Is this a Scam to promote the no 1

Hi Mods of Site,

Why is Rhydian not going up - has the vote finished???


No, the vote has not finished and there is no scam to promote Tose Proeski to the top spot. In fact, I'd never even heard of him and have still not listened to a single song he sings.

I'm going to assume that because you are asking such a specific question, you have something to do with the one or two people who tried to vote for Rhydian thousands of times over the span of a few days. And based on that, I think the answer to the question of why he not moving up is apparent. - admin

Thanks for your reply admin :-)

True... there do seem to be the same people voting for Rhydian - which I too, am obviously one of,... but does it matter as long as we vote and keep the site vote going??? There must have been thousands of votes to get Tose to number one - I've too never heard of him - the whole of his country must be voting everyday???? As a fan, I for one would be happy to keep voting to get Rhydian to No 1 and keep him there! Isnt that what the vote is about - voting for your No 1?? - KITT

Hi Admin,

Must say - don't think I've given the No 1 Tose the credit he deserves - just looked at the comments of his fans/voters and their numerous comments make it clear why they believe he is their no 1. Respect all around!!! - KITT

Tamer Hosny should be number one, people vote for him everyday and he doesn't go up, but instead goes down!! I was thinking it might be a scam too, but the admin has made it clear enough to show that it isn't.

Tamer Hosny is the best! (my opinion) - Shakaib

Ok, I'm starting to think that this is a scam because tamer hosny isn't going up, instead going down. Yes, this is a scam, please stop voting, it makes NO difference. - anony

sapm spam spam!!! - Shakaib

this is a complete jerk, i don't even know most of the singers, who the hell is "tose"?.. voters are i guess from the outside world. a complete hoax trying to fool people just to be number on google!
- visitor

Well, and I dont know who is Tamer Hosny and most of the singers... but I dont abuse... and now I can`t vote... that is the spam... you won. - ane2d

tamer is the best he is number 1 he is king of generation - vander

tamer i love you he is the best singer in the world he is king of all generation - vander1