Chester Bennington

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Chester Charles Bennington (March 20th, 1976 - July 20th, 2017) was an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor, best known for being the lead singer of Linkin Park. He also has a few side projects like Julien K and Dead By Sunrise. He committed suicide in 2017 due to depression.


Chester is the best singer I've ever heard.
He definitely deserves first. He can scream
For over 25 seconds, without the assistance
Of any vocal editing or tuning. He screams
Live unlike most other bands, because they
Usually need to tune the voice before using
The song in an album. Plus, Chester can sing in
Any pitch. He can scream (In the song Given Up)
He can sing normally (In Linkin Park's cover of
Adele: Rolling in the deep) Or he can sing softly.
Chester deserves to be first. I get on here every
Chance that I have to vote for Chester. For those of you
That don't know, Chester is the lead singer in "Dead by
Sunrise" and one of the vocalists in "Linkin Park"

Why is chester 25th? He should be in the top 5! The only singer according to me who can scream and please the audience at the same time is chester. Come on all the rock fans, please give your votes to chester if you have got some feelings!

Chester should be number 1! He is amazing, singing and screaming so perfectly, no one comes close! Linkin Park is pure genius! these guys create real music, way better and different than all the rest, and Chester is a huge part of that. His voice is so unique and powerful, even better live! It's unbeliavable! Not to mention the incredible lyrics and emotions he puts in his work.

Why is he No.20? When at first I saw this list he was No.16. And after sometime he became No.17. And now he is No.20. Are you kidding me? Why is he getting low on this list? He should at least be on top ten. He can sing like an angel and scream like a devil! He has been singing for 16 years! Are you saying that all those pop trash Adele, mariah carey and blah blah are better than him? Has the world gone mad? I don't know how can people like pop trash. It is not even music! Its trash. How can those pop singers be better than Chazzy chazz?! I mean how? His vocal range is a lot bigger then those pop singers. Pop singers just say repeated all the things about love sex (which they did not even wrote themselves) into the mic with their awful voice and let autotune take care the rest! Even with autotune their so called music (which in fact is total trash) don't sound good! They just lip sync in the concert! THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAN CHESTER BENNINGTON! HE HAS TO BE IN AT LEAST TOP TENS! HE IS ...more

The guy with three different pitches of voice with unique combination which is always pleasant to hear deserves to be at least in the top ten. No one I have ever seen anyone screamingly shouting in the live concerts and besides Linkin Park he sings the outside songs that you must hear and look at the quality of them.

Probably the most underrated singer nowadays. Who else can sing with 3 pitches at the same time? Without double record some vocals in a studio. He can sing like that live too. Has an amazing vocal range, extreme power, beautifully soft vocals, can sing any kind of song. Very unique voice. Freddie should be number 1, lets face it, everyone knows that. But Chester definitely 2. He never makes a mistake, he has auto tune in his voice already.

I can't believe he's in 24th! DUDE! In Linkin Park's song Given Up he screams for 20 seconds without a BREAK! Who on earth can beat that? Elvis?

Chester should be #1! He has great vocals, and he can cover a wide variety of pitches. Whether he's singing for Linkin Park or Dead By Sunrise, this man has real talent! Not only that, but he's been singing for more than 15 years and he still sounds amazing! You think Bruno Mars and all those pop singers are good, no. This is actual, real- life, TALENT. Sure, his voice is probably edited in the albums, but listen to him live. He's obviously not lip-syncing, he's actually singing. He has the perfect edge of gruffness or softness whenever he chooses, and literally sounds like five different people when he sings! He is the BEST. How is Eminem higher?! The difference between Chester and Eminem singing wise is that Chester actually sings and has real talent. Eminem doesn't even qualify as a singer, he's a rapper! He just raps to music. Chester's voice is timelessly amazing.

He's amazing. Amazing vocalist.. And an amazing person... He's only on the world.. I love him! From Argentina! Chester I love you.
Vote For Chester, cause, he's vocalist, guitarist, sexy man, model and more... Chester! You are only! From San Luis, Argentina,

Chester charles bennington is the most unique and versatile vocalist ever. His range is impecable. And he is one of the major resons why Linkin Park is the present #1 rock band. And I believe everyone of you will agree with me on this.. "HE IS THE ONLY SINGER WHOSE SCREAMS ARE SO MELODIOUS". He is a legend and no one can beat him in singing. Remember the Australia concert incident where he broke his hand while attempting a jump and yet continued his singing. Thank you chester for soothing our ears every time you come up with songs... Your great

Linkin Park Forever! There will never be a singer like Chester Bennington again on the face fo the Earth! Not as long as I live! - BKAllmighty

NO WAy Number 26?! This is insane.. Whats wrong with people? He has such a great voice I just feel like cry and scream when I hear his charming voice.. So under estimated this brakes my heart I hope he never sees this list because its so sad 4 him..

