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Elvis Presley was a American musician and actor. Known as "The King" He was mostly known for his number 1 singles including "Heartbreak Hotel" "Hound Dog" "Jailhouse Rock" "Love me Tender" Elvis debuted in the movie "Love me Tender" and focused less on his music and continued that way. ...read more.


Elvis Presley was the Greatest Singer/Entertainer who ever lived. He was the whole package - he had the talent, the looks, the voice, the moves, the stage act, the humour and was extremely humble with it. He could also sing in any musical genre he cared to which is more than can be said of most others. Throughout his career he matured with his fans and did not remain locked in musical style catering mainly to teenagers like others have. Of course Elvis was more than just an entertainer but quite an historical figure. It was he alone who broke down social and cultural barriers in 1950's U.S.A. making it easier for all artists who followed in his footsteps. In doing so he helped Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With the introduction of the Civil Rights Movement. Elvis remains the Greatest Record Seller for any artist or group throughout the World and his voice and image are everywhere in today's culture. He remains the template by which success is measured in the music business. Remember, ...more

The person that inspired me to sing was Freddie Mercury nonetheless but I feel Elvis was the better singer. He not only introduced Rock music to the world, he introduced a totally different approach to singing. Technically speaking he was an average singer, with a two and a third octave range. His true vocal range however is less than that. The higher notes he hit is usually belted out. In those days it's today's equivalent of scremo music. Elvis was not the first to belt and sing with a imperfect voice, but he popularized it. Every time you hear a rock song where you hear that rough yelling high note remember who made it possible. Elvis also among the first person that sang to entertain. He did not use his voice as an instrument, he used it as it is; A voice. A voice that defines the character of the human being. Without Elvis the music you hear today will be all plain jazzy or R&B. Where everybody is afraid to push their voice to the limit. Without Elvis there will be very little to ...more

Disagree on Elvis's singing ability, listen to FROM ELVIS IN MEMPHIS, see what you think about those tracks. But every thing else right on. - buckles

With an almost 3 octave voice, he is the only singer who's voice has been studied at colleges and universities by voice professors through the years. One of the Three Tenor's said, while admiring his voice, "Elvis can sing like me, but I can't sing like him. " There is no one ever who could sing all kinds of music, and it all be so good. And be so darn sexy and move like he did. So many singers said they would never have been stars had it not been for Elvis. Paul McCartney said that recently. John Lennon wore ELVIS on his lapel when he dressed to go out. Bruce jumped the wall to get at him. Elvis is the most revered singer to ever live. The long list of celebrities who visit Graceland every year is mind-boggling. One year Bon Jovi were flying over Memphis and decided to stop and see where Elvis lived. They made the tour. Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents, Senators, Governors, very famous celebrities and ordinary people have toured that mansion. Over 600, 000 a year. They ...more

I am furious about this list because Elvis should be #1. I can't believe he is way down the list he is a MUCH better singer than the top ten. Whoever is voting for the top ten do not have good taste in music AT ALL. I mean to say that all of these singers especially Madonna and Mariah Carey are better than Elvis is a huge joke and the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. There is NOBODY better or even a little bit as good as Elvis Presley and the people who think that are CRAZY because Elvis had an amazing voice that would give you chills and he could sing anything and these singers on this list can not. So that is what I have to say about this list. And also Elvis was the best performer, singer, and the nicest out of all these artist's who are stuck up these days. And he was also the best looking person who will ever live. No one will ever come close to equaling him in any way. - #1elvisfan

I totally agree with the last comment. Elvis Presley's voice is the best singing: blues, country, rock n'roll, pop, gospel... You name it, he can sing it from the heart. I do think, that we are still discovering bit by bit what a fantastic singer he truly was. People tend to focus too much on his life and not in his craftsmanship as a singer. For me, his singing in 67/71 is the best we can expect a human being to sound, ever...
His mannerisms, soul, depth, humour, range, feeling...
Like Phil Spector once put it "I can tell why he is so great, but he is", and like the young Elvis once said: "I don't sound like nobody" and "I sing all kinds" He really did and he was the best at it too. To say that he is the king of rock n'roll, is just a part of the deal.
He sang all kinds like nobody.
Greetings from Portugal.

