Tim Foust


This guy is amazing just for the fact that not only can he go low enough to rattle the rafters, but with his 5 octave vocal range he can also sing up into the high tenor range, with no effort at all. And his voice is strong, steady, and so, so smooth when he hits all those ranges, too. He's also a great writer, which very few people are aware of.

Hearing Tim sing in person is like nothing else. You can feel his bass in your bones as he vibrates the whole building. He has an amazing vocal range in addition to his rich, deep tones and he's a show stealer in a group of other fantastic vocalists.

Tim is a super talented artist with his 5 octave range. Its amazing seeing and feeling him in person. He can do what no musical instrument can do, he can hold a low note a long time. So the experience is like nothing you can ever see or hear or feel with a musical instrument. You have to see him in person. It's unbelievable.

Tim Foust is amazingly talented and his voice makes your spine tingle. I have never heard a singer with so much range that he achieves so easily. He's a phenomenal singer and amazing songwriter and if you ever have the chance to see Home Free in concert...don't miss it. It will be a regret you'll have in life.

So smooth you don't even feel yourself sliding. John Mayer's "In the Blood" has never sounded so good. "Misty Mountain" makes your knees go weak. His voice just envelopes you and makes you want to snuggle in for more. His range is jaw dropping. When he sings high you can't believe it's the same voice. Outstanding range and control. It doesn't hurt that is packaged so well either.

The absolute BEST and deepest voice ever. How on earth did some of these people get into this competition? Honestly, when Tim does his thing, the ground moves and he blows the speaks right off the planet and the vibrations go right through you. Brilliant performer and has a 5 octave range. Tim is THE BEST!

Tim doesn't need any musical instruments to accompany his voice. He will make your seat vibrate and look amazingly at ease while doing so. Tim has an 8 octave range and has an amazingly sexy deep base voice.

Tim foust has a bass that will not only vibrate your insides, but which you can feel a quarter mile away (speaking from experience). He has an unbelievable voice ranging 5 octaves, and experiencing his growling bear-bass IRL is an experience worth travelling for - And an experience you won't forget (most likely because you're gonna go to another Home Free concert sooner than later after the first one).

Tim Foust is the best! He has an amazing 5 octave range and his notes are clear as a bell no matter what octave he is singing in. In my opinion, he is the very best. He sings with the group Home Free but has solo material also. Check him out.

Tim has an amazing deep voice. When Home Free sang with Alabama, Tim sang lower than their guy. (can't think of his name) I would say he even puts Trace Atkins to shame, he's deeper than him. Amazing range, I love his voice. Best bass I have ever heard anywhere

Tim Foust, with the group Home Free, has an amazing 5 octave range!... and when he hits the low notes, simply amazing! Feeling him hit those low notes live is like no other concert experience! Unbelievable talent!

I grew up on Johnny Cash, but Tim Foust is by far one of the best bass voices out there today. But beyond the true deep tones he has, his range is unbelievable. I just wish my mom was still on this earth to hear his voice, I'm sure the Man in Black would have had to share his album play time in her house.

This guy has an awesome range and has the ability to control it perfectly. But when he wants to go low, there is a good chance the speakers blow out or the earth rumbles.

With incredible vocal range, listening to Tim sing live is an experience that will feel deep and stay with you. If you are not familiar you have to check him out with the Vocal Band Home Free.

Tim is the best bass singer I have heard. His range is unbelievable &his low vibrates everything around you. He is so amazing. Listen to him with Home Free to see what we're talking about.

Tim does have a super great vocal range, but his bass is the best. I read recently that he has been recorded singing 8 octaves. The most ever recorded by anyone. I just love his sense of humor as well. Tim Foust is for sure a super bass man.

Tim has an amazing voice and can hit those deep low notes like no one I've seen. If you haven't seen/heard him you are missing out. You can feel his notes in your soul if you truly hear him.

He is a talented and amazing singer. He can sing 5 octaves. When he sings his lowest you can even feel it in your butt at a concert. He has been known to blow a speaker at a concert.

Tim is awesome. Few have the range and control he has. I dearly love his low/lowest bass but when he sing high he does it with such a velvet sound. The guy can do it all

Tim is an amazing singer. You can feel the bass in his voice in your chest. He isn't only one of the best voices I've heard in a long time, but an all around entertainer.

Bass in your butt was the description given on the Sing Off, having experienced Tim's low notes myself at Home Free concerts I can second that emotion.

Tim Foust's deep basso profundo tones have no equal, and he continues to impress with his upper range as well. I've been a fan of his since Home Free won The Sing-Off in 2013, but I have to admit that he still continues to amaze me with his vocal talents.

Saw him last night live in concert. The man has a stage presence that pulls you in in addition to his sense of humor! I could FEEL my seat rumbling on the low notes...

Would love to have that voice sing to me any time! He has such a broad range across 5 different octaves. Love his bass in Ring of Fire, but he can make any song great!

I have gone to 4 Home Free shows and Tim Foust with his deep bass voice NEVER disappoint, if you have never heard of them please check the group out on You Tube.