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Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce ...read more.


#69? They all must be crazy. I didn't recognize more than 50% of the names above...

Eminem should be at #1 his work is awesome, his songs are real, his rap is amazing, inspiring, true and what not.

He came out of no where and stood out against all odds.

Anytime best in the universe.

All of his songs are brilliantly written and amazingly sung. Lose yourself, not afraid, till I collapse. Are few of the best from his collection.

Eminem is a genius. His songs are deep, and unlike lots of popular artists he hasn't just faded into the background he is still amazing after all these years. Recovery is an amazing album. Eminem - zuuby

Eminem changed the music world people used to think rap was just idiots swearing as fast as they could but then in came a white guy who grew up in Detroit rapping about his daughter without eminem rap would be nothing

WHAT! Eminem is #77? Who made and this list anyway? Eminem is a living legend! He is the king of rap! He should be in the top ten with the other legends. Please vote for Eminem-The World's Greatest Living Rapper. Thank You!

He's got the soul of song. Not afraid, mockingbird, love the way, the way I am, without me, no love, just lose it, till I collapse, sing for the moment, we made you, stan, you don't know, when I'm gone, beautiful, superman, on fire, fack, I'm having a relapse, space bound, lose yourself, etc ARE BEST.

Flack is the worst song ever. That comment made me ashamed to be white. - 445956

Well I have seen every singer in top 10 though I think Eminem deserves to be in top 5. As if you compare Eminem's music with anyone. Eminem has more emotion and most intuitive lyrics than anyone. More than 75% of his song has been about his life which can be inspirational and it can be something to learn from. Eminem is best rapper I am not against pop rock or any other genre. I just think everyone should listen to Eminem and has right to make their opinion. (Thank you for reading) - yashs

Eminem is the best rapper I listened. He is the most attractive rapper in the world. His life history and entering to this music world also historically emotional. Wish his long life to serve us with beautiful mind blowing songs forever.

You been serious, 70? This is a joke; even Justin Bieber is ahead of him, seems how in most peoples minds he is the greatest rapper who has ever lived and he can't even be rated seriously.

It's funny watching people be like "How can shakira be better than Eminem? " and "Justin Bieber, shakira and britney spears better than Eminem?

Who vote for them don't know nothing about music. Eminem FOREVER." And I'm just like you know nothing about music. I personally think Led Zeppelin and Scott Weiland and any band below 2000 is better. Sorry and it's just my opinion but Eminem's just trash compared to the music with lyrics that actually mean something

Trust me guys if Eminem ain't in the top ten I protest! We listen to his lyrics, his emotions... come on! - arvindmanohar

How is Eminem num. 37. He should higher than this he should be like #1. No one shouldn't be higher than him his is the greatest of all time he should be on the top #3 and for certainly Justin bieber and Britney Spears wouldn't be better than Eminem is better every singer there is.

I love all songs from Eminem and everyone should too. Nobody couldn't done better than him. He made people to one with his raise.

His music is real. Other artists do not know what real music is. H can sing about anything and it will still be one of the best songs in the world. But the greatest thing about him is that he sings from his soul.

NOBODY (maybe besides LilWayne if he can write his own rap) can rap as good as Eminem, (I can't remember but I think I heard him sing in a few songs to, not only that but Eminem' songs can be felt. All of his songs are different and each one appeals to many different people, I mean you can relate to any of his songs. Not to mention he's also the first successful white rapper.

I love every single of his song, just can say wow to his song, all his song have really nice lyric... Those who don't know his song maybe can't feel what Eminem is going to tell you, his lyric is a real life experiences..

Eminem is not a singer, yet he is a rapper. There remains distinct difference between the two. I do believe, however, that he is an incredible music artist. I love how his songs have sentimental value, for he writes his own lyrics on his burdens in life, not on having sexual intercourse and recieving a high income. This is quite uncommon in the rapping industry. Not only that, but he has a manifest talent for what he does, rapping at such speed. Eminem will forever remain a legend, at least in my eyes.

I can't help but love this guy. He has always had this underdog perspective, rapping about poor white people. He's earned so much respect from the whole hip hop community and his lyrics are hilarious. Sometimes they provoke me and he's is misogynic sometimes. I don't agree with his anti-gay crusade. But still he knows how to express anger, alienation, and it feels so real. - ChatonNoir

He is poetry emotion! Each and every detail with a humour.. Not a cup of tea for an amateur.. He is simply a genius, he mad rap, what rap really is! Revolution! There s gonna be no next Michael Jackson and surely no next Eminem! Because They are THE ONE AND THE ONLY! Artists

Hey.. wats up with you guys!... EM is a legendary rapper.. why is he at 105... he should be inside top 20... come on Eminem fans vote for him... its an insult that Em is so lower down than the order..

Umm guys do you know eminem is the best rapper in the world check it on this website but rappin. L really wasn't expecting this at all.

You guys know beside of the chorus. The only song eminem sang is hailie song. Mockingbird, when lm gone, lose yourself, the way l am, love the way you lie, no love, criminal, crack a bottle, white america, american stan, the real slim shady, 25 of life, without me and all that awesome raps man! Their raps eminem is up top at rappin

Eminem is a strong candidate for a top ten rapper list. He is not a singer. A sing can carry a note, hit the high/and or low octaves. Just saying! - Terrax

Eminem should be first. He might not hit notes like Whitney, but all of his songs have a story to them and he just makes you really feel the music. He also is identified as " three different people " or alter egos. Slim Shady makes you laugh while Eminem and Marshall Mathers make you think and feel. He is just the best.

Eminem is the best rapper alive and definitely an amazing singer too! His songs are a great inspiration for everyone because he really lets his story mingle into yours and he is a lyrical genius! No one can match him. He is just THE BEST!

Eminem is one of the best MC's of all time. He is unique because of the fact, he past through a lot of trouble and issues to enter the music industry and he deserves to be on the top. When Eminem dies, so does Hip Hop!


The true king. Some say he is the king of rap, some the king of hip hop. I think, with the combination of his amazing lyrics and the deep meaning of his songs, he is the king of music.