John Lennon

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John Winston Ono Lennon, MBE was an English singer and songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as a co-founder of the Beatles, the most commercially successful band in the history of popular music. He was assassinated by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980 at age 40.


No words needed. Greatest singer of all time right here. This guy is just magical, if the Beatles were together another ten years imagine how many more good songs he would have written and sung. But in saying that his ten years with yoko they made some brilliant songs. Just listen to Mind Games or Mother. His voice was just unique just like the voices of MJ and Freddie Mercury. My top three would be them because they just sound so good and different. Music wouldn't haven't been the same without Lennon. John you are magical and you will never be forgotten

What can I say about this personality. If I ever met with god then then the first question that I will ask to god that is john lennon was really a person? Then I know that god will say I do not know about him because I never made him. John lennon. Still I cannot believe that there can be a human whose appearance tells a story and the story which cannot be read or understand you can only feel it. Whenever I saw him in his interview and his songs videos he make me feel relax I cannot believe that he is dead. A person who leaves behind his legecy and his influence to the music I have only one dream in my life that one day I will met him and tell him that he was not something which I feel but he is something. Oh I do not have words to complete the sentence because he cannot be describe.

Oh my! This list is so crap! Chester from that garbage band Linkin Park (who only gets recognised for screaming for 17 seconds. Badly.) and many autotuned idiots in the top 20! Like where is Elton John, David Bowie and Rod Stewart?!? Thank goodness John is in the top 10 or I would have shot my self.

The influence he had in the music business and on the world in general is enough to get him to the top of this list, I find it sad he has been put this low on the list considering many of the people listed above all took influence from John. His vocal ability is outstanding, and most importantly it's unique. He sung with so much emotion. Rest in peace John Lennon, you've been a great mentor to the world with your love & music.

I think this was one more messed up dude that was in this group or for that matter any other groups. He had a crazy psycho wife which was the reason he split with the Beatles. No, I think John was okay for a Beatles, but when he left and tried on his own forget. He needed Paul. As far a his singing not very good. Maybe he wrote some descent songs with McCartney, but that was it. He should have been on the bottom. As for someone saying he was a good person he was very moody and difficult to work with. I don't think he was a great or nice person.

He is way way way way better than any body here at singing he had the best vocals in the beatles and he and the best vocals in the world! You guys certainly do not know about music. Michael Jackson has nothing on john not even freddie murcury! You guys need to listen to johns music and wake up because none can match John Lennon! - noelg1

John Lennon may not of had the highest range ever, but he sang with more emotion than anyone else. I think he should be in the top ten along with Paul McCartney. And having Bieber ahead of Jim Morrison and Bob Marley is just wrong.

When you listen to lennon's voice in the early beatles like twist and shout and help his voice is like none other. Then later there's come together and jealous guy and he doesn't even sound the same but he still sounds awesome. John lennon obviously deserves to be in the top 5 alongside paul or the beatles weren't the best band ever

John Lennon has such an amazing voice! When people think of the Beatles they often only think of Paul McCartney, but they should also think of John. "Imagine" was such a beautiful and inspirational song that shows how the world really should be and how well we would get along that way. John is an amazing singer and should be even higher up in the list!

This like almost other list in this website inaccurate. John Lennon should be number 2 in this list. His songs are just more meaningful songs. Like other List number 2,3, and 4 are all not as good as the singers above them. Amr Diab and Rhydian are singers I never even herd of, Freddie Mercury are better than the people above them. So thank you for wasting my time.

Come on the dude was the best sing I ever heard of. Take a look at the all you need is love videoclip. Lennon was with a gum during the record and even whith that he singed just perfect. I don't know haw madonna is consider here better than lennon. They recorded the same song ''stand by me'' she changed the song but still a good comparison.

No one compares to this amazing musician, amazing genius and amazing humanitarian.

He should be #1. He was a great poet when others are simple songwriters. He dared politicos with his song. Don't see any of that. Except for Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. Where are they? Michael Jackson is a two album wonder. John is an icon and will be forever. He surely should beat out Paul, whose voice is so simplistic that thousands can imitate.

If Paul McCartney is number 9 then John Lennon should be in the top 5. There is no competitions between Michael Jackson and John Lennon. He was the greatest artist of all time after Elvis. There is something wrong in the list. Elvis is number 1 and John Lennon should be number because his music was timeless.

If John Lennon was still alive, he would be an extremely strong influence and wouldn't cause as much fuss. What I like about him is that he was a very good songwriter and makes you wish he was still alive when you hear his songs. You instantly get the chills if you like the Beatles.

He is the best and should be at least on the top 2. Haven't all of you heard "imagine" or "love". I tell you man he is the best, undoubtedly. "A Day in the Life. " is another masterpiece with many more. he is a legend and he will be a legend.

Lennon may not have the best technical voice, but the sheer emotion in his voice is unmatched. Just listen to "Revolution" or "Mother". His voice stretched to the point of no return--and he did it again and again. If you want... Real emotion, he's got it.

Underrated singer with grit, determination and spirit like no other. Also a genius at composing with poignant and creative, cutting edge lyrics. There will never be anyone as amazing as John Lennon ever again!

Why on earth is Madonna above John Lennon?! Best solo artist ever, from the best band ever and you think Madonna is better than him?! In my class 4 people were named after him! I listen to his songs as a solo artist and from when he was in The Beatles every single day!

John Lennon should be at least second or third. He was a great singer. Imagine is one of the greatest songs of all time. He was taken from us way too soon. Imagine how much more he could have accomplished!

Have you people heard him sing, it's so good.
Paul mccartney is a great singer but john is better.
Have a listen to mother or imagine.
Also he has a big range: c#2 on Beatles 1963 Christmas record to e5 in mother or g5, g#5 in money (that's what I want) or don't let me down
Most people don't have a 3 octave range!

I was searching for top ten singers of all time, keeping John Lennon in mind would be number 1... But now, I don't need to say nothing... Just listen to him singing and make a decision people... He is my best and will always be. Trust me he is the best.

Why is John at only 14? He needs to be higher. Not only the greatest singer of all time, but also a philosopher, and a very peaceful person, if only more people were like John, for his singing ability and his philosophical mind.

Brilliant singer and awesome. Without him there is no Freddy Mercury, Bono, and loads of other great singers.

Asif Eminem is above jesus himself, the man had the voice of an angel and heavy rock god, he was a perfect arsenal of musical talent; songwriting and vocal skills that people like Eminem can only dream about