Best Singers In Tanay, Rizal


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1 Marc Gil Mateo

Keep up the good work! I know this is just the beginning. We all know na kaya mo, sana sumikat ka na Idol Marc - AlyssaKateQ

He has the powerful voice! He is one of my idols. He sounds like Erik Santos, he can sing different genres mostly Rnb even Pop, Ballad, Soul and Rap.

"Tanay's Prince of Pop & RnB" - AlyssaKateQ

He can sing with feelings, very versatile singer, he can sing all genres specially the rnb & pop.

Tanay's Prince of PopRnB - AlyssaKateQ

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2 Ma. Josephine Danganan

She has the powerful voice! She can hit high notes.

Tanay's Pop Belter - AlyssaKateQ

3 Cyril Badong

She is very versatile singer, and also she has the beauty.

Tanay's Dance Diva - AlyssaKateQ

4 Henry Camille Ondiz

The riffs and runs of her voice is really amazing. every time she is performing, you can feel her song.

Tanay's Princess of RnB - AlyssaKateQ

5 Hedges Bati

He sounds like Josh Groban. He also a good dancer. Talented Tanayan!

Tanay's Prince of Ballad - AlyssaKateQ

6 Elizabeth Dumalasco

She hit notes perfectly as in no hesitations.

Tanay's Pop Princess - AlyssaKateQ

7 Margareth Dumalasco

Like her sister, she can also a great singer, though shytype but every time she is on stage. She will do everything.

Tanay's Pop Honey - AlyssaKateQ

8 Noel Velasco

Singing is his passion, he sings with heart and feelings.

Tanay's Prince of Song - AlyssaKateQ

9 Vanessa BaƱaga
10 Sally Dela Cruz

Every song she sang, she always put justice in a song. She is singing in her own way. Very soulful voice.

Tanay's Princess of Soul - AlyssaKateQ

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11 Joseph Padua V 1 Comment
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