Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain was born February 20, 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. In 1987, he started the grunge band Nirvana, which became one of the most successful bands ever. He was a talented yet troubled grunge performer. Kurt Cobain became a rock legend in the 1990s with his band. He committed suicide at his ...read more.


Obviously a bunch of teenage girls made this list because they have never heard of nirvana or kurt cobain. If he was ALIVE today and was known to everyone and known to mainstream music than he would at least be in the top 15. He is in my top 10. But Freddie mercury's is number 1 I like mjs voice buts its not he greatest voice I have ever heard.

Probably does not rank high in most people's books, but I have always liked Cobain's acidic vocals. Not enough people respect his quality/uniqueness, as shown by the rating, but I think they should. Along with Geddy Lee, he is one of the few vocalists who are both unique and unyielding. Did he care if you liked his screech? No. Did he sell Pepsi products like Michael Jackson... No. He just made good music and sang from his core.

Kurt Cobain was a natural talnt and his songs and music expresses life and beyond without mincing it -the raspy death yell at times, the soulful, tugging at the heart musical expression at times, plain fun and nirvana at most times.. Simple lyrics unfathomable meanings. I grew up in the nineties.. So I wouldn't know the artists before that but Kurt is my top artist. Funny I don't give a damn about the new artists either except a handful bunch who can sing n touch.

Kurt is so down the list because of a few simple reasons.
Majority of the youth doesn't know who he is. And thus choose to vote against the rather more popular artists.
The style of his songs. To understand his music and his songs, you'd have to picture yourself in a place like his.
He re-invented music. He is the reason why genres like grunge alternate rock exist these days. His lyrics were twisted. One needs to understand the sarcasm, the metaphors in his lyrics, only then can one appreciate this legend.
He is like Shakespeare. Tough to understand, but a true joy to listen to.

Kurt Cobain is an amazing singer, songwriter guitarist really good person. Unfortunately he was too sensitive and life was difficult for him. His feelings are in every song and it impressed me. Maybe not the best singer, because a lot of people sing better, but good enough. No other singer for me does not mean as much as he. Their songs gave heart and soul, and those emotions brimming from there.

Making it to high notes doesn't make you great, it's the fact you can cover almost any notes, low or high, and be able to almost whisper but also scream your lungs out with a perfect pitch. Not many artists can sing smoothly and add a rough edge to their voice whenever you want. It doesn't count if you're drunk.

LEGEND! How can this be? 37? Kurt Cobain changed the world with his voice, imagination, emotions, saying, lyrics. He's just amazing. He'll always be remembered. He passed away 19 years ago, but he's in our hearts! Greatest singer of all time.

I voted for Kurt. But come on... his voice would not have won any awards and he knew it. His voice was this raspy, deep mess that combined with his guitar made him a god. He can't sing... If you want to see someone who can sing look for Robert Plant, Paul McCartney (John is a better songwriter not singer), Chris Cornell, and ESPECIALLY FREDDIE MERCURY, he has the voice, not the sexual preference, of God.

Kurt Cobain is the most quite and kind people at that time, Very intellectual and just So Calm. His song were incredible like Dumb or Sappy which had Incredible lyrics.. Actually the first time I heard Kurts cover to Where did you sleep last night I cried because of how Raw and emotional it was. Just an incredible soul! Sadly on April 5th 1994 he committed suicide, he lost his Gorgeous Blue eyed baby Frances Bean and Beautiful wife Courtney Love Cobain,

Kurt cobain once wrote/said "learn how not to play your instrument" so I just had to put that in for all the haters. I've been listening to nirvana since the day I left the womb, I still listen to them today. Kurt's voice was different, he is the king of grunge!

Kurt Cobain could sing any kind of genre. From rock to country he mastered them all. How could he be this low on the list? He has the number 1 rock song of all time, the best unplugged show ever recorded, the greatest screams and emotion. He stands a God.

Why is Kurt not in the top 10? He had one of the best real, raw rock voices. The man is the king of Grunge, he was the frontman of one of the best bands ever.. He deserves more credit then some people who are ranked higher on this list.

Kurt Cobain: one of the few honest and raw artists. While he may not have the singing talent of someone like Freddie Mercury, the emotion behind his voice is astonishing. MTV live unplugged really showcases his talents.

Kurt Cobain was an amazing singer. He wasn't like most singers. He had a low, raspy voice that made him the definition of grunge. Not only was his voice phenomenal, