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Christina MarĂ­a Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for songs such as "Beautiful", "Genie In A Bottle", "Fighter", "Hurt", "Dirrty", "Your Body", "Lady Marmalade", "Reflection", "I Turn To You", "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" "What A Girl Wants" and more.


She is clearly the best vocalist of her very generation. She might not be as commercial as the rest of the pop starts of her decade, but she has managed to create a different concept for every record that she delivers, throughout this journey she has proved to be able to ring R&B, Soul, jazz, rock and roll, pop, electronic and whatsoever that comes her way. She has been selected to pay homage to great musicians during the most important events in musical concerning. For instance; to James Brown at the 57th Grammy Awards, and more recently to Aretha Franklin. She has also sung next to: Etta James, Herbie Hancock, Andrea Boccelli and Mick Jagger just to mention some.

She has tried everything, she's not just a singer, and songwriter. She's also a charming actress and an entrepreneur. Besides, she has dedicated time to charity associations, as the "from hunger to hope" program.

She's young and the world haven't seen all of her yet. Her voice will be the trademark ...more

Christina Aguilera is one of the world's most talented and iconic singers of all time. Why she is number 36 is unacceptable and beyond wrong. I could give extremely well supported reasons for why she should be placed above the likes of many who have been placed before her (such as Jared Leto, Josh Groban, Madonna, Eminem and Katy Perry). But instead, Christina's talents are what should be recognized instead of the faults in her peers. Xtina possesses a four octave range, which she utilizes incredibly in powerful runs, which she can carry for as long as twenty seconds. Her vocal ability has earned her five Grammy awards, as well as many countless other awards, including the People's Voice of Our Generatiin award at the People's Choice Awards. Without Christina's legacy of her incredible voice and iconic image, we may not have significant pop music singers today, or influential albums that emotionally and lyrically express modern feelings that may push boundaries.

Christina Aguilera can belt both low notes and high notes. Other singers can only belt high notes, but they cannot sings low notes.

Apart from the fact that she is the most beautiful female singer, she also has the voice that truly deserves to be called as "the voice of the generation".

She also deserves to be called as a powerhouse vocalist, because she has an amazing singing techniques that no one cannot imitate. For example, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and other great singers, their voices are really incredible and powerful, but many aspiring and professional singers can imitate their voices.
She deserves more awards from the grammys and other prestigious award giving body, because of her unique voice.

She has OFFICIALLY been named, "Voice of Her Generation. "

She has had collaborations with the legends: Andrea Bocelli, Herbie Hancock, and Elton John to name a few.

She has won 5 GRAMMY awards- all in VOCAL CATEGORY!

Among her contemporaries, she is the greatest vocalist by far!

She ranks 3rd for a female in MTV's 22 GREATEST VOICES.

Christina Aguilera is one of the best singers in history! This list is stuffed up she should be in the top 10 at the very least I mean she's so much better than Beyonce, Katy, Gaga, Taylor, Madonna etc... She can sing better than about 90% of the singers above her, she is a true vocalist not some cheap bitch who uses auto-tune.

Christina Aguilera is hands-down the most naturally talented mainstream singer alive today and should at least be in the top ten. From what I've seen of this list I wouldn't be surprised if Justin (no hate, just not a stellar singer) was ranked above some of the greatest voices in the history of music.

I think Christina Aguilera is one of the most amazing singers in the world. Not only that, but shes a fabulous performer. She really knows how to rock a crowd. Look at britney spears, cheryl cole, so many of them all autotuned when they perform live (not that I have anything against these performers). Christinas voice is raw and raspy. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but yet no one dare deny her singing ability. Way to go christina, you're fabulous

How is christina not in the top ten? Like seriously all the way down here at 50! Christina's vocals are amazing and her songs can be, meaningful (like beautiful, hurt, the voice within, I turn to you, fighter, etc... ), upbeat/fun to dance to (like candyman, lady marmalade, your body, etc... ) or even in a different language! Christina has an AMAZING range and puts so much work into her music. Christina aguilera is amazing and if you disagree, then you obviously don't have a good taste in music. #sorrynotsorry! - xtinaforever

Christina should be in the top 5. Britney Spears before her really? No one can rival her vocal ability and range. She is by far an amazing artist!

She should be on top of the list because she is the best singer in this world she has a voice that can hit higher notes than anybody else in the world and a voice like an angle. And she is in the best songs and knows how to sing and is in my most likable movie burlesque.

I was looking through this list and was actually surprised to not see Christina in the top 15, I personally think she is much better than some of the singers before her in this list. She has such an amazing voice that nobody can compare to. Please reconsider where Christina is placed!

She has such an amazing and powerful voice. And she always sings always with heart. It's okay, Oh mother, Fighter and other songs that talk about her father are the most sensitive and extremely beautiful songs she's ever sung. Beautiful and confident woman. For me, one of the best.

I didn't care for her until I really got a chance to listen to her work. Her one visit to SNL sealed it for me. I realize she sells a lot of tickets based upon her looks, but she is truly an artist that should make the world sit up and take notice aurally.

I've loved Christina since she was a child. Her voice is so strong even compared with Andrea Bocelli. Her range is 4 full strong octaves. I heard that Jackie Evancho's parents asked Christina's parents for advice in raising this kind of talent.

One of the best SINGERS around today. Powerful pipes and complete control. Her voice can only be compared to the some of the great female singers of all time: Whitney, Mariah, Celine. She is a great singer. Singer and Artist differ.

1 word AMAZING! I love her! Incredible vocalist :). She is versatile, with amazing tone and range! Can sing any and all genres and has been praised by so many greats Whitney, etta, aretha, patty and delineate to name a few! Amazing vocalist!

A very strong voice, but wrongly used on her last album. This is sad, but it can easily be forgotten if she turns back right now to what she used to do (she was incredible in Burlesque)!

I think she's the most talented woman in the world and I don't really understand why BRITNEY SPEARS is on a higher ranking than her... well guys and fans, let's catapult her to the top of this list!

Best vocalist of our generation. Blows them all away.

Mariah's range Whitney's power a beautiful timbre = Christina Aguilera's voice.

This list shows exactly what is wrong with the music industry-people care more about the meaningless catchy tunes and style of the singer than their pure talent-christina is totally under appreciated in this way:(

She has one of the most beautiful voices out there she should be higher than britney spears and Justin Bieber! She can control her voice and has very very good range! Speaking the truth here

should be in the top five female singers of all time. along with whitney houston, celine dion, diana ross, and tina turner. she has amazing range and is a powerhouse.

Christina powerful belts, emotion and tone emphasises her true gift of knowing her voice. A Vocal powerhouse ready to execute any song without ease. She is true talent!

Have you seen her coach on the voice? Best coach ever. when she wans one of her contestants to hit a note shell hit the note first to show them with no struggle or warm up or anything.. amazing

Christina should be in the top 3. She has a 4-octave range and deserves a much higher spot on this list. I'm shocked Britney Spears is even on here. She sucks.