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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from more.


she can dance and sing and reach high notes...

even other singers can't do that...

Number 31? Really? I'm not even a Beyonce fan but I can admit that this is ridiculously show. She's the best vocalist alive. I study music professionally and am trained, and as far as training, vocal technique, range, performance, diversity and breath control go, no one today has her beaten. Her range is wider than whitney, and knows how to move gaddayummn. I mean...taylor swift...really? The voters don't know what it really means to be the best "SINGER". Even Michael, celine dion, stevie wonder, barbra, tina turner, gladys knight, patti labelle, adele and so many of the greats absolutely love her. Even mariah carey, the Original Diva, tweeted she was "the queen" just this week. Wow! (Anyone wanting to understanding where I'm coming from in terms of vocal technique, go watch her perform "Listen" on Oprah a while back.

I will dare everyone who voted to the people who does not deserve to be here. Forget about your favorites. And forget about the singers. Forget about Beyonce also. After that, listen to Halo and the best songs from the artists above (who does not deserve to be here -- just some). Now, the singer of Halo is Beyonce. I ask you. Who is the best singer? Beyonce!

When Beyonce started fresh in her career, she had power to sing her heart out to the public. Beyonce isn't just powerful, but she is inspiring. Beyonce meets her goals and tries further. If you listen to Halo, you will be surprised on the power in that song that she can sing! Let Beyonce provide us people with strength! Let her shine through our colors!

What how is beyonce at 72 she should be at number 2 shes like the women version of Michael jackson she can do anything shes amazing shes the best women entertainer we ever had in my opinion shes amazing music is gone down hill these days and if you listen to her album 4 she just brings all the good music back in shes the best artist of are generation!

Okay I'm sorry but B should at least be in the top 20 - She is the voice of our generation and the only female artist with pure talent out of the 4 biggest females in the world (B, gaga, rihanna and katy perry) Without her the music industry would just be manufactured pop rubbish.

Beyonce should be at the top are you crazy shes the best performer I have ever seen she amazing her voice sounds the same live its the best voice I have ever heard and she writes her own songs and the best looking women singer I have ever seen and the best songs I have ever heard

You're joking! Beyonce is dominant. She has been a world wide phenomenon since she was 14. She constantly tries new techniques with her voice and always delivers Performance wise and vocally. She's a vocal powerhouse and her voice and presence is simply unmatched

She is a great singer and should be number 1. Beyonce has a really strong voice like no other. She has a gift from god and was born with a talent. She is just a great singer and is great at what she does. This is why I think she should be number 1 instead of number seventy-two.

If you actually think Beyonce isn't THE best singer at the minute you're wrong, sorry but it's the truth. Taylor Swift? Really though? And Katy Perry, they couldn't even touch Beyonce. She is the best performer in the industry at the minute, non debatable. Just listen to some of the live performances from her tour.

Beyonce Iam one of those who believe in you.Your nice,you have a good and powerful voice.and yet you can dance.What can others say in your MTV sinle ladies,it is very wonderful.Also your song Listen.Go!!Beyonce I love you.. - miel

Is Beyonce seriously below Rihanna? I can't even believe this. Beyonce is such an amazing singer while Rihanna still struggles to sing on key and has absolutely no vocal range. Beyonce has all of that and is such a better performer and singer. She deserves to be ranked higher.

LOVE HER! Especially between her songs Halo and The Best Thing I Never Had which are my all time favorites of hers. I get so annoyed when people say she isn't more than just a pretty face and an awesome dancer because it isn't true! I wish I could go to one of her concerts-that would be awesome!

Beyonce really is the best out right now. Her vocal ability is beyond what anybody else is capable of right now. I love how she is not afraid to challenge herself with songs such as 'Ave Maria. ' She is truly talented.

Best vocals that I've heard in a long time... She's one of the best next to... Mariah, whitney, and MJ

BEYONCE IS A DIVA! NO other singer can blast out that high notes with such clearness and dance at the same time, her lungs do such great work, shes called QUEEN B for a reason! Like who even is Justin Bieber? Just torture to the world! L get goosebumps listening to her and she is the best in our generation!

Beyonce has many talents, one of them is to be able to sing perfectly 24/7. Not only has she a beautiful voice but she also has a wonderful and very sophisticated technique. She can sing and dance, and still be able to smile and be natural. She is one of the bests. She is Queen Bey

I'm shocked beyonce is only ranked number 77, she definitely should be ranked somewhere in the top 3, she has to be one of the best singers of all her time, her voice is so pure and every note is sung with perfection, her new album 4 is also excellent!

One word to describe Beyonce is amazing! I have been to one of her concerts and she sung 'I will always love you' and she sung it to remember Whitney Houston. She sung it just as good as her and Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson are just fantastic singers.

Beyonce is the greatest singer of all time because she has a song for anything that you're going through. Anger (Ring the Alarm), loneliness (Scared of Lonely), if you're in a mood for a song to make you dance (Love on Top, Single Ladies, Sweet Dreams), if you want to listen to some trash ( Radio), if you're in a mood to hear some talented, fun music ( Deja Vu, Irreplacable) or if you're in the mood to listen to some powerful music (Start Over, Hello and HALO! ). There are few other singers that have a large range of emotions that they express in their music. Adele's songs are too sad and don't get me started on Justin Bieber. - bishop.moore07

Why is the world's most beautiful woman placed 30th in the Best Singers of All Time list?! She's so funny, friendly, pretty and totally my idol. I love her voice and her beauty. She's the BEST! Her songs are really amazing. Her song Run the World is really inspirational. BEYONCE FOREVER!

Come on guys.. Let's just be objective. Being old or mythical is not the basin of greatness of a singer.. We should see all of the sides like personality, talent, and appeal of a singer.. And those characteristics, I can say that Beyonce Knowles had it all!

Amazing! She controls her voice while singing and dancing and it comes out perfectly! I personally think she is one of the best singers ever, her songs are amazing and everything she does is flawless. She should be on the top!

Beyonce is perfect! She is an amazing singer, dancer, and actress. She is extremely beautiful! I think her voice is absolutely amazing, especially in songs like listen, if I were a boy, and love on top!

Its not fair all over the world nobody can do like Beyonce, sing so, dance so, perform so, she is the diva, the queen, she must have top for sure. Nobody can not do like Beyonce, any singer in the world, nobody, she is the only!