Top Ten Singers and Rappers that Should Never Have a Collaboration Together

You cannot put two singers and two rappers together, you must put one of each for the collaboration. I hope these never happen in the future, or the good artist's career will be ruined by an awful music artist. Dead people can be added to this list as well. Not only do these collaborations not make sense, but these artists aren't meant to collab with each other, they are at different levels of music.

The Top Ten

1 J. Cole (rapper) and Rihanna (singer)

I hope to God that Cole knows better than to ever put Rihanna on his song, like Kendrick Lamar so foolishly did. - DaWyteNight

2 Freddie Mercury (singer) and Nicki Minaj (rapper)

This would be horrible! Anyway, Freddie is sadly dead. - micahisthebest

No. Do not ever make the best singer of all time collab with the antithesis of music. - DCfnaf

3 Eric Bellinger (singer) and Rakim (rapper)
4 Taylor Swift (singer) and Tupac (rapper)

Well he's kinda dead... Andy Taylor swift is the worst singer In history of ever

5 Stevie Wonder (singer) and Cardi B (rapper)
6 Ty Dolla $ign (singer) and K-Rino (rapper)

K-Rino is way too good to rely on an awful singer like Ty Dolla. - DaWyteNight

7 Miguel (singer) and Megan thee Stallion (rapper)
8 Lil Wyte (rapper) and Eric Bellinger (singer)
9 James Hetfield (singer) and Silento (rapper)

This would be horrific - christangrant

This one will make christangrant mad. And I think this will be a horrible collaboration

10 J.I.D (rapper) and Chris Brown (singer)

The Contenders

11 Billie Joe Armstrong (singer) and Lil Wayne (rapper)

No! This shouldn't happen anytime soon! - RoseCandyMusic

12 Axl Rose (singer) and Kanye West (rapper)
13 Tom DeLonge (singer) and Tyga (rapper)

Please don't make Tom collab with a pedophile, or else its gonna suck real bad.

14 Chris Brown (singer) and Eminem (rapper)
15 Jhene Aiko (singer) and 69 (rapper)

A bad rapper and bad singer together, yeah this would not be pretty. - DaWyteNight

16 Dahvie Vanity (singer) and Kendrick Lamar (rapper)

Wow, this would be bad! - micahisthebest

Kendrick Lamar with DAHVIE VANITY? Thank god this will never happen, everyone is too intelligent to work in BOTDF. - DCfnaf

No, don't make a decent rapper collab with this garbage singer.

17 Amy Lee (singer) and Iggy Azalea (rapper)

Amy Lee, the most angelic female voice in existence...with a member of the holy trinity of asses? God, this should never happen. - DCfnaf

Their songs are in different genres so if the plan a collaboration one of them should change their music genre - RoseCandyMusic

18 Layne Staley (singer) and Jake Paul (rapper)

Jake Paul is not really a rapper. He's a YouTube personality who tries to rap. - RobertWisdom

This would be horrible, they are completely opposite type of people. - Soulstealer

19 Beyonce (Singer) and Mike Shinoda (Rapper)

This would be TERRIBLe - VideoGamefan5

20 Tom Delonge (Singer) and Pitbull (Rapper)

No, please never, Pitbull will turn Tom's beautifully crafted songs into garbage by having him feature and singing about women, parties, his repetitive phrases, Miami and LA. Plus, Tom's singing doesn't go with Pitbull, it will fail miserably.

21 Ed Sheeran (Singer) 6ix9ine (Rapper)

Ed Sheehan does not do well with rappers. Check out Cross Me, it is trash. - I80

This would be horrid.
- TheDuttyGyal

22 Eric Bellinger (singer) and Lil Wayne (rapper)
23 Kendrick Lamar (rapper) and Johnny Rebel (singer)

Not happening. - I80

24 Justin Bieber (singer) and Nas (rapper)

Already happened, and it was actually pretty good. - DaWyteNight

25 Adele (singer) and 2 Chainz (rapper)

Thankfully Adele is too intelligent to rely on a rap artist for her music. And if she does, even though she won't, let's hope she doesn't pick 2 Chainz. - DCfnaf

26 Rob Halford (Singer) and Flo Rida (Rapper)

Thank god this will never happen imagine the Metal God having to work with Flo Rida - christangrant

27 Michael Jackson (singer) and Kodak Black (rapper)

This would be awful, we don't need the guy behind "Tunnel Vision" working with the mastermind behind "Billie Jean". - DCfnaf

28 Tarja Turunen (singer) and Soulja Boy (rapper)
29 Daniel Küblböck (singer) and Kollegah (rapper)

Imagine the German William Hung with a German hybrid of Tech N9ne and Eminem. - Martin_Canine

30 Dahvie Vanity (Singer) and Eminem (Rapper)
31 6ix9ine (rapper) and Dimash Kudaibergen (singer)
32 Halsey (singer) and Jake Paul (rapper)
33 Kyle Lai-Fatt (singer) and Nicki Minaj (rapper)
34 One Direction (singer) and Sean Paul (rapper)

Sean is too good.
- TheDuttyGyal

35 Chino Moreno (singer) and Cardi B (rapper)
36 Eric Bellinger (singer) and Kanye West (rapper)

Yes, working with Kanye West would give Eric a lot of attention which he doesn't deserve. - DaWyteNight

37 BJ the Chicago Kid (singer) and Kanye West (rapper)
38 Khalid (singer) and Travis Scott (rapper)
39 Lupe Fiasco (rapper) and Tory Lanez (singer)
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1. J. Cole (rapper) and Rihanna (singer)
2. Eric Bellinger (singer) and Rakim (rapper)
3. Stevie Wonder (singer) and Cardi B (rapper)
1. Billie Joe Armstrong (singer) and Lil Wayne (rapper)
2. Freddie Mercury (singer) and Nicki Minaj (rapper)
3. Taylor Swift (singer) and Tupac (rapper)


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