (But worry not, I respect Miku too! But I'm a very hardcore Kagamine fan. ). I like both Rin and Len equaly actually. Their voices are cute and awesome at the same time. I would actually like both the Kagamines and Miku to preform. Anyway, even though this is a blog kind of top 100, the Olympic ceremony planners might get a chance to see this and realize, "Wow, we must get these two. They're popular enough to jam the stadium possibly. " (At least something similar). Anyway, Kagamine love!

P.S. if I have spelling errors, don't mind them, I'm admitting that I'm pretty young, so my spelling could be bad. Possibly my grammar too since I always miss a word or two when I'm typing.

They aren't as famous as Miku (who literally steals the spotlight for any vocaloid really) so this is a great opportunity for them to rise to the top. Even though this is a blot, possibly the Olympics planners could see this in their free time and get them to London (Eh, Miku can join too. I mean, she is the one who started vocaloid's fame and she is my third favorite vocaloid. ) Woo! Go Rin and Len! (Sorry if my wording is terrible to you, I'm really young to post a comment on here)