Bruce Dickinson

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Paul Bruce Dickinson, known professionally as Bruce Dickinson, is an English musician, airline pilot, and broadcaster. He is most well known for being the lead singer in heavy metal band Iron Maiden and his solo career.


Listen to his range that sings true both in the studio and live. There are lots of good singers and screamers, especially in metal. But very few can dig as deep and have such a broad repertoire.

One of my favorite albums is Piece of Mind which is pretty good for showing off his range. The Dune inspired one "To Tame a Land" not the best song but gives you an idea. Or Monsegur which is very hard for a singer to sing.

Alive at the Marquee has a really good selection of his solo songs without Iron Maiden and is really well sung.

I Like Judas Priest when he can be bothered to sing properly, Geoff Tate had a great voice that didn't get used to it's potential in mostly weak songs. Ian Gillan was good in deep purple. Dickinson is by far the best.

Most of this list is a bad joke. Best singer doesn't mean popular or good tune. It's about the singing. Elvis and Freddie Mercury are great singers and deserve to be near the top. But the rest... Come on guys.. ...more

its funny how so many would say rob halford is better then bruce dickinson beacause he is a better screamer, if this was top 100 screamers I would understand how halford got ahead of bruce dickinson but are people honastley trying to tell me that he has a better voice, listen to these songs and you will understand what I mean
brave new world
flight of icarus
then you will see who the greatest singer of all time is. and michael jackson? yah right its really sad what people no about vocols these days. and don't get me wrong rob is great but just not as good as bruce but then again whio is? - onepolej

Bruce should be at the top of this list. Proof?
1. Run to the Hills
2. Hallowed be thy name
3. The Trooper
4. Quest for Fire
5. Flight of Icarus
6. To tame a Land
7. Aces High
8. Time of the Ancient Mariner
9. Powerslave
10. Moonchild
11. Infinite Dreams
12. Caught somewhere in time
13. Wasted Years
14. Alexander the Great

From the newer materials:
1. The Wicker Man
2. Brave New World
3. Blood Brothers
4. The Nomad
5. Dream of Mirrors
6. The Fallen Angel
7. Thin line between Love and Hate
8. Wildest Dreams
9. Rainmaker
10. No more lies
11. Paschendale
12. Gates of tomorrow
13. Face in the sand
14. Different World
15. These colours don't run
16. Brighter than a thousand Suns
17. Out of the Shadows
18. Lord of Light
19. The Legacy
20. The Final Frontier
21. El Dorado
22. coming home
23. Starblind
24. Isle of Avalon
25. Man who would be king
26. When the wild ...more

wow aaron you don't know what you are saying when you say that metallica sucks.

they are probably too mature becouse youre a baby.

bruce dickinson is the best singer not becouse metallica sucks.
only becouse I have never seen a man sing so great in a concert or in a record.

for the people that voted for the 56 singers that are above this god.

i want you to hear the following songs:
where eagles dare
hallowed be thy name
wasted years

when you hear those songs,
then lets see who is number 57. - metfan001

first of all aron metallica does not suck,second of all to metfan001 those are not the best example songs(ecept for hallowed be thy name)here are the best songs that show off his voice
hallowed be thy name
fear of the dark
flight of icarus
this man can sing better live then in studio and i am his biggest fan and i have herd everone of his albums including his stuff with samson and all his solo albums,go listen to him now. - onepolej

#53? really people? brittany spears? ahright. this gut has a 4 octactve vocol range and an extremely powerful and beatiful voice. if you people neen proof of thjis then listen to these songs by iron maiden
hallowed be thy name
quest for fire
brave new world
and flight of icarus. if yu listen to these songs you will then see that bruce dickisnon is the grewatest singer of all time. so vote for him now - onepolej

listen to theese thre songs and you will then know he is the best
flight of icarus(iron maiden)
hallowed be thy name(iron maiden)
rime of the ancient mariner(iron maiden)
brave new world(iron maiden)
fear of the dark(iron maiden)
aces high(iron maiden)
and quest for fire by who else but iron maiden listen to those songs and you will know who the best is - onepolej

Michael was the king of pop. Elvis Presley was the king of rock. But Bruce was the king of metal. Dickinson's multi-octave vocals he could easily beat every singer in the list till number 20. I saw some singers in this list who has enough vote than he deserves. But some people still doesn't have what they deserves. Bruce was one of them. So people consider and pick up the right guy.

