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Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.


Bitch, please. Adam Lambert deserves to be the number 1. You know why? Because Adam has skill and talent, unlike those others in the top 90. I mean, really? They use autotune. There is a reason Adam Lambert is the best live singer ever. It's not because he has raw talent. His amazing voice can range so many different pitches and he can sing so many different types of music. Adam is able to hit those difficult high notes. Go find someone else that can do that. I dare you. People just need to stop judging him on sexuality and choice of love. This is America. We have freedom of choice.

ADAM is much better than many on this list before him... he belongs among the Top 10! Why is he being so underrated? He can sing rings around some of those in the Top 10 & so can a lot of other fabulous singers here! At least the World knows how good he is or he wouldn't have sold out concerts when he tours with QUEEN & solo! ADAM has another album coming up & we can't wait to hear his next Masterpiece! Please move him up on this list.. he deserves better than this! Brian May & Roger Taylor (QUEEN) say his is "A Gift from GOD" & "one in a billion"! That's good enough for me! His Voice is "Incomparable" & He is destined to be Iconic! Watch for QUEEN + Adam Lambert the end of this year & the beginning of next... 2017-2018! There I Said It! >> LAMBERT Outlaw

Are you kidding?! Seriously, Adam have THAT voice and is ranked 133! Have anybody of you heard him sing? Ever? He can reach notes that no one else can. He is placing his soul in his voice. Mad world on American Idol was SO soulful. I got goosebums all over my body. Simon Cowell gave him a standing applause.
And Adam can sing everything. No kidding. He has an amazing voice that fits every kind of music. He can do everything. You guys should REALLY vote like crazy for him. When I see all this singers who is ranked better than Adam... Woah. Adam is SO much better than SO many of them. Seriously, he is THE. BEST. SINGER. EVER!

OH MY GOD! What?!? Are you kidding me! Adam Lambert is pure talent, he's incredibly gifted. He definitely deserves to be, at the least, in the top three. He's amazing and he inspires people. He has changed so many people's lives with his music. He gives us hope and brightens our day. He is hands down my favorite singer3333333 I absolutely adore and love Adam Lambert. Not only is he talented but he's extremely beautiful, inside and out.

Adam is amazing. The radio stations need to give him more air time so that, everyone can hear his music. There are too many people out there with no idea how amazing he is, and the radio stations are missing out by not giving his music more exposure. When he was performing with Queen, Brian May said that he was so drawn in by Adam's performance that he sometimes forgot to play. Now if that doesn't speak to how amazing he is...

I am 27 years old female doctor from Lithuania and some days ago I became obsessed with his singer like a teenager :) But it's very positive for me because when I watch his videos or listen audios, I feel elevation of my mood and my day becomes more meaningful. He is the one artist whose songs are in my music's playlist now!

Adam Lambert's voice at a live concert is totally amazing. Every ounce of his energy, pitch perfect vocals, and God given talent goes into every song he performs. Just saw him in Phoenix and could not focus on anything but him! Also, he can sing anything and make it better than the original. He has a phenomenal 4 octave, VERY powerful voice that is superior to almost everyone on this list.

How can Adam Lambert be so low on this list? His amazing vocals far exceed just about everyone on this list. Besides a voice that doesn't quit, his magnetic personality on stage has compelled many, many people to follow him all over the world just to see him live. He should be number ONE!

Adam Lambert is a very talented singer. His songs inspire many people and he tells us that the most important thing while performing is to have fun. He sings about love and he can be 'inappropriate' on stage, but at least he's not singing about drugs and alcohol. We love you Adam. - Glamberts Forever

He is truly the best singer out of all of these people. He has been singing since he was ten years old, and he has been in musical theatre for quite awhile before he was even on Idol, so that means he's been challenged which takes his voice to a whole new level.

Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen call him a gift from God and a one in a billion voice. I agree with their assessment. His voice is unlike any I've ever heard, he can be emotional and sweet, funny and campy. He can hit and hold those glory notes until I can feel them in every nerve ending. He is quite simply one of the greatest.

Adam Lambert is the best singer in the world right now. He can sing many different genres of music, such as pop, rock, hard rock, opera, musicals, brilliantly. As Roger Taylor of Queen said, Adam's is one in a hundred million.

Adam Lambert is amazing. He sings beautifully, his high notes are amazing and his range leaves your speechless. He has so much talent and not to mention his performance with Queen at the EMA's. He did an amazing tribute, he might not be freddi mercury, but no one can deny his talent. He is an amazing singer, his voice isn't auto tuned so much like most of the artists on the charts, he can actually SING LIVE! And he does phenomenal performances!

Are you kidding me? ADAM LAMBERT is the best Male Singer on the planet today (2018)! Why is he listed at #79? His fans must be unaware of this poll or this would not be happening! ADAM has a Voice that can make you melt or when he rocks (like he does on stage with QUEEN) I defy you to sit still or not to scream! You can't! ADAM is the Best... the Very Best of them all! He should definitely be in the Top 5!

I thought I had missed his name! He really should be up there with the greats! His voice is addictive-and stunning!

His vocal ability is the best. He can go from very high to very low. His voice can be heard in millions. He can literally sing anything from reggae to opera, from rock to blues and with utter perfection.

Adam Lambert changed my life totally? Without him I would not still be alive. He changed my life to something so much better, and I don't regret a moment of my time as a Glambert. I love my Glamily. They're all amazing!.

This guy has the best voice in the music industry right now. It's not surprise he was asked to sing with Queen at the EMAs! He could sing the phonebook and I'll still get that tingle feeling hearing his voice. This guy is totally underrated and deserves more credit! It is pretty clear Adam can put on a phenomenal show- he never disappoints! With his incredible vocals, sexy dance moves and charm, Adam shows he is a true artist.

Go and buy his second album trespassing on march 20th or pre-order now

One of the best singers today and perhaps of all time. Adam deserves to be one of the top five of this list. The best but the most underrated. He deserves more recognition because he's not a karaoke singer like others and he experiments on different type of music genre.

Best "love drug" without any side effects! Adam Lambert is one of the nicest entertainers out there. He is talented, sexy, generous, humble, loves and respects his parents, and can sing any genre of music. Adam is an exquisite person both inside and out. He encourages everyone to be better.

Both laughing and Crying at the Singers listed above Adam Lambert. An Adam Lambert comes along once in many lifetimes. No one compares! His range and the quality of his voice is beyond understanding. This poll is a popularity contest not a serious poll about Best Singers! Get Real!

Adam has the greatest voice of the 21st century. I have seen him 4 times and he always leaves you wanting more. His voice is perfection never flat never sharp never off pitch or tune. He can stop in the middle of a note, talk to the crowd then pick up note where he left off. Incredible to watch. If you haven't seem him in person, do. You will not be disappointed and I guarantee you will leave a fan yearning for more.

Music professionals and even opera singers regard Adam Lambert as one of the best singers ever. He has amazing voice control and can do almost anything with his voice, just listen to his live performances!

The voice... simply; power tender extraordinary range, the BEST.
Not comparable to anyone else for his artistry, showman skills, humanity, "down to earth" temperament; he makes us happy, fulfilled, better and gives us empowerment... all with his magnificent self and voice.
New album spectacular... rarities the two before.
Pearls all his live performances, all different and unique...
A Gem, our Idol...

I can't believe some of the people who are currently ranked higher than this guy who has the best male voice for many generations.