Jon Bon Jovi

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John Francis Bongiovi, Jr., known as Jon Bon Jovi, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, philanthropist, and actor, best known as the founder and frontman of rock band Bon Jovi, which was formed in 1983. He is famous for his band's hit song “Livin’ On A Prayer“ released in 1986. He more.


Bon Jovi belongs to the upper list... He should be at least among the top ten... No need to reason out why... The fact that he's still singing best songs today and performing for those who love quality music's enough... He's still one of the hottest performer today together with his group...

Jon Bon Jovi in my opinion is not just the worlds best singer but he is an amazing song writer and musician. Bon Jovi have been a band for just under 30 years, therefore keeping themselves current in 3 decades. Songs that everyone knows from Livin on a prayer to keep the faith and for the die hard fans Edge of a broken heart and dry county never fail to please. All this is down to the driving force of the band Mr Jon Bon Jovi himself. Amazing talent and Hot to boot :-D Ladies and Gentlemen 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans CAN'T BE WRONG!

Jon Bon Jovi had a stable voice year to year and Bon Jovi harmonization sounds great and giving energy to our live day to day TRY to listen THE LAST NIGHT LIVE ON CMT ON YOU TUBE You'll see the BEST

32? WTF? Jon has a powerful voice! He's the best of the best! He should be in the Top 10... He did a classic songs like Livin on a Prayer, you give love a bad name, Bed of roses, wanted dead or alive, ALWAYS... In July I went to his concert In Barcelona and it was one of the best days of my life..

They started years before I was born, and still they make some of the best music out there. Over 25 years in the business and still standing strong in a world were crappy computer tunes rule, thats absolutely impressive. Fantastic live shows. These Days is one of the best albums ever released, but sadly underrated.

In the 80's/90's, Jon had the best vocals. By a mile! Even now, his voice is really good. It went downhill, but the past 3 or so years, it's got a lot better. How he is only 32nd on the list, I will never know. He should definitely at least be in the top 15. Him and Myles Kennedy should be a lot higher than they are. Fact.

JON BON JOVI is a real artist! He can sing everything and his voice is the voice of a real rocker! There are some others legendary ones such as Robert Plant, but Jon is still rocking so I think that he should get an award about his good job

Bon Jovi is with me for almost 27 years! And since that time his success is undeniable, they are all good musicians, that's it! Bon jovi is attentive to his public and attentive to others (The Foundation). This is important too!

I love Jon Bon Jovi's voice. He has one of the most versatile voices in the industry. He can sing a hard rocking tune or a sweet ballad. He can take on the classics and do them justice. Best of all, he sounds great in a live setting. His stunning vocals aren't due to machines. The man has an incredible and powerful instrument.

Jon is actually a very underrated singer. The drive and passion that band has is ridiculous. Of course they have a large number of love songs like every band/singer does, but they are also very social conscience and address those issues in their songs. Jon sings and writes them with passion, along with Richie. If he's not number 1, Jon should at least be in the top 5.

Bon Jovi are the ones who sing about what's current in the world today. They are the ones who change with the times. They have my heart and soul because they are the ones who have touched my life every single day throughout their career. These guys know what it takes to be good!

Bon Jovi is the band. Jon Bon Jovi is his name. He deserves to be much higher than this. He is an example to others. He plays on even when he's injured which he has been twice in the last couple of years and he gives it his all every single time he takes the stage.

Jon Bon Jovi is the man. He has been my favorite since they took off in 1983 when I was in high school, still my favorite today! He has so much energy he is like the energizer bunny. He writes beautiful, meaningful songs and he is a great business man as well. He helps others with his big heart. And he is gorgeous, laugh out loud. His voice is amazing and I love him very much!

Best singer of all time! In his range of music no one comes close bon jovi all the way

Jon is #1 to me! He's beautiful inside and out! Gives selflessly to his Soul Foundation, and Soul Kitchen! He gives back to his community! And is wonderful to his fans! He is such a beautiful giving Man! He's even working with the President! He's the best!

There are no words to describe the best singer of them all, unique voice, charisma and everything an icon needs, Jon Bon Jovi simply rocks!

Well There is nothing that Jon Bon Jovi cannot do... He is the reason the real music is still alive... Jon's voice has such levels that not singer can match.. Be it metal or pop or hard rock or country.. Jon has done it all... And he deserves to be the best... Maybe not on this list but he is and will be the best for Us.. And that's FOREVER...

Please!.. Is the only person who sings with emotion, love, passion and in a way that reaches the bottom of our hearts... Are you kidding me?!... Is the only feeling that moves us!.. Their songs are true!

I'm 35 and listened to Bon Jovi for as long as I can remember. Always loved it as a band and him as solo artist, always for the same reason: great voice, great band, beautiful songs, powerful shows, and an amazing way of being on stage and communicating with the audience, becoming one and only.

This guy is awesome, one of the most recognized and loved voices in rock n roll. Crazy range, great songs, and a hell of a performer!

First of all, the vocalist's name is Jon Bon Jovi! And he is one of world's greatest voices! He is unique and has such a warming voice!

Best band ever! Best vocals! Best shows! Best fans in the world! Bon Jovi Always!
This band in more than a band: is a family! Jon's voice is divine, amazing, strong, sweet, sexy. Above all, his voice reveals his soul! Songs like Always, Bed of Roses, It's my life, What do you've got and so many others are classics. Bon Jovi must win this!

Jon sing out of something more than for fame, for something to believe in and with his songs and beautiful voice he makes us keep the faith. Michael is a rememberd and amazing singer and he has touched many but jon is living proof of life, faith and love. VOTE FOR JON he deserves it after so many year with not a Hollywood drama failed life and so many beautiful music that has filled our hearts!

Bon jovi fan

Jon Bon Jovi is not just a singer and great songwriter to me: He saved my live with his voice, with his songs, and his way of life, every time I just hear his voice I let hear the bells of freedom inside of me!

Thanks Mr. BON JOVI for writing the story of of my own life!

Listened to just about everything Jon has sung, and I'm continually impressed by his range, versatility and emotion. Also, despite singing in many different ways, his voice is always instantly recognizable. Power, technique, personal style and soul are how I sum up Jon's voice.