Bruno Mars

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Peter Gene Hernandez, professionally known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer. more.


Whoa he's such a good singer actually he's not good.. He the best I don't see how in this world he is at 30 and how in this damn world are mariah carey and Madonna higher than him he has just recorded his first album and holds four no. 1 singles he is such a good singer his each song is so good and so contrast than his other songs he is most versatile singer winner of this years BRIT awards international had 6 grammy nominations he should be in top ten I don't know how but in my eyes he is even better than Michael jackson! He is the rising star of our era guys VOTE FOR HIM OR It's A SHAME ON MUSIC!

Bruno expresses his emotions well in many of his songs, especially When I Was Your Man, and his live mixing of songs around Show Me and Our First Time. It's R&B and to me sounds similar to Marvin Gaye, though I'm not sure he doesn't realize this. I love his live version of If I Knew, especially how he engages his audience in call and response. His voice is versatile, clear and has a good range. I often prefer a lower range for male singers but he is an exception for me. Another sign of creativity his how he improves and adds to/embellishes and modifies his recorded songs as he tours.

He's also quite good as his style/expression vary so much, we can be sure he'll continue to surprise us as he's at heart an experimenter, fearless. It's ok to want to be popular to establish yourself first, then he'll get more creative.
Eventually, I believe he'll sing more about what's meaningful to him as an issue, nature, the ocean, the environment. However, while I treasure meaningful social ...more

Are you kidding me Eminem, Madonna above Bruno Mars? Is this some kinda joke because I can never see Bruno Mars this low he is the best versatile singer just listen to his songs each song has different voice different melody not like Madonna you will always here the same Madonna but Bruno Mars like changes his image with every song and who can compare Eminem to Bruno Mars if you take worldwide consideration then people do not prefer rap over pop because pop is better than rap! SO PLEASE VOTE FOR BRUNO MARS HE IS WAS WILL BE THE BEST!

Bruno Mars? More like a Brutal Barf. I will start with his fans. They are an educated people think he's so talented because an uneducated corporation told them he is. He is about as talented as talented as a dying cat. He is just another pathetic sissy rubbing on £100 bills you brain-dead bogey brains gave him. Just look at him, why does he wear a very stupid hats all the time? Is it because his hair looks like Chewbacca's pubes? Argh! One of his most popular songs was Grenade. In the song he says he will catch a grenade, cut off his arms, and jump in front of a train for some girl. What a stupid noob. And you rug munching fangirls actually think this suicidal maniac is romantic. Read a gosh darn book and stop being stupid for concert tickets. In another song called It Will Rain, he talks about how he will get addicted to drugs if his girlfriend breaks up with him. Well anyway the point is Bruno Mars is one of the worst singers in pop music today. I don't know why I made this comment ...more

This list is so wrong, bruno mars should have been in the top 50. His voice is BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST I will keep saying this throughout my life. Can't understand why Justin Bieber is in the top 50 not bruno. I think saying baby three times is better than saying someone GIRL you're AMAZING JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. Good luck bruno mars for you're next studio album. I know he never let his fans down.

His voice is just heavenly awesome. I've rarely in my life praised or even admire singers. His is the first. With his appearance and voice, his is going to catch everyone's ears! As for his songs, I would recommend you guys the 'When I was your man', 'treasure' and 'lock out of heavens'... Of course there is still some more awesome songs sang by this gorgeous man but those songs I mentioned, it's really worth of your precious time to just settled down beside a cup of nice coffee and enjoy the warmth of music delivered by Bruno Mars.

Are you serious? Bruno mars is AMAZING! Come on people he is more than 0.9%! All his songs are my favorite and can't pick. But I bet you one thing he is WAY better than Eminem... I can't even understand Eminem! But bruno you can understand him... His songs are real life...1. If I was your man, some people go through that 2. Lazy song... now come one people we know we get lazy and he sung the truth!

He's the best singer. He has great talent and even greater heart and that's what counts the most. I can feel that he's a singer not because of money but because he loves music and that's also the reason why he's such a good singer and why all his songs are hits. I think only Michael Jackson was better singer (may his soul rest in peace).

I feel a lot of the people who are ranked above Bruno on the list are good artists but not great singers. This guys voice is AMAZING. He deserves to be in the top ranks along with Michael Jackson.

He is an amazing singer, songwriter, dancer and he is also a showman no other singer in this generation can be better than him he live shows are amazing he plays instruments dance sing all together! And he is the youngest singer to host the Superbowl show and he was amazing there also!

I have to say this with all my heart Bruno sings from the heart. He is a really good singer. He has a really nice voice I love his new song when I was your man :) the song is just so very sweet I vote for Bruno mars!

He's very good and he's just scratched the surface so far. His voice is very expressive and skilled though he doesn't always show it off as much as he could. Besides the songs that lean more R&B, soulful, I like the Beatles like song Count On Me. Genuine, kind and full of creative love.

Joking that he's in 31? He ought to be in THE TOP TEN! His voice is amazing and there is nobody like him. If I'd get a chance I would make him first in the list! He sings all kind of songs and he deserves to be in the TOP TEN! Love him... !

His songs are really nice he sings from his heart and he is the best singer ever YOU are the best for me PETER or BRUNO MARS... Love your songs a lot and love you too, wish the best for you

Well I just can't belive he's at 32? Below mariah carey, bon jovi? And how in this world Madonna get in top ten please vote for him guys only with one album and one single he has rules the 2000's please vote for him!

He is my favourite singer AND he deserves to be ranked higher. The songs that I mostly like of his are "Marry you", and "just the way you are". He has a wonderful personality and he is the best singer alive.

In my opinion he is one of, if not the best singer alive today. His range is ridiculous, And his emotion he puts into music makes you want to listen to his songs again and again

He is the best singer in the whole wide world. Why isn't he higher (like number one? ) you are special amazing and beautiful. I always have wanted to see you but I never have had the money to get them, oh well. Love you Bruno Mars

You guys should watch his live performance. He sings really well and makes some changes on his songs every time, you will never get bored in listening to his performance! Besides, he is a really funny guy

The Best Live Performer today! With dancing and active performing on stage, his voice is not changing!

There's a fine line between a song that tops the charts cause it's good and one that tops the charts cause it's catchy. If Bruno spent more time on his songs maybe they'd be remembered for more than 3 years at a time. He has potential. - Nyoom

No I'm sorry but he shouldn't be on here. Or he at least shouldn't be higher than some of the other artists.

Bruno Mars is a great singer, born in Honolulu in the USA, he has a great voice and he can perform brilliantly. Example: The Super Bowl 2014. His songs: grenade, runaway baby, treasure are all amazing. GO BRUNO! - samoodle

After Michael. He seems to have sweet pleasant unique voice.. He should be at no.2.. Listening to his songs again and again doesn't bore me

Someone tell me what the hell this guy is doing up here? Not only can he play guitar and drums really well and dance like nobody else, he's no doubt in the top 10 of the most gifted singers of the 21st century. Watch Bruno's "Uptown Funk" moves and see if anybody else can hold a candle to that. Absolutely outrageous.