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Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara, 5th September 1946 - 24th November 1991) was a Zanzibari-born British singer of Indian descent, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the British rock band Queen. He also became known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave more.


I love Freddie Mercury! A few months ago I lost an uncle to cancer and a best friend who moved away just before the school year ended because her father got a job transfer. About two months after she moved away I got a call from her except it wasn't her it was her parents and I will never forget this until the day I die but they told me that she had been murdered the night before and knowing that I had spoken to her that evening I was horrified and I could not believe that anyone would ever want to hurt her and I felt even worse because she told me that evening over the phone that she felt as though someone was watching her constantly ever since she moved. I told her it was probably nothing and shrugged it off and remembering her telling me that made me feel just as guilty if not more guilty than the murderer himself especially since I made up some stupid excuse to get off the phone with her because I had to finish a stupid project. After that I thought that my life was going to end ...more

There is not a better singer / songwriter / performer in the history of rock, then Freddie Mercury. I won't deny that Michael Jackson is a legend and is one of the greatest of all time, but he can't touch the vocal range of Freddie. It is nice to see Steve Perry in the Top 10 as well. Like Freddie, when you hear Steve sing, you know right away that it is him. It is also great to see Myles Kennedy in the Top 20. This is a guy I have much respect for and it just starting to get the recognition that he deserves and many well respected rock musicians (i.E. Led Zeppelin, Slash) in the industry couldn't agree more. I do have to TOTALLY disagree that Steven Tyler is 70 on this list and artists like Eminem, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, and Billie Joe Armstrong rank higher then he does. These individuals weren't even born when Aerosmith started 40 years ago and songs like Dream On will live on forever in the history of music, PERIOD! Can you honestly say that about Baby Give Me One More ...more

FREDDIE MERCURY = PERFECTION! Freddie is the epitome of the perfect performer!
He didn't just sing a song, he Became the song! With every fiber of his being, Freddie put his heart and soul into every word.
He imbued every song, every lyric with such unbridled passion, electricity, & magnetism. His dynamic deliverance made the music come alive.
Freddie was hypnotic, mesmerizing, charming, delightful, engaging, funny, generous, sweet, kind, confident, and shy - all at the same time.
He was one of a kind.
And I haven't even mentioned his VOICE! ! It is the voice of God, reaching down from the Heavens, snatching your heart out, bringing life and joy, and leaving you wanting more. Freddie's talent and genius come to life while he's performing his magic. Truly, a precious gem was Freddie Mercury! A treasure trove of pure ecstasy!
He will be remembered, adored, admired, and emulated as the most amazing, most awesome, and BEST performer ever to grace the Earth.
RIP... ...more

It's evidentially clear from the Freddie Mercury tribute concert that he is unmatched in power and vocal technical ability. Everyone paying tribute (essentially the best singers in popular music for the time) sang and performed their hearts out, yet still could not fill the void. Arguably it is because they were predominantly singing Queen songs. You only have to watch Queen at wembley to hear Freddie's projection beyond any vocal performance of a similar kind. His range is incredible, his brut vocal strength is natural. Aside from high falsetto, he sings mainly from his gut as oppose to inhabiting a throat or nasal technique.. Like Michael Jackson for example :p Freddie is a classical, right through to rock singer with impeccable control, energy, stamina, performance, enthusiasm, heart and tone. To top it off-he's not just a singer.. An incredibly underrated pianist, a skilled writer who also plays guitar. A true artist.

I give you this to mull over and I'm not making this up. Any Michael jackson song can be sung by a fair to middling vocalist. However at the freddie mercury tribute concert the songs were adjusted to lower keys because of the tremendous difficulty the performers were having with them and that includes the big names that were there on the day like bowie and robert plant. Even axel rose and elton john had the keys lowered. This is a testament to freddie mercury as a vocalist he is undoubtadly the greatest single male vocalist there has ever or will ever be. Just as queen will never be equalled in the world of music they were the first to broach the gap between rock and pop seemlessly I might add. And they have never been successfully copied so much so that artists have given up trying. Raise your glasses then ladies and gentlemen for the royal family of rock. Freddie being the biggest queen of all. We love you fred we miss you.

Front man ability aside, his vocal skills are worthy of topping this list. His power, control, range, variety. He can rock down the house, he can sing something mellow and meaningful, he can sing somehting upbeat and silly, he can sing disco.. They're all great.

Very difficult list considering you "singer" shouldn't include a persons front man or dancing qualities. If this were purely a voice list you should have famous opera singers topping the list. Since "singer" seems to fall somewhere in between front man and vocals for me, I say Freddie is #1 for sure.