I expected him to be out of the top ten, but not this low. He's my favorite. I expected to see Michael Jackson at number one, but his voice is annoying (to me anyway). Most people who voted probably have never listened to Iron Maiden, which is sad because they're an amazing band and are pretty mainstream.

What in the world? How is Justin Bieber ahead of this legend? Are you kidding me, 58th? This guy is, hands down, the greatest ever! Not just top ten, he should be in the top one! The guy's range is incredible, he's very versatile, and his voice is far more powerful than anybody else's on this list.

The power and beauty in his god-like voice brings shivers down my spine, taking my breath away and causing my heart to sink. It made me feel deeply of this world over 8 years ago, and inspired me to seek greatness rather than comfort. No doubt a huge impact in my life.

Some of my favorite songs:
-For the Greater Good of God
-Empire of The clouds
-The Book of Souls
-Brave New World
-The Wicker Man
-Dance of Death
-Hallowed Be Thy Name
-The Talisman
-The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
-Different World
-The Pilgrim
-The Longest Day
-The Legacy
-The Number of the Beast
-Where Eagles Dare
-Aces High
-Rime of the Ancient Mariner
-Infinite Dreams
-Caught Somewhere in Time

Even though I prefer Freddie Mercury, he is number 1 so I have to vote for Bruce I mean the guy is a legend he delivers every line with urgency and his air raid siren vocals mesh with the dual guitars of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray with Steve Harris's galloping bass lines and Nico McBrain's precise drumming to create majestic music

Bruce is the first vocal when I knew what music is. Its 15 years I have listened to his voice and maiden's music and I never get tired of his voice. I live in country that music concert is forbidden but 2 years ago I saw maiden and him in live at last. I'm sure they didn't know one of their fans meet them after 12 years of being fan. Thanks God.

I believe his incredible vocal ranges along with steve harris's superb songwriting has made for one if not the best metal bands ever. just listen to how long and smoothly he holds his notes on"hallowed be thy name"he is quite simply an amazing singer - cyraxbot

I honestly don't understand how Madonna, Rhianna, and all of those other mediocre pop singers are above BRUCE DICKINSON! The man who has 4-5 octaves, and can sing all the way from baritone to alto! His singing is beautiful, pure, and unique which is why he needs to be in the top 10 at least!

An excellent vocalist. His voice has changed quite a lot throughout his career, but, in a way, it's just got better and better; although his range has lowered, his depth is much better. He is far better than Halford (or anyone else on this list actually)

One of the most captivating and dazzling singers of all time. A Metal legend with a unique and powerful voice. He can handle tenderness and aggression with equal ease and deft control. Armed with a 4 octave range, he has delivered dozens of songs that enthrall audiences worldwide as vocalist of Iron Maiden.

49 years old and his voice sounds the same as when he was 23 and joined Maiden, if not better. Like a great wine, he only gets better with age!!

Up the Irons - cnauta70

Don't really see how Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford and James Hetfield are below singers like Rihanna and Bruno Mars. Not saying that they're bad singers, but I mean come on, have you heard the vocals in Hallowed be Thy Name. Best Metal singer in my opinion.

From a pure vocal talent perspective, this guy is off the charts. It's a shame that he's not higher, probably purely to the fact that most people don't know who he is. Listen to the song Hallowed Be Thy Name or Flight of Icarus to get a decent sample.

For being nearly 50 years old, and still holding the strongest and most eligant heavy metal voice out there. He should be in the top 5 along with Rob Halford, Freddy Mercury, Tony Kakko, and Jamez Hedfield.

Bruce Dickinson has an incomparable voice. It's power and height cannot be ever reached. It's unique. I've listened to loads of bands and I haven't changed my opinion. He is clearly better than Michael Jackson. No doubt.

My vote definitely goes to Bruce! I literally fell in love when I first heard his voice it was so perfect. No auto-tune. No lip-syncing. 100 real. P.S. I am LostDream258, I lost my password for my account and had to create a new one. - OliveBranch222

This has no meaning, jackson is first only because of his stupid fans. Nowadays people doesn't listen to qualite music, they take the first what came and don't anymore. I don't wanna abuse you, maybe music is not your hobby and you just want to listen to anything but for me is music one of greatest hobby, I never listen to radio or mtv! I choose the music! Anyway Bruce is number ONE, he's not only great singer, afer freddie he is the best band leader. UP THE IRONS

Bruce is the best end of story, his vocals are like noting before heard, I mean have you heard "bring your daughter to the slaughter" or "be quick or be dead" come on people. Bruce's range is amazing. Love you Bruce you should be at the top