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Susan Magdalane Boyle is a Scottish singer who came to international attention when she appeared as a contestant on the TV programme Britain's Got Talent on 11 April 2009, singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables.


The Olympics Opening Ceremony shouldn't be reduced to a rock concert because it's serious competition to serious athletes. Many of the "singers" listed even reduce the numerous award shows to naked freak shows. I'm American and even feel the entertainment should be from the UK since they are hosting the event. Susan Boyle has shown what determination and dreaming can do and would be a perfect talent to fit in with the dreams of the athletes who are in attendance. She should not be sitting on the sidelines for this event.

Susan Boyle has the most stunning voice and we have not heard the likes of her for many years. What a delight to have someone with such an amazing voice around. Susan is the logical choice for the Olympics - not only does she have an impressive set of lungs but she will do the UK proud! The most inspirational singer in the world with the most beautiful voice in the world. Susan Boyle is the darling of the world and loved and admired on all continents

In many ways, Susan belongs to the whole world because people in every continent have been inspired by her and have embraced her. I'd love to see and hear her singing at the Olympics opening ceremonies.

Susan Boyle has proven she is an international star, performing in Japan, China, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and the US. She embodies the spirit of the Olympics. Talent, determination, and courage. Her voice has thrilled millions. She has broken long held records in the music industry and has a voice for the ages. No one can represent the UK in the Olympic opening as well as their own Susan Boyle

Because she is the best UK has produce in many years. Not only because her voice is so beautiful and she is so well known around the Planet but because she embodies what an Olympian is. She showed the World that if you believe in yourself and in your capacities, you should never give up, you should persevere no matter how difficult the task and no matter how many times you'd need to start again.

This lovely lady is an inspiration to us all to keep striving to make you dreams come true. She is a good ambassador for Great Britain, also does a lot for youth charities. She should be invited to more events to represent our country. The world know of Susan Boyle and through her know more of this country. Let Susan sing and bring sunshine to the world. Beautiful songstress

Susan Boyle is ALREADY EXPERIENCED SINGING IN FRONT OF MASSIVE CROWDS -she has done it twice already, at Bellahouston Park for the Papal Mass, estimated crowd of 70,000 T.V. audience of 1 billion, and at Shanghai Stadium, China - 60,000 estimated T.V. audience of half a billion. She has the perfect sweeping voice, and is one of the UK's greatest talents.

Susan Boyle embodies the true Olympic spirit in both her demeanor and the respect she has gained throughout the world. I firmly believe the entertainment should be from the UK, and Susan has performed to massive crowds in China and before the Pope. She's a world class singer who will proudly represent her country with dignity.

So many Olympians have that dream, just like Susan did. Susan would be a perfect choice to sing at the Olympics. She has inspired millions, not only with her beautiful voice, but with the way she has lived her life. She has overcome so much adversity to become a shining star and would be an amazing choice to sing at the olympics.

I'm from the US, but I believe an artist from the UK should open the Olympics, that only makes sense. And there would be no one better to do that than Susan Boyle. She is incredibly talented and personifies the dreams coming true for those who, like the Olympians, persevere in spite of obstacles to be among the best in the world!

Susan has the kind of soaring, sweeping, spine-tingling authentic singing talent that matches the athletic talents on display in the Olympics. Susan is a proud Scot who has made performances for charity her priority in Britain. She is that rare celebrity who would accept the honor of singing at the Olympics with deep humility and modesty.

No one catches your heart like Susan Boyle. When she sings you feel it all the way to your soul. Seeing the underdog overcome incredible odds to become a winner - that is the Olympic spirit and that is what Susan has accomplished. She will make an incredible ambassador for the United Kingdom.

I would think the UK would most definitely want one of their own citizens to sing at the Olympics and who better than Susan Boyle? She has inspired so many to reach for their dreams, and to be the best they can be. Isn't that what the Olympics is all about in the end?

Susan is the most beautiful person on this planet! Her goal has always been to make people happy. Her love for us comes through to us in her songs, and she has the ability to make you "feel" love, heartache, longing, hope, and basic human desires we all hide within us. Susan uses no fancy footwork, electronic voice "enhancers" or any other gimicks. Her voice is pure, and she IS the real professional singer on this list! God Bless Susan Boyle!

By far the best representation of her country. She owns a powerful voice, a tenacity that defy the odds, and she represents those of us who are older. We need someone with her charisma representing the baseline of virtues in the world today. She showed the rest of middle agers how it was done, could be done, and was done.

I think she is the best suited for London Olympic. I don't quite understand why the majority of top 10 are occupied with the singers are occupied with ones from non-host nations. Although I am not British national, I think we should pay more respect for the host nation.

Susan Boyle sings for every person who has ever "Dreamed a dream". She is the courage of the little people. And she is still Susan. Just a quick comment to everybody out there who thinks this is a worldwide popularity contest. The Olympics are being held in London, so only the British need be considered. Just saying'!

Susan has a beautiful strong voice, can belt out any song and give it her own touch, she epitomizes what the Olympic Games is all about. Have you heard her sing Return on her latest album Someone To Watch Over Me, magnificent.

And yes to the second comment "Susan Boyle does touch hearts everywhere in the world".

Susan Boyle is the best! I have never known someone to have such determination and perseverance in going after her dream. She is a humble grounded person who represents the very best in all of us. Please continue voting for Susan Boyle!

She should be #1 on the list. She's from the UK for heavens sakes. She's an International Super Star. She's UK's Gift to the World. Susan has outsold everyone on this list. I think she should sing the UK's National Anthem - "God Save The Queen". Susan is the one and only singer who would not mess it up.

Susan has proven over and over that she has universal appeal. Millions will tune in to see the opening ceremonies if there is someone who strikes a chord with them. Vote for the one who embodies the hopes and dreams of all Olympians!

Susan Boyle has made the biggest and most important impact world wide on the whole music industry. She definitely deserves to be among the artists on the opening show of the Olympics in London.

Only the best athletes from each country are invited to the Olympics. Susan Boyle is the best singing talent out there. Just like great athletes who never gave up, Susan never gave up in her quest to be a singer. She would be a great example and addition to the Olympics ceremonies.

Susan Boyle is the best lady singer in the world today and should represent the Olympics because she uses her talent to the max just like Olympic athletes must do to succeed. She would be awesome as she is the essence of the Olympics in her life.

Susan boyle is an inspiration to people from all corners of the world. She was voted the 3 rd most influential person in the TIME 100 poll of 2011. And she has the most glorious voice in the world. The perfect choice for the Olympics - the world adores her!