I'm sorry to you die hard fans of people like Madonna, Axl Rose, Myles Kennedy, and even Robert Plant (who I love), but they don't belong on the top of a singers list. They may have unique voices, and great showman ship, but I by no means consider them top tier vocalists. Myles Kennedy... I just don't get it. Range doesn't mean quality. A dying cat may have great range too, but it still sounds like nails on a ...more

There may be singers who hit ranges and notes that are fantastic, but only Freddie Mercury's voice projects such intense feeling for every word he sings. His unusual ability to slide his voice up and down, and high to low, and back again, creates a rise and fall of emotions, and Mercury's own musical portrayal of his intense emotions is more unique than any other singer I have heard, and I have heard all of the singers contained in this "Best Singers of All Times. "

Isn't it startling to see the number pf of Mid-Eastern singers in the "Top Ten"? I wonder if all the Mid-Eastern singers in your "Best Singers" collection may be descendants of the singers who call Muslims to prayer? Those voices are beautiful too. Perhaps the Mid-East is a treasure trove of an abundance of undiscovered, remarkable singers. Is there such a thing as "The Mid-East Has Talent" television broadcast? If not, Simon Cowell has much work to do!

Freddie Mercury was in possession of one of the greatest voices the music business has ever known. While he wasn't classically trained his voice could handle an amazing 4 octave range. His voice was also very versatile and recognizable. For example, he could sing the most lovely ballads in a clear, sweet-layered manner but also could belt out the most powerful rock anthems with ease. On stage he seemed simply unstoppable, always gave his audience a full 100% and to this day I never saw anyone who comes close to his standards. Freddie Mercury may be dead for 20 years now but his legacy lives on forever. I recommend the people who aren't convinced yet to watch Queen's live performance during Live Aid in 1985... If that won't convince you, I don't know what else will.

Freddie Mercury is music where singing or just talking. This man dared to go where others couldn't or dared to venture. Not one of his songs sounds like another. Who else but Freddie could properly sing all genres of music. Dance Hall, Rock, Country, Opera, Funk etc. Simply the very best and extremely original. Darling's admit it Freddie Mercury is simply the best and always will be.

Freddie is the most musically talented person to ever walk upon this planet. His vocal range and delivery are unbelievable unmatched by any other singers. His abilities are not limited just singing, he is also an accomplished pianist, lyricist and composer. Just listen to March of the black queen, Liar, Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to love, Millionaire Waltz, Bicycle Race, Killer queen and Flick of the wrist, to hear how good he is. He is the ultimate musician with the showmanship to match.

No one comes close to Freddie Mercury in terms of voice quality, stage presence and showmanship, and maybe close to Lennon and McCartney in song composition. Pop, rock, folk, and classical, name it, he delivers it with ease and perfection. Ask other performers to render Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champions, they will pale in comparison. If only alive today, ask him to render a Sinatra, Celine Dion, or Streisand song and surely he would outperform these great ones. I don't find reason why he should not be at No. 1 or among the top ten! Sound purist

Freddie Mercury. A man who performed literally until his extremely painful death, wrote masterpieces in one night, and inspired many modern day singers such as Katie Perry. Sure, Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, but Freddie is the Queen of Music altogether. There are just too many amazing things about this man to fit into this review, so I'll just say this: What makes Freddie so amazing is not just his immensely impressive 4-octave range, it's that he was a troubled homosexual, a badass, and an inspired individual wrapped into one. And, just a side note, people who vote for any other singer, go listen to Don't Stop Me Now, Killer Queen, and Bohemian Rhapsody. Then you'll reconsider. And yes Brian, you're cool too.

I don't think anyone can take Beat It or Billie Jean seriously these days. I used to like Michael Jackson when I was young, but Freddie Mercury has a cleaner voice and has a great vocal range. I'm not saying that Michael doesn't, it's just that when you hear a Queen song compared to a MJ song you can tell that Freddie's voice is pure and connected with the music where as MJ's voice is more processed and doesn't sound as good. I consider MJ's voice annoying at some points because of how high and loud he sings where as Freddie's voice is softer. Even when Freddie sings high it's softer and more smoothing than MJ's. That's my opinion. Bohemian Rhapsody is better that any Michael Jackson song. Even look it up on this website.

Seeing Freddie in 2nd place gives me shivers. The reality explains this somewhat - MJ (yes, there's no one like him and never will be and his talent is also quite unimaginable) had a gigantic propaganda machine, coupled with his talent. So there are so many people who know him on the planet, and the number of people who know Queen are much much less. Being a citizen of a small island called Sri Lanka, what I'm asking is, if you believe MJ is number one, please listen to Freddie Mercury - any song and listen it a few times (you are *not* going to absorb it in just one go) and you'll see the difference...

Freddie Mercury has gone from poor to one of the most inspirational singers of his time. Freddie Mercury was part of the band Queen. He went on to create there most famous song, there first hit, and there first song (Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, and Seven Seas of Rhye). He was one of the only males to reach 6 octaves. Queen was also the first band to play behind the Iron Curtain in Budapest. Who can't love his personality? He doesn't give a crap about what anybody says. He always does his own thing. His music touched many different genres. His music included Rock, Opera, Blues, Classical, and Pop. Bohemian Rhapsody alone had 4 different genres in it. Freddie deserves to be number 1.