ELVIS (like him or not) Not only had his own distinctive sound but listen to his voice and the range! He would transition from one octive to another with impact, hold it, and make you feel as though he ws singing to you personally. Think of his ability to growl, hit high notes, sing soulful and energetic with ease and quality. Who in the world ranked Madonna s a great vocalist? Fantastic entertainer and distinctive vocal sound but uh no big range. Elvis broke the mold and knocked down doors for all the others who followed. Even the Beatles said "there would have been no Beatles had it not been for ELVIS" These lists are odd to say the least. FREDDIE MERCURY is comparable to ELVIs for several reasons #1 mixing genres and being able to turn them into master pieces over and over again.
#2 Showmanship while singing with such passion, control and quality.

FREDDIE MERCURY AND ELVIS enough said becuase history proves it worldwide. Both have left us with diversity and increased ...more

I think Elvis should have been number one. I am 10 years old and I have been to Tennessee 5 times. This year will be my 6th. I have been to Gatlinburg, TN once and Elvis Presley's Graceland 5 times. This year I am going to Graceland again and am staying in the Heartbreak Hotel as always. And I will be staying for two weeks there, one normal week and then for Elvis week. Elvis week is the week of Elvis' Anniversary, and Elvis' wife, Priscilla Presley and Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie Presley wlll be there. I have been On an Elvis Cruise twice. I have met people that played for Elvis. With over 800 songs, 14 Grammies,31 movies, over 100 books written about him ( one written by his nurse, Marian J. Cocke, who I have met) and over 1,000 people all over the world impersonating him, he should of been number one not some crotchgrabber. LONG LIVED THE KING.

Elvis will always be the King of Rock n' Roll. He was the very FIRST American Idol and the world's best entertainer - ever. Elvis had it ALL! He was STUNNING. His voice, his looks, and his compassion toward others were to be admired. I have adored Elvis since before I could walk... Even before I learned how to recite my ABC's! Elvis is still around us in some form or another daily... Listen to him when you're grocery shopping, hear him serenading while you shop at the Mall, see or hear his name mentioned in hundreds of movies and books. Notice that his former home (Graceland) is still visited by more than 600, 000 fans per year... Only second to the White House. Yes, Elvis is definitely still with us and rightfully so. He could sing any genre and he attracted all ages, world-wide. He had such a tremendous talent and that's why we are still (to this day) building statues of Elvis and playing his music.

Elvis was the greastest singer that ever lived. No entertainer in history compares to the way that he changed music forever. Modern popular culture is what it is because of him. He could sing ANYTHING. Much of what he recorded was already someone else's song, but after he sang it nobody cared about the original anymore, those songs became "his" songs. He is the most imitated singer that has ever lived, just look at all the impersonators. That alone shows that he was the greatest singer ever. But none of the imitatiors can capture his magic. He cannot be topped. Elvis died before I was even born but it is obvious to me that he is the greatest to ever walk this earth. He is truly the KING and deserves the title. There will never be another who will change music the way that he did. There is Elvis and then there's everybody else. He is on a level by himself. He was that good.

Without a doubt the greatest voice I have ever heard and the most humble, kind, god given person, he will and always will be the greatest singer entertainer that we will ever see in our life time and there will be no one who will ever come close to the king, even todays music the stars have to have big flashing lights and dancers, but elvis was just put him on stage with a spot light nothing fancy and bang he turned that crowd on the only way no one can do or ever will ever again he had them putty in his hands such a amazing talent that went too soon and I for one would have loved to see him live but I got the next best thing watching him on screen with his tcb band playing live it was like he was still there it was a amazing and I had goosebumps from it, elvis never left the building he is still here and will be for a lifetime rip the king you was taken too soon and how amazing you would have been if you was still here making great songs with that amazing voice

I've never even heard of -- let alone heard singing -- most of the names above Elvis'. He's still known by his first name all over the world, even though he died almost 35 years ago. He sang like one of the angels, and could sing anything, slow or fast, country, rock and roll, jazz, rhythm and blues, popular tunes. He'll still be well-known as one of the world's greatest singers when all these other people are ong forgotten. This list is for the BEST singers, not your current favorite.

