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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer and songwriter. Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. She is best known with her international hit singles more.


I barely even know the singers up on the Top 10. This singer has gotten more Grammies than anyone except for Whitney Houston who tied with her. How is Katy Perry and Lady Gaga ahead of Adele? She made soul more popular than ever. All her songs sound beautiful and true. She can pump you up. You can dance to her songs, cry to her songs, jam to her songs, and ponder the meaning of life with these songs. They make GREAT talent show songs and what makes Adele the best is that she writes all her songs except for a few that she doesn't help with at all. Has Katy Perry or One Direction written practically all their songs? Nope. Adele is the new sensation. Sure she comes out with an album every two to three years, but that just shows how REAL she is and not rushing out with a terrible album. Learn from her.

She isn't pop or country or RNB... She has her own - let's see - style of singing. I must admit, I love Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, well, okay, you get the point. But the reason I chose Adele is, like I mentioned before, special. Like, everything about her. Her voice, her song style, even her looks! I mean for example Demi Lovato, she says she doesn't starve herself so that people don't feel left out. Okay, that's sweet, but look at Adele! She doesn't either, and neither does she cake on makeup or wear revealing clothes, she truly is unique. Like an 80's superstar that jumped out into our world. Her songs are special, either full of rhythm, soul, sorrow, like she put her own emotions in there. Her voice - Oh my god - no one can COMPARE to her voice. It's like a mixture between Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, and Celine Dion. Compassion, power, and rhythm are essential in her music.

Adele gets music, she understands the soul of it and the power of it. She's the best artist because she can capture her audience with enrapturing beauty whilst hitting the heartstrings in a way that is familiar and understandable. Her music is jazzy, smokey, gritty, and yet beautiful and the power behind it comes from feeling rather than sheet music. She personifies what music should be and IS about; she should be #1 or at the very least in the top 5. - evevss

Another one who will be remembered better after her career comes to a close. She produces a lot of really bitter songs - songs with a lot of pain or jealousy or hurt or pride - but if you take into account nothing but her voice and pure vocal tallent, then you cannot deny that her voice can rival almost any female singer in all history. She has a great range that starts from a really low octave and just keeps going upward and upward! Really popular in this era, which means that in the next 10 or 20 years she will become immortalised as one of the greatest Greatest.

I remember years ago when I listened to Adele's 21 album and I instantly fell in love. Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You and Set Fire to the Rain are all amazing. Then you have her 25 album, which is possibly her best yet! When We Were Young and Hello being the best songs on there. But the most amazing part is that she's not even 30 yet, and she has a voice like that, it's incredible! - Maxo

Adele's songs always make me so happy. It is so upbeat and amazing. It is like, hip hop meets pop. She is truly talented because I never liked to dance, but when I heard about her songs, I just began to. I can't stop. I use to be homeless, but then I started to sing Adele songs and made everyone dance. I earned enough money to live and get a job. also before I couldn't shave my legs and now I can. I mean razors are kind of expensisve, you know? Thank you Adele. You are my queen girl!

Adele is one of the best singer, she is amazing and timeless. I have never heard so perfect voice like she has. Unique, special, flawless and there is so much emotion in her voice. I'm just fortunate that I can listen to her music and live in this century and not die in the 90's.

Ok There are some people on this list who are wonderful musicians and artists who have done some great things, BUT if we were to really only compare singing Adele would be at least one of the top five. She is a beautiful singer who sings with so much passion. She doesn't need all the flashy backgrounds and extra stuff in her music, all she needs is her voice while a lot of the others aren't able to do that.

ATTENTION EVERYONE - Great now I have your attention this list is greatest singers. So why is Katy Perry ahead of Adele when Katy perry doesn't sing, she uses auto tune to create what apparently is music. When you are listening to an Adele song you can feel the power in her soul. She doesn't sing pop or r&b or rap like a lot of artists she sings soul, which is an outdated genre and she can make is be a number one hit. Not only does she have hits but a lot of her best work are songs not on the the top 100 but hidden deep in her albums. She has a truly extraordinary voice and what's even better, she knows how to use it.

Adele is literal trash. Her singing sucks. Her lyrics suck, and she has a boring personality. If I could rate her it would be 1 star. - QueenNeko

Adele is one of the best artists of the century. She definitely has a lot of skills both in writing and singing. She has the kind of writing that just reaches your very soul and keep it away from reality for the moment of a song. She is a beautiful, good, funny, and complete artist.

Adele's songs have more emotion and heart than most other singers of our generation, which is why I'm voting for her. I also like the fact that she, unlike some other female singers, doesn't promote herself as a sex symbol, she is just a singer with an amazing octave range. - NickLancer

How can someone not like Adele? She is one of the best artist out there! But most importantly she doesn't encourage any nudity, discrimination or body restrictions! She is on of the very few artists out there who doesn't have the so-called "perfect-body" and I regard her highly for it!

This list is just stupid. Eminem? Really? This is the greatest SINGERS of all time, not the greatest RAPPERS of all time. Speaking of which, Eminem is a terrible singer, to be honest. Adele, on the other hand, should at least be in the top 10.

She has one of the best voices on here how on earth could Madonna beat Adele I'm not saying Adele's better then Aretha Franklin but she is the next best on here I sing her songs all the time she is so soulful

HELLO?!?! (Intentional joke) Adele is an absolute powerhouse. Put her higher up! - Inart

Her voice gets kind of robotic to me after a while to be frank. Her songs get played over and over and over again, and I'm sick of hearing "hello from the other side" all those times. I'm sorry but this is my opinion, I would like her songs more if they weren't put on so often.

Adele is absolutely amazing. She puts lots of effort and emotions into her singing and she is great. There is no way she should be this far down but I also think there's lots of other singers that deserve to be higher up like johnny cash and p! Nk but I guess people just like stuck up arrogant people like Justin Bieber.

Adele deserves to be at the top. She's not only a good singer but a unique one. Many singers now a day's sound the same but Adele is different, she's unique. In my opinion Adele is the queen of music.

I have to ask everyone why the hell is adele on the 19th place when she should be in the first. I just love her voice and she inspires me and I have to mention her cool videos for every song she has.

Adele has the best voice in history! She makes people cry with her beautiful voice and lyrics. Other celebrities like Katy Perry use auto tone (what is it called again? ) but Adele doesn't.

Her voice makes me mentally orgasm. Since Adele is not dead yet, its not a surprise she is not at the top of this list. Clearly, that is reserved for those no longer with us- RIP= more points.

She is an amazing singer her voice can go on all different levels high low in the middle very strong voice beautiful women nice and caring also if you haven't seen adele carpool on youtube go see that

Unique and beautiful voice and really deserves to be number 1.
She sings with feeling and has been through dark life also strong woman too. I believe she is the best singer.

She is really good but I wouldn't call myself a huge fan. Her songs though, they really are good. The voice is the most thing that impresses me. I cannot believe it. She can sing high notes very good.