Super Junior

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Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.


They are really good singers and dancers! They so popular over the world, you can go YouTube search their music videos, bonamana, sorry sorry and mr simple are so popular! They are the best

The best group ever! They're really good people I think they deserve everything good we can give it to them! Several styles, fun, dance and a lot of love!

The best representative group of Korea. All their performance are strong and unique... London and all the world would enjoy their performance!

Super Junior deserves make this presentation, it would be great if a band of k-pop play in Olympic games... So it would release more and above all, the world would realize the great they are

People should acknowledge their stage performance, that's one of the most interesting, sincere performance in the world. They're true to themselves and the audiences. Their performance bring out the energy that suit the Olympic atmosphere. They also can show people that hard work will pay off and be true is good way of life. Super junior energetic performance and their humor humble hard working selves can show the true meaning of Olympics spirit. That's peace, passion, and much more than that.

Good dancers and singers! They're awesome and I hope they can be most popular. Honestly, they are the best in his gender with no doubt, Super Junior has my vote in everything! And they have many fans around the world.

Made up of thirteen members but currently performing with nine, Super Junior is not only the best boy band but the best band in South Korea, and is hastily making their way to be the top band in all of Asia. With over a million fans, Super Junior has conquered the hearts of people of all ages in Asia, Europe the Middle East, and the Americas, and very easily do so with their charming personalities, good looks, and their amazing singing, dancing, acting, and comedic talents. Their upbeat and well developed songs have been danced to and sung along to ever since they first debuted back in 2005. Their concerts(which get sold out mostly every time) are amazing and they perform with a passion and joy to satisfy their fans and prove that they deserve the numerous awards and titles they have received. Please invite them to perform, because when it comes to Super Junior performing, no fan is ever let down.

They are the Best Asian Pop Group ever!
They really deserve to be there, and show the world the power of the Kpop!
Super Junior Fighting!

Really wonderful their Perform! I hope they can be one of the most popular k pop groups

They should perform because they are the kings of Hallyu and Olympics is all about unity of all countries and cultures, and besides they are really good entertainers

Super Junior is an amazing group, their music, choreography and are awesome.
Super junior members are talent and charismatic
I really love Super Junior! ELF

Please give them a chance, so his career grow and become more famous, plus it is a super talented group and I think they are better than several of those already in the list

Super Junior is the best group in South Korea! They are amazing in everything! Definitely you won't regret! They are the BEST!

Because they are so HOT! The Best! This is a band in Korea and many people would go to London for watching them! Many people go to countries, although they are very far, many fans go to watching them everywhere. Is a symbol in Korea.

It would be awesome if SUJU performed, they are a great Korean group very well known in Asia and the world K-POP FIGHTING!

Super Junior is not just a kpop boyband, they are an example as human beings and humble artists. They know how to captivate and amaze people with their dancing, voices and charismatic members. They are unique and deserve to be in this ceremony. Not only representing Korea but as an example of hard working people. ELF over the world will agree over this! Super Junior Fighting!

Super junior is the best! I think they going to do a really good job! And everybody want to dance with them & I'm ELF of heart my blood is saphire blue color

The best thing you can choose ~ super junior, the last man standing! Fighting oppas people from all around the world~ love them

They always amaze me with their performances, they really put lots of efforts to make the audience like them, and also their music is really catchy and with a pretty good rhythm

They are awesome singers and dancers, very talented group, a lot of people from all over the world know them, I'm sure they would make me proud of my vote.

Super Junior! They are supermans! They're the bests! Their voices and the dance performances are the best in the world

I love them! Please they are awesome singing and performing live. And their music is good too. Korean artists are taking the world!

They are very talented, they deserve to sing in London! You�'ll enjoy it! They are a South Korean group of kpop, and they�'re very famous in Asia, This year they�'ll come to many different countries around the world, Actually they�'re an amazing group if you choose them you�'ll not regret it!


Relatively, there are many artists that dream of the chance to perform in such a grand scale event such as the Olympics. And Super Junior is just one of those thousands if not millions...

It's common for one who does not know them to Google and see that they are simply a group from South Korea with 13 members. Boyband wannabes they might say, but not for those who have followed them in their every step since debut, or even those who have seen at least one of their LIVE performances.

But let's cut to the chase. What REALLY sets Super Junior apart from the generations of boy groups then and now? What do they have to deserve a chance to perform in a big event such as the Olympics?

First, Super Junior is innovative. One of the main reason why Super Junior has lasted throughout these years was because they never run out style. If must, the better phrase should be they have lived their OWN style. Music business is just as cutthroat as any other fields of industry, ...more