There are thousand's of singer's to make the top ten of all time greatest voice's no doubt about it! So this being said after 55 years of listing to the all the best in those years, I cannot put a name to the the top ten greatest voices and probably not even a top two hundred! With that being said I can only put a name to one man that could actually sing most any song in his style from most any artist and still come out with a number 1 hit from a song, and I truly believe even the greatest one thousand top artist would agree with me, and that being the voice of Elvis Presley

Elvis Aron Presley is one of the most generous people who ever walked on this earth. His music and genre of many different kinds, goes without any question as being the best that there was prior to 1977 and is today but the man not his image was such a kind, generous and caring person anyone would have had the pleasure to meet. Today he has sold over 1 billion records and no one to this day has done that wonderful achievement. His gospel songs, were sung with so much emphasise in them and many of his other wonderful songs he sung also had so much meaning in them as well. He sang to his fans with so much emotion in his songs that many of them who had the opportunity to have seen him perform on stage, were just gob smacked and in 7th heaven after they had seen him perform especially the ladies and the girls. I never had the opportunity of seeing him but I do recall that when people had seen him they just always came away saying, "When he sings a lovely song it is just like he is singing ...more

We saw Presley's voice strengthen and deepen over time - he literally grew from a boy into a man vocally. He could sing slow ballads and move easily into a hard driving rock song. His manager did him no favors with his movie contracts. It turned a great singer into a very pedestrian one and he could have done so much more. His charisma and his looks disguised what was a most exceptional musical talent. During his lifetime, he was underrated. Now almost 40 years past his death - his music is still the hallmark of the American 20th century. Skip the movie songs (for the most part) and key in on his 68 "comeback" special and watch how great he could be.

Elvis has the greatest voice ever. When he sang american trilogy that was unbeatable. I would like to see whitney houston or miceal jackson sing infront of thousands.Elvis could sing infront of about 200,000 people in one concert, and he satified all of them, especially in hawaii. It makes me mad when i see that woman who won the x factor near the top, see has'ent even turned pro yet. Anyway elvis was gods gift to earth to be treasured by everyone. He is the greatest. From 14 year old english elvis fan

I don't know how some of you are voting, or by what standards you are voting, but for Elvis to be this far down on the list behind the likes of Madonna, Britany Spears and Bruce Springstein is simply rediculous. As far as vocal quality, Elvis is right up there with Sarah and Celine. Elvis could sing any genre of music and either bring chills of spirituality or make your body dance without even knowing you were doing so. What ever he wanted you to feel, he could make you feel it through his voice and the song. - tj3ppp

Elvis voice is magical he transends all others, he has and still does reach out to millions of people around the world.35 years have passed since his death and he is loved and still followed by millions and millions around the world.. Pilgrimages to graceland have not faded and no other artist for me has had this... L first heard elvis what l can remember around age 3 to 4 and l used to listen to his records, l never saw elvis before l heard his voice and that to me is what makes him the greatest, elvis was before multimedia and computers, mobile phones and he has lasted and still reigns supreme above any other artist for me.. L love Elvis from the first time l heard his voice aged 3 and still feel the same today and play his music everyday since l first heard him... His legacy says it all and the Love that he genrates.. Elvis is number 1 and always will be

Elvis Presley was an original who fused country, rhythm and blues, gospel and pop into an new and unique musical style that would forever change the course of popular music. He had an astonishing voice and was utterly convincing no matter what style of music he sang. It is no accident that he has been inducted into the rock and roll, gospel and county Hall of Fames and that the likes of John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen and Robert Plant to name but a few credit him as being their greatest influence. When Elvis attended at Sun Records in 1954 to record a personal record he was asked by Sam Phillip's secretary, Marion Keisker, "Who do you sound like? " and he responded "I don't sound like nobody." He wasn't being boastful just truthful. Thirty six years after his death there is still no one to compare to him. He remains the greatest singer of all time.