He was honestly one of the best singers ever to have lived, I mean have you really heard anybody who sounds just as good, or even better live than on their albums? This mans range was unbelievable, and the tone and power behind his voice is just something I listen to in awe! He should be at number 1 because when you think about it, you will have heard almost everyone of Queens songs: We will Rock you, we are the champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, Under Pressure, Another one Bites the Dust, Don't Stop me Now.. You get the picture? This man is a thing of legend and nobody of today's era even comes close in my opinion.

As a singer there is no one alive or dead that comes close. His power and range raise goosebumps over my whole body. In my opinion the measure of a singer is the ability to produce what you performed in the studio on stage and this is what puts Freddie in a class of his own. With just half a microphone stand and a pair of tights he owned the crowd. Check out Queen's Live Aid performance and you will see what I mean.
The world will not see the like of him again. His performances are the stuff of legend.
NOTE: I am only considering his singing ability here. If you factor in his stage presence and songwriting Freddie is surely number one, two and three.

Lets face it, the 3 widely regarded greatest voices of recent times have been female. Whitney, Mariah, and Celine. Freddie would be the only male singer able to take the stage with these 3 and blow them away. Proved it at Live Aid, far and away the BEST. Felt sorry for the next act coming on after Queen. I mean really, who could compete. Had a voice that could go from a choirboy to the heaviest of rockers in a heartbeat. All the while maintaining an unmistakable sense of range and power. The Pavarotti of popular music. He had it all.

The fact that Freddie is not number one is a disgrace and embarrassment to all of humanity. Just listen to one note and your entire body shudders at its magnificence. His range is the most phenomenal thing known to man, and is considered the 8th wonder of the world in 197 countries. His talent is unprecedented, his execution in everything he ever did, not just singing is spine-chillingly fantastic. His song writing, outlook on life, vibrant character, arrogant stage presence, passion for music, and sweet nature are all awe-inspiring. His voice moves the world. No words are fit to describe Freddie Mercury!

Just 5 percent for a legendary guy? Man, Faroukh a.k.a Freddie is the best showman, the best singer, not only composer but also a creator of many masterpieces so far. Combining many types of music in a song is just brilliant and impossible for any other kinds of singers. He had his style, he was acting just like no one else could even think of. Stop voting for Freddie Mercury, he doesn't deserve to be seen below those people, instead he could be lost. He is like a political idea or religion, some people NEVER understand the mightiness and will always deny him! Cheer up, the not-voters just DON'T know...

Some great singers on this list - some great songwriters too - Freddie mercury is both. There is no question that Michael Jackson has inspired a generation of R&b and pop singers and songwriters, as well as dancers. It is pliant see!

However from a pure singing perspective Freddie mercury is just a touch ahead. An amazing range. Almost operatic quality with all that grit angst and rock macho edge. His voice soars in show must go on, who wants to live forever, power, delicacy, humour, pain, light and shade. As an icon others may be more influential. Freddie is definitely the queen though. Laugh out loud

What a great singer he was? If someone gave me the opportunity to make three wishes then my all three wishes would be to make freddie mercury immortal. You cannot describe him it is like describing the color of water and his song writing ability was out of this universe and his song bohemian rahpsody make me think about my village which was destroyed by a disaster I always cry when I listen to this song. My village was not less than a heaven and god had taken away my village. But the day when god had taken away freddie mercury it was one of the worst day in my life. I wished when god had taken way freddie he should have taken me also. So that when I met freddie I could listen to his songs forever. But this did not happened. I love you freddie I love you forever and your ever lasting legacy bohemian rhapsody

Freddie Mercury had the most life changing, enlightening, and unique voice of the entire rock era. No one could ever even dare to match him. If it were "who had the best pop songs" yeah I would vote for Michael Jackson but this is best singer and that's Freddie Mercury. Freddie's voice has stood the test of time and even deeply changes and appeals to young people today. When I walk past my daughter's door and hear Bohemian Rhapsody I smile spreads across my face ear to ear proudly. And honestly who could forget Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Another One Bites the Dust, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

He's Number one for sure! Those Octaves, strength, restraint and ability to switch from one Octave to the next and hold it, unbelieveable! These lists are worthless really because it's so obvious (like him or not) Mercury was a true genius! The three people in my household understand he's the greates Male vocalist of all time. The ages of my house members are 37, 66 and 65 years old. Try to remember the question "who is the best" not who your favorite is.

The range and power that Freddie possessed has never been matched by any other Pop/rock singer, so for him to be sitting below some kiddy fiddler with no remarkable singing ability is an insult not only to his memory but to music in general, but I suppose popularity will always win over actual talent, but I digress Freddie Mercury is the best singer I have ever heard and when you think about it the only people with more skill would be trained opera singers (Freddie never had any vocal tuition) his versatility is probably the greatest music has ever head, from a duet with an opera singer like Barecelona to a full on rock song such as dead on time or such like, then to the falsetto of Brighton Rock. If some one ever finds a better singer, let me know.
His talent stayed with him until the very end considering Innuendo and the show must go on were written whilst he was dying and his voice is as powerful as ever in them.