David Bowie

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David Robert Jones was an English singer born in London on January 8, 1947, the son of a fundraiser and a waitress. He died in New York on January 10, 2016 at the age of 69, a hero to millions. ...read more.


A "great voice", to me, is one that is unique and therefore instantly recognizable. Freddie Mercury, Elton Johnand Pink, to name a few. Obviously there are bad voices that are also easily noted... Shakira? Really to find her placed on this list at all, much less higher than some of the greats is heartbreaking, especially when you take into consideration the use of auto tuning etc. there's really no comparison. It's hard to compare singers from the last 20 years to earlier artist who sat with their band and had to get it right, all of them, all at once! Christy Stewart. Nashville

Oh come on, what does he do on the second page? He deserves a lot more praise! Not only are his singing skills totally amazing, he also started several music styles, had so many different stage personas, recorded so many completely different CD's... And the artists he inspired are countless!

An amazing range, a beautiful voice that changed but remained great throughout his five decade career. He could keep up with the likes of Freddy Mercury for goodness sake! The fact that he is so low on the list (at the time of writing) is disgusting. Listen to Life on Mars? , Rebel Rebel, Ziggy Stardust or Seven. In my opinion he puts 90% of this list to shame with Space Oddity alone.

60! Are you serious! He changed music! He wrote some of the greatest songs that have ever existed like Space Oddity, Life on Mars? , Heroes, Changes, Rebel, Rebel and many, many more. He took risks, he never played it safe and most of those risks came off! Strange, he definitely was but listen to him compared to some of the top singers and you will feel guilty he isn't number 1!

He should be way higher, he has such a wonderful voice, I mean, how can he be lower than Lady Gaga, she is just auto-tuned, David on the other hand has a much better singing voice, he is much more articulate than any pop singers today, and his lyrics are a lot better and more creative, but just my opinion.

I can't believe that Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Adele are all ahead of David Bowie. It's a terrible list. He should at least be in the top 5, if not number 1 because in my opinion he is! He is the greatest artist of all time!

How isn't Bowie in the top 100? His voice is so unique. During his last tour, it was the best his voice has ever been I think. Sounded so good and still hits the high notes easily. Has to get votes to put him up there.

This list is so bizarre and demonstrates the problems with modern music culture as I am writing this Bowie is number 73 ridiculous this man could sing anything different styles he has literally sang every genre of music and created melodies with his voice no one else would have ever thought of what an artist

David Bowie AKA Ziggy Stardust/The Thin White Duke etc., should be in the top ten! He has a lot of great songs like Life on Mars and Space Oddity. He should be higher in my opinion. He was one of the few living legends but he sadly passed away, so now we're all stuck in listening to crap like Justin Bieber or One direction.

Without doubt should be top 10, some of the people above him are an insult to the great man,

Jim Wallace

Far below Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, what a SHAME. This guy was great, beautiful, funny, inventive, cool and all the albums have different musical styles he did everything from sophisticated soul to Experimental synthesizer music... Rip my hero - ChatonNoir

The true King of pop. His entire studio discography is the testament. Michael Jackson was nothing without Quincy Jones.

How is David the Legend Bowie after Selena Gomez? In my opinion he should be in somewhere in the top ten! It's a shame that such a gem is being placed in such a low ranking!

This is disgusting that David BOWIE ranks this low, you are kidding me. Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson are higher on the list? Get a grip on reality holy hell!

Ah, perhaps one of the greatest singers of all time. He should be at least in the top 5. But below james hetfield? A man that sounds like a redneck pirate, for goodness sake! Utterly pathetic, voters. Bowie used a very English accent & made it so far in the US charts for vitually his entire career - proof that you don't need to sell out to get far in the music business. This bloke was truly in a league of his own, as there is no way to truly describe his vocals. Raspy, but strong. Low range & relaxed, but with much substance. He didn't have much of a voice, but buggered if he didn't know how to use it!
I always like this fellow, & that can't be said for any other artist. For this reason, I was sad when he passed on, & completely understood people crying for him - something I never did for any other celebrity except Michael Jackson

bowie should be above 5th and mercury should be 1st with whitny houston or watever where bowie is now. hes great

David Bowie should be first. He's definitely my favourite singer he's better than Rihanna and Katy Perry. Thank you for letting me share my opinion.

Yes! Should be in the top ten! One of the greatest, just listen to his background vocals in Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love"

Anything, anything and anything thats what he can do....a range beyond comparison. - jonasjonas

Lennon is good, Paul is great, but only a legend like Bowie can make a line like "Here I am sitting in my tin can" emotionally gut-wrenching.

What the hell is he doing so low! He (with Freddie mercury and joey ramone) should occupy the top three spots, not Michael Jackson

A musical God, the white version of Stevie Wonder and Prince. His sound changed with every album and he made them all his own.

...60! Come on David Bowie was a lyrical genius. His voice was unique with such a range of tone, I'd expect him to be in the top 5

He had such a wide vocal range and he was a musical genius that the world will never have another singer like him

How Bowie isn't higher up on this list is absolutely criminal. A great voice with amazing range and tone.