He is the best... No one comes around him... He can sing in all ways... He doesn't only screams... But sings while screaming... He has got the best scream... He can sing soft and scream loud... He has 2 or 3 notes while singing... Which is the most amazing thing in singing in the world... I don't like MJ... Old people like him... New generation likes chester... He is the best... Of all time...

No one can match Chester's intensity or power that he brings to the stage. His voice is unique and he can hit notes that most girls can't even hit. He can scream unlike anyone else and he can sing unlike anyone else. If singing was a competition, he would win every time.

Chester is one of the best. Besides having one of the most recognizable voices and having actual talent in his voice, he is the lead singer of THREE bands now. Linkin Park (whom I like, although I know a lot of people hate them), Dead By Sunrise (I just got their Out of Ashes album, very very good. it is a little like LP, but with no rap), and Stone Temple Pilots (listen to the High Rise EP. It is awesome. "Out of Time" is my favorite STP song ever, partly because I did not like Scott Weiland, or the Stone Temple Pilots in general. Just a rip off of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam). But seriously, Chester Bennington is a great rocker who has a great rock voice and a good scream voice too.

29? Are you kidding me? HAVE YOU HEARD HIM SCREAM? He has the greatest vocal chordes in the world! It's like if when he screams.. he gets through you. He's AMAZINzd!

The greatest singer of the 21st century. He's the Rose of the 2000s, only he's not a d-bag. He deserves to be higher, at least in the top 20.

There is no one in the world that can scream louder and longer than chester and then start singing soft right away.

Some of the people on this list (Bruno Mars, Katy Perry) shouldn't be ranked higher than Chester. No offense to them or their fans, obviously, I'm not saying they're bad, but... Chester. No one even comes close. He can sing, scream, and has a super unique voice. He has a huge vocal range and can sing mostly everything, which he has proved with his work in both Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise. I mean... He's just the best, he can pull off everything from metalcore to Adele, and do it amazingly every time! He always puts so much emotion into his music, and he's just the best in general.

Chester has gone up in the rankings since last time I was on this website! But... Seriously?! Katy Perry? Mariah Carey? Bruno Mars? ABOVE CHESTER?! That's not right. Chester has an incredible range, and can scream for 18 seconds straight (Given Up), sing so emotionally it makes you want to cry (Breaking the Habit), pull off a really good Adele cover (Rolling In The Deep cover), and then sing so softly that it makes you just go like, "Wait, what is that? " And then rewind back to the beginning of the song to hear it again (My reaction at The Little Things Give You Away). Chester is an incredible vocalist and artist in general, he should be higher on this list.

He can do everything with his voice: He can scream better than anyone else, sing very high and deep. AND his voice is the half of Linkin Park, without him LP wouldn't be the Band they're now. He brought this Metal-voice into the Band when he joined LP. Chester is one of the biggest reasons why LP is my favourite band second to Metallica.

Yes surely... Have heard his songs... Songs like iridescent... Superb simply superb... He has ultimate ability to scream dan anyone... His song and lyrics of the catalyst is so inspiring and motivating... I love chester bennington... People use to say Linkin Park and chessi is outdated but I will say no he is on right track and still lovable by the people and will be forever

I am not kidding. He is the best of all time. Just listen to his crawling. Love every song of Linkin Park. Just watch the videos of live in Texas and you will get to know why he is great.

The part about Chester that makes him worthy of my vote is the fact that he can sing nearly any genre, and well. Whether it's a light Christmas song, a bouncy humor song, a typical rock song, a screamo song, or anything in between (haha in between pun pun), he can sing it well, and without editing magic. He uses emotion in everything he sings. He deserves to be in the top 5, although I can't exactly say he should top classics such as Whitney Houston. Those singers just aren't really my thing.

How is Chester all the way down here?!? He is definitely the best singer ever! Way better than Michael Jackson and all the rest! Long live Linkin Park! Long live Dead By Sunrise! Long Live Chester Bennington (And all the rest from Linkin Park of course)!