Zhou Bichang


She is the best singer in China. Every album was the best seller of China
She is very kind-hearted and always be enthusiastic in public welfare. She has a amazing voice and could turn every song into her own style. Diane Warren, the grandmaster of Grammy who wrote a song called "I miss you missing me" for her and said that I thought Bibi was great when she did the song, she made it her own and became her song. She is also the first Mandarin singer who got the chance.

She sings in the heart and She likes to help people. Many people love her.

She's a lovely girl with amazing voice, she's nice, gental and generous. She can sing all kinds of music and perform very well. She will make you feel very comfortable if you see her, she will make you feel excellent if you listen to her and she will make you feel great if you know her. Zhou bichang, whose album is the best seller of china, is a girl loving singing.

She is one of the best female singers in China, and she has lots of fans. I think she is the girl born to sing, by the way, she is good at spoken English.

Zhou Bi Chang is now the strength we all see. She has also been to South Korea participated in the Asian Music Festival and received good reviews. She is really great. Sing very nicely, and have feelings. She is the best singer in China.

She seems able to summon forth such a full-throated, multilayered wall of sound that I suspect some sort of fighter aircraft jet engine compressor must be inside her.

She is so lovely and kind! She sings very well, and I would like people all over the world can hear her voice. Now she is engaged in a program which can collect money for schools which don't have school buses in remote areas. I love her singing and moral character.

The singer in China, she is very hard! Is the music of hope. I think Will you love her! She is very kind and cute! Haha! Let us work together to support her and her music!

She is the best and the most popular singer in China!
Enthusiastic in charity events. Beautiful and genuine

She is really good. Everyone will be touched by her songs. She always encourage me in my life. I believe that I will stand for her forever. In addition, I hope that more people can like her as I do.

She is the best singer in China and her every album is always the best seller in China. She is a lovely and kind girl who often does good things quietly.

Her voice is so warm, and her songs can easily stick to people's mind and heart. She has the ability to heal heart-broken people and her smile looks like sunshine. I think her voice should be heard by the whole world, or it will be a pity to the world.

From 2005 to 2012, she always singing by heart. She is so lovely and kind. Almost everybody love her. I will love her till the day I pass away.

She is so amazing, every one of her album is every good. I have an honor to go her concert, really shocked by her powerful voice..

The best singer in China. She has a amazing sound. She is the girl who puts her heart and soul into every performance so that we love her very much.

There are masses of reason that I choose BiBi as the best singer at the Olympics. Firstly, she always did her best to catch her achievement. Then, her music is amazing and changeable which show the temperament of London. While, she is my favourite singer and she is such a nice person that I respect and support!

Good singer, kind hearted girl. Not only sing by sound, but using the sincere heart to deliver the emotion. Be active in doing charity.

Sings very well, to listen her singing is a wonderful thing, and it's easy to be moved

You just can imagine how powerful and miraculous her voice is without listening to her live!
Hope everyone in the world can have a chance to listen to this fantastic Singer!

Support this excellent singer in China. She's unbelievable popular! Love her so much~~~Hope she can stand on the stage of the London Olympic to sing for the worldwide audience.

Her singing sound good, but her heart is always singing. She is a kind person, and her voice is contagious

Lovely girl singer with powerful voice and nice personality! You will definitely fall in love with her after listening to any of her live performance!

I think she is the best singer in the world! She is very kind and cute. I am sure that she is able to sing at the Olympics and her perform will be the most wonderful and popular

She is a famous singer of china. She is a good, heartfull and nice girl. She tries her best to help people. She teach us how to love.

She is the best singer in China and so kind that many people love her. Every album was the best seller of China.