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Amr Abd El-Basset Abd El-Azeez Diab is an Egyptian pop singer and songwriter. He is a multi-award-winning pop singer-songwriter, regarded as the best selling Middle Eastern artist of all time. more.


AMR DIAB is the best singer in the world..


Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist

According to BBC, he has ruled the Arab music world, specially Egypt and the Middle East, since mid 80s, continually breaking sales records. His songs has been translated to more than seven different languages. The three-time World Music Awards Winner, Amr Diab, is the Founder of Mediterranean Music.

I love the best singer in Egypt & arab Amr diab... Am crazy about diab

Amr Diab is the best singer though he doesn't sing in English but his music is a world wide music and most of his songs were translated to more than 7 languages so I must be proud of him because he's an arabic singer

Amr has taken Arabic music to the next level. I grew up listening to him, and it is astonishing how he managed to evolve with time. He has the whole package, marketing, smarts, voice, looks. He will be remembered as an icon and one who changed the Arabic music and set higher standards.

Amr Diab is a myth, the plateau, the fourth pyramid in Egypt, Intelligent singer, Hinter, and more singers in the world to change the style and shape and distribution of music around the world, and is the greatest singer in the Arab world to achieve greater sales

Without a doubt, Amr Diab is the best.
His voice is amazing, his songs are unmatchable, and vocal tone is so different that you get addicted to his voice. His songs, are gates to the world of Arabic music.

I love both amr diab and tamer hosny, I'm listening to amr diab when I was kid but I love tamer hosny also
By the way amr diab is the best, I feel good when I listen to his voice and the song's lyrics

the best ever, he is creative and always looking forward to be number one in every song and album, he always take time just to make sure that the work will satisfy his fans. thank you Amr Diab

I was introduced this artist's music by a very special person in 1999. I was stationed in Taegu, South Korea at the time. The cassette tape I had at that time did not hold up and I simply did not inquire about who the artist was when I was given the mixed tape. The songs never left my heart. One night last week, I was listening to the 8 Track app on my cell phone and "Nour El Ain" aka Habibi began to play. I was so excited! I had no way of finding any of Diab's songs by the lyrics because I do not know the language.
Thanks to YouTube, after all these years, I have found my favorite song "Moush Hadaaf" and discovered a treasure trove of his music! I am also grateful that I have also been able to find websites with lyrics and some translations. Some of the videos have the translations in them as well.
His spirit has resonated within my soul for so many years and I have almost been haunted by the songs in my head that could not be fully manifested. That is until NOW! I hope to ...more

Amr daib he doesn't sing in English, but a lot of his songs were translated and used in French movies... He is the best arab singer and has been singing for more than 40 years... I love him a lot! I think all should vote for him

have you ever heard about a superstar who is a superstar since 25 years and still ascending the ladder of Fame and quality not only in his country but globally?

so you never heard of Amr Diab... the SUPEREST STAR in the Middle East who got 3 WMAs and getting his Grammy THIS YEAR!

Amr diab is Godfather of the Mediterranean music
He is the best
The one you can't compete and if you try "The Lord gave and the Lord took"

I listen 2 him when I was sad and happy need one 2 hug me or making love at birth day wedding party when I succeed and when I got f 2 forget what happen so he is a man for all time amr diab

Of course Amr is the Best most of he's songs had translated to many languages and I think he is the title of arabic songs

Amr Diab is the best singer in the middle-east.. His Songs are so beautiful.. Some of them were translated into foreign languages (7 languages).. He won " The World Music Award " 3 times... Really "He Is The Best"

he is the Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist.
He was able to access the global through singing in Arabic only.. People and enjoyed by the torrential, especially in young people..

Diab the best in middle east I am really love amr diab

We call diab (el hadbah)= mountain

We wait for amr diab new album (bandeek ta3llah )

Simply Amr Diab is the best arab singer for more than 15 years... sence 1995

He is the King

In my Opinion, Amr Diab is The king of Arabic Music in Egypt and the Middle East. He has become one of the highest selling Middle Eastern artists of all time, as he won "The World Music Award" three times. He had about 29 albums and we're waiting for his new album "Bnadik T3ala". I Adore this person & Love all his songs. Always wishing the best to him =)
Amr Diab

Go Go Go He is the the Father of Mediterranean Music ^^ he is the most Best selling in Middle East For three times $ for Africa $ in addition the Big Apple Music award... Till now this man Sing BY Arabic language.

He is the best singer in this generation...
He made new music and it will be written in the history
Farther more he is smart singer and we can see his intelligence through his brilliant songs which will be alive in all eras

Amr diab the best singer in Egypt and all the world that's my opinion he able to reach the global with his high art
I hope if he win in this referendum
I will be happy
And good luck to all

Amr diab is the best of th best
He is the bet singer in the world
He is a legend.. King of arab pop music

Amr diab is the best selling singer in middle-east ^^ and he deserve to be the best singer in the world, he won three world music awards, his career is vert successful and bright, I love him so much