Wei Chen



Wei Chen is supported! He is great in singing and even acting. He just released his new album 'Daybreak' by last year and highly recommended by many of the listeners. He's really diligent and friendly to his fans. I love him as his songs bring me comfort and delightful. His soft voice touches me always.

A popular singer in China. I think his performance is really good. And I love his voice and he's very honest and friendly. He never tell lies to his fans and he loves his fans very much. His fans' name is love chen.

Weichen is honest and gentle his voice is very good and he loves his fans. I moved on to his tenacity and effort. He is a great singer and he is very popular in China

He is the 1st singer that I had CRAZY for years for the 1st time in my life~! He's cute, handsome, and the most important is his voice, his song has really driven me crazy and make me fall in love with him no matter what type of songs that he sings~! So guys, just vote for him~! It's worth~!

He is my idol I love him. He is very kind and friendly. He is cute. He sings very well.

He is so cool I am his fans I love him very much%%He can sing very well, he is a good man. Many people love him very much, he is a good idol. He love his fans very much, and he is very friendly.

Just because he is Vision. He is my hero. He is handsome, helpful and friendly. Perhaps you think he is not very perfect, but he works very hard. I hope you can vote for him. Thank you.

Wei Chen is a hard-working person and he is a little bit shy. He is a real person. He is good at singing and dancing. He made me believed where there is a will there is a way. We support him!

Wei Chen is a hardworking singer. He suffered much for his dream. He teaches me much. I hope he can influence more people.

Young as he is, he is very hardworking and friendly. He has a gift for singing, but he never be proud of his achievement. I love him not only because his talent but also his character!

Wei Chen is a good singer. He is versatile. He can sing and Dance. He likes doing sports, to. So he is very strong. We love him very much!

Wei Chen.. As a chinese student, my English not well.. But I just want to say : wei chen, is my power..
He is not handsome, not prefect, each Love chen know that,
weichen is very hard work. He hope he can do the best to thanks all of us -- love chen & family & company and so on..
I believe, in my heart, weichen, the best and he can do well in the future..
So, I love him. I will love him forever.. Follow him forever..

Weichen is a good singer, he is shine. He likes helping somebody who has difficulties. Weichen, "love chen "love you forever!

Weichen is hardworking and never give up. Just like Olympics' belief. Weichen is very popular in China. If he can show in London. I think there will be more Chinese teenagers concentrate on the 2012 London Olympics

Wei Chen, one of the most talented Chinese singers/actors, is reputed to be a paragon of virtue for taking active part in philanthropy and environmental protection. He once said, "if I cannot become a successful star, I will at least make sure that I am beneficial to the society". In 2011, Wei Chen went to Korea to make his 2nd record, Daybreak, which turned out to be a blockbuster. He also became the first Chinese singer performing Chinese song on the most influential Korean live show M! Countdown. Invited to the MAMA awards ceremony, he was dubbed the Best New Asian New Artist.

He is the most popular singer. He work hard. And he is the most talented Chinese actor. I believe him.

Vision Wei is a brilliant Chinese singer! Although many people don't know who he is, he works very hard so that he can offer all of us good music! He is filial, too! Recording his 2nd record in Korea, he also wrote a song to his family and it sound very well! Vision expresses a keen interest in playing music and win lots of awards. For example, during the Asian Music Awards, he was chosen to be the Best New Asian Artist! He also presented at many international events, such as World University Student Summer Sports Games of the 26th,20's choice, countdown and so on! We are all proud of him! Vision Wei, I believe you can do it! Just fighting! Support you!

Wei Chen is a responsible singer he spends a lot in charity, and he love his fans! It is not expressed in any words. In his songs, you can hear the time, please spend some time listening to his songs, you will like him as same as we do!

Wei Chen is a very good singer, he will be in the range of public welfare activities, advocating environmental protection, he was the first to climb" M! Countdown" in Chinese, and is the first to sing the Chinese song singer. He continued to dream, no complaints, did not give up, he is grateful to, at most. He was in Korea 2011 MAMA Asia Music Festival" strong win Asia best newcomer award". He is not only a good singer, was a very good actor, host. He presided over the program played drama T.V. movie is more habitat development, star.

Wei Chen is a very talented and the strength of China's idol singer, actor, host. In front of the others he never said tired, even if himself Thin lets the person loves dearly. In order to work, eat nearly every day is instant noodles, sometimes less than 2 hours sleep, even can be a day don't sleep for a night! In order to dream and struggle, even if someone is insulting him in public, don't give him good looks, he will not be afraid. He is such a can't hit the boy. He has been to of his dreams, no matter what the difficulties, he can spend, even if fall, he will stand.

He is such a strong boy. Wei chen such as his 2nd recond Daybreak that in the dark of the bloom a light. He is the first the Chinese singer sang a Chinese song on the most influential Korean live show M! Countdown. And be invited to the MAMA awards ceremony, he was rewarded the Best New Asian New Artist. Vision wei, fighting, you are the best in "love chen" heart!

Wei Chen is very helpful and have a sense of humour, he love his fans very much. He won many awards. His love for music, with his music dream and he hope to be approved by more people. Hope you can pass the platform showing his unique charm.

I believe he will be the best singer in the whole Asia, even the whole world. I love him not for his outlooking but for his talent and his attitude towards to his favorite career and his hardworking, his kind-hearted.

No matter his acting or his song are quite remarkable.
Especially the song-"WRITS TO MY FAMILY"which is he writes to thanks his family.
From the lyrics, we can find that he love he parents very much!

He is a good singer, he has the big dream, I very love he, I think he can come true the dream