There is simply no one like Elvis. He is and always will be the greatest entertainer and singer alive. There is no comparison, because he is one of a kind. He sang everything, from rock, pop, country, ballads, Spanish, Christmas, gospel, children's, patriotic,... He could sing the phone book and make it sound good. If you did not vote for Elvis, it is because you haven't listened to enough songs. He did more than "Love Me Tender" and "Heartbreak Hotel". He was a gift from God, and continues to affect people's lives in a positive way every single day. His voice and his music is timeless, and will still be around when most on this list are forgotten. Elvis IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE KING... And the best singer ever!

Best of the best. Elvis could sing absolutely anything from gospel to country to rock to romance songs. He truly had something for every taste. It says something that Elvis has been dead for 35 years and he still has a huge international fan base. Elvis also had a big heart and gave away much of his wealth to others. I know that if people heard more of his music, they would love it. If I had to pick 3 songs for a new listener, I would say Jailhouse Rock, How Great Thou Art, and Can't Help Falling in Love. Please give his music a chance, I know you all will love it!

Elvis Presley was by far the greatest singer entertainer of all time and no one else is even remotely close. Most people say its M. J but those are people of his generation and never saw Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson couldn't touch elvis's voice and bye the way... He never had to pay off parents who had left their child in M. J's house for the weekend. And he never went to court, almost being found guilty of playing with little boys. Elvis's fans were men and women who cried when he died and I can only say I never heard of anyone who shed a tear over Michael Jackson and only heard people say... Our young boys are finally safe!

This list is bogus! Everyone knows Elvis had the best voice of anyone,
Could sing falsetto to bass, could sing anything from Old MacDonald to
How Great Thou Art--gospel, country, rhythm and blues, rock 'n roll, love
Ballads, you name it... made every song his own. Plus he could dance and act. AND Best stage performance--he poured his heart and soul out n every note in every show! He loved his fans and wanted to make us happy, and he still is! Go to Graceland and Tupelo and then you'll get it.

Elvis sang three octaves, could even sing bass and he successfully sang every type of song there is from rock to country to gospel. The quality of his voice sometimes gets lost in the personal issues he struggled with and the incredible fame. If you haven't heard him sing gospel music, no one rivals him. His Grammy Awards were for his gospel music. His voice was rich and beautiful and it had this inexplicable quality that made you feel the emotion, the heartache and made it seem like he was singing directly to you. I remember listening to him as a small child and feeling like I knew him. I also liked his speaking voice. Elvis should be No. 1. I won't badmouth anyone else on the list but I will say more than half of them don't belong. I would put Adele and Whitney Houston at second and third. Freddie Mercury definitely.

Elvis Presley is the king of vocals. I don't think I've met a person that doesn't know who Elvis is and honestly I'm not surprised. If (which I doubt) you have not heard this amazing man sing I recommend that you have a listen because the moment that you hear your first Elvis song you'll ask yourself: why were my ears ever deprived of this magic? I'm currently 20 years old which means I was born quite some time after his fantastic career and even a while after his tragic passing so it just shows how far his music has come. I connect to him so much sometimes when I'm listening that I get emotional knowing it is impossible for me to meet him in this life or see him perform live to me even if it was just once. I truly believe he changed the world with what he did and although you're no longer with us in body Mr. Presley I envision that your voice and spirit will soar through the generations to come and beyond the apparent world's end. Thank you Elvis, I love you.

The only way to put it is Elvis Presley, the more he sang the better he got and he was the only person that has ever worked so hard, day and night, and showed his fans what love really was all about, he let them even sleep in his front yard after they would get over the 8 foot high brick wall and never threw one person out or called the police like so many do, he was and always will be singing all over the world which he is still doing today after all the years he has been gone, this man will always be the one and only man with that golden voice, and to be able to sing Anykind of song and he truely with gods help, gave us all he had and that great god giving voice will never stop singing - mdwright48