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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, professionally known by her stage name Katy Perry, was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. ...read more.


Should be 1 my favorite singer of all time my favorite song is firework roar et part of me California gurls hot n cold dark horse the one that got away this is how we do wide awake circle the drain last friday night unconditionally and all songs

My favorite songs by Katy Perry are
1. Firework. (I wrote this comment on July 4th 2012)
2. Teenage dream
3. I kissed a girl
4. Part of me
5. ET
6. Wide Awake
7. The One That Got Away
8. California Girls
9. Last Friday Night
10. Hot n' cold

You seems like a fan who only pays attention to her singles, ignoring completely her really good songs... Most of those not even stand on my Katy Perry TOP 50... Those songs are great, but she has far better songs... My opinion, of course...

Wow I can't believe that people are calling Katy Perry a good singer because if you have seen any of her live footage you would know that she is not that great of a singer! I hate every one of those songs you listed but I am not close minded so I will respect your opinion! - TheThomasThomas

I love those songs and totally agree with Firework being first. But ET would probably be my second but good choses - Katiejennings9631

Katy perry is the best I listen to her every day I believe she's the best I've always wanted to meet her or see her concerts but yes I'd vote for her 50000000,00000006864300 times even she's the best

I think Katy Perry has an amazing voice. She's a good actor in my opinion. But my 1 favorite singer is Andera Bocelli. Made you who is this guy? He's an Italian singer. He is an romantic singer. Michael cane is in the band. He is a from America. He is blind. He is very famous. Well I'm learning Italian. How long have been study it? I have study it for a year and 1 and a half months. I love how he sings. I can almost understand the songs. I have two disc and DVD. I listen ever night. He the best singer in the world.

After that disgusting Dark Horse video, which was basically a "hand written letter to Lucifer," which included an attack on Muslims where she killed the suitor wearing a necklace with God's name, I've hated Perry. Muslims are going through a hard enough time as it is with the media's portrayal of them all as "terrorists" and "unruly" people (only a handful are-just like a handful of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs etc can be horrible as well-generalising is not the answer) and this horrible being goes and does that. For shame! - skadoosh_007

I don't like her at all. She lip-syncs on most of the concerts where she dances around the stage. Heck, have you seen some of these singers!? There are metal bands where the lead singer head bangs the day away, and doesn't lip-sync! - SionicRelations

Umm why is Katy so low lol. Anyways she is a great singer, has loads of talent, writes amazing, inspirational songs and is easily my fave singer. Too bad she is #12 but that is still pretty good considering this involves best singers of ALL time. At least Taylor swift isn't here...

The first Katy perry song I new was roar when I heard about her I started listening to other songs of Katy perry then I wanted to know more singers once I knew more singers I thanked Katy perry for being a singer

My favorite Katy Perry songs:1. Firework2. The One That Got Away3. Birthday4. Unconditionally5. Dark Horse6. Thinking of You7. Hummingbird Heartbeat8. Part of Me9. By the Grace of God10. Teenage Dream

She is the best... Of all other female artists... She is "POP QUEEN"... Her voice is like of an angel... I really love her... My dream is to met her... And I can do any thing for that...

Katy perry is my favorite singer she is so pretty and I LOVED her tour outfits they look so cool and cute on her and now Katy perry is little different that's how she talks too much on the show and concert all of people are waiting to her singing all of singers NEVER talk on the concert but I really love her songs and outfits

Seriously - you're comparing Katy Perry to people like Michael Jackson? She's a false, manufactured celebrity that got fame by objectifying herself and women in general.

She is the most talented singer in the world.. I love her all songs but firework, wide awake. The one that got away, thinking of you and part of me are the most favourite

I would only say "She's awesome, sexy, talented, gifted, amazing, lovely, beautiful, goddess, and above all I love her "

Better than Taylor Swift, that drama queen who looks for and gets all the attention, she doesn't deserve those grammies she wins all the time, how do people like her better than Katy? Taylor Swift got mad at Katy just for getting her dancers back and played the victim just to make Katy look bad and get more people on her side. Plus Taylors music has no creativity and feels bland, how do people like bland drama music better than creative fun music? Katy has a stronger voice and lyrics. One of The Boys is better than 1989. Katy deserves those many grammies, not Taylor. My favorite song of hers is One Of The Boys.

Okay, let's just say that her voice is amazing. I admit though, her voice isn't one that many people will like but come on, she's a really great singer! Admit it!

I just love her, her songs, her outfits and so on. She is so beautiful. My favourite album (sung by Katy Perry) is PRISM and I love her song Roar.

Well actually this girl is the most powerful singer because she is singing with her hearts.(i'm from Tonga I wrote this comment on april 5 2016)

Who wouldn't LOVE Katy Perry? She is sweet, talented and has a true loving relationship with God unlike some other singers who don't care. She is beyond gorgeous and deserves to at least the top 15. Vote for Katy!

Katy perry is a talented singer. Although she sounds a lot different with vocal effects in her songs.

I love Katy perry! I love her tour outfits! My favorite song is roar by Katy perry I like birthday a lot because I love hip hop and rapping

How the heck is katy perry the 14th best singer. I can think of a million more singers who can sing better than her. - mega-man3000

She's not so special... She didn't anyway deserve to be in top 10...

These are my favorite Katy Perry: 1. Birthday
2. Unconditionally
3.legendary lovers
4. Walking on air
5.this is how we do
6.international smile
7. Love me
8. This moment
9. Double rainbow
10. By the grace of God
11. Peacock
There are no songs written by Katy perry that I do not like. No one should dislike her.

Katy deserved to be #1 or #2 on this list! She is amazing and when I hear the word, voice", I immediately think of Katy Perry. That's my opinion.
My favorite song by Katy Perry are:, Unconditionally", , Wide Awake",
,Dark Horse" and, Legendary Lovers".