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Corey Todd Taylor was born in December 8, 1973. He is an American musician, author, and actor best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the Nu-metal band Slipknot and hard rock/alternative metal band Stone Sour.


Cory Taylor is amazing! He has a voice like no other. If I'm not mistaken, this list is for singers. I'd like to know how opinions on dance skills get into some of the comments. Anyway this comment is about Cory Taylor. The range of his voice is astonishing, I'm amazed by how every song has a different sound. Most artists today have a comfort zone that they refuse to leave, Cory however, isn't afraid to experiment with new sounds.

Corey can sing like a angel but also have the scream of a little devil. Unlike most of the pop/hip hop/rap artists who are above him, He has a lot of talent and meaning in his songs. How is he only number 95 I will never know. He puts so much emotion into his songs and people can feel it. Unlike the pointless lyrics of artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry. This is truly a silly world we live in. Society is going backwards I believe!

Corey Taylor is the best nu metal singer of today, as it can get different tones with his legendary voice, without the slipknot would not be nothing, and not just the voice but also her way of expression, their interaction with the audience makes the show an unforgettable experience, if Corey is definitely the BEST!

Great lyricist and vocalist. Undeniably. Say what you will about his personality or even the stuff his band does, but he's a brilliant writer, and one of the only singers that can both scream and sing very naturally where it doesn't sound like he's forcing one or the other. He's also really great at getting into the mood of whatever he is singing, whether it's anger, sadness (his two usuals) or love, arrogance, happiness. You name it, he feels whatever he is singing and you can tell.

Just... this list, people mostly voted for the others only because of their fame and "they get all the chicks". The list of complaints I can write about over half of the people above Corey can go around the world 6 times over. Corey belongs at least in the top 25, if not higher. He is a living legend, not like those auto tuned "pop" singers that teens these days are corrupted with

Changing from a deep, deep, gloomy/grungy or even yelling from different pitches, to soon change into a nice melody for a chorus, verse or bridge. Never using auto tune, it is a pleasure to see him live, he sounds the same as he does on the recording. Simply an amazing singer.

How is he not top 5? Have you people not heard his range? Or his scream? His scream is so unique. Nobody in this world can do a "Corey Taylor scream" it's just not possible! Are you people deaf or dumb?

Corey is the best singer of all time. I see several other great singers on the list, and also several that should never have even been put on the list, like Britney Spears and Justin Bieber. Listen to real music people!

Corey Taylor is one of the best vocalists I have ever heard & I listen to all styles of music. Tons of emotion heard in his voice. Everybody should go buy his stuff right now

Okay, forget the screaming in Slipknot for a second. Check out the singing in Stone Sour. The end.

Corey is great. Iam sure that there is no one like him in this world and he surely can
make Michael Jackson and others cry when he screams. He is the best.
- Slashhead

It is crazy how Corey is so low on here, just listen to House of gold and bones part 1 and 2 and you will see the amazing range that Corey has. Add Snuff, Through glass and bother, with all of his amazing Slipknot screams and he should be way higher in this list.

OMG this guy is one amazing singer, weather he is screaming for Slipknot.. or singing to Stone Sour, this guy is one Immense Singer!!

How is this guy not considered one of the truly great singers? Some of these people need to sit down and listen to some of his Acoustic solo shows, his singing easily rivals any in the top 10. But then Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey aren't even in the top 10 either and I'd put them in the top 5!

Corey gets my vote, the only reason he sings I slipknot is 'cause the others didn't want to waste his voice and talent. He's that good. Also stone sour. He has the ability to sing softly and also like a damned tank.

Corey has a beautiful voice. He can adapt from stone sour to slipknot to SpongeBob SquarePants.

no, he deserves to be in the top 10. He has a 5 1/2 octave range and is so talented. Taylor swift has about 2 octaves. Corey Taylor is so versatile too. He deserves to be much higher.

Has a huge vocal range in 2 great bands has creativity and what he should be top 20 at LEAST personally I reckon number 1 it's cause of these fan girls are voting on a popularity contest with people who can't sing

How the hell is he so low on this list it takes true skill to sing with such anger and power in one band then singing softer and still having the same power he is truly amazing

Corey has a better vocal expansion, he can do some brutal vocals, and some soft ones. He needs to be higher, I hate how every annoying pop singer is higher than Corey. He needs #1..

Maybe I'm just bias but come on man! Corey is a god when it comes to vocals. I guess people these days don't appreciate real music and real vocalists.

A completely unique voice you hear people make a big deal about people that can sing high and low but Corey can growl sing low notes sing high notes scream and when he sings melodic it is indescribable. His voice cannot be imitated neither is growls or his melodics.

I think this web page is just trying to make the realists angry corey Taylor is the absolute benchmark at present his voice is a rare gift to have him at this current number is just laughable!

Out of every singer I've heard, Corey is the one I've grown to like the most. The guy's versatility is huge and admirable and fronts two very successful bands. Sure he's beaten by Mike Patton and a few others by 3/4 of an octave, but there's something special in Corey. The guy can sing a soft acoustic beautifully, provide adequate rapping, rocks hard and somehow fit in a Death Metal band easily. I hardly know any that can accomplish such vocal versatility, and that's what makes Corey so awesome. He may not be in my favorite band, but he's become my favorite singer for a good reason :). - CrimsonShark

The greatest display of diversity. Clean, gritty, smooth, hard, in your face, and lulled to sleep. If there is someone who has ever earned the tipping of a hat, it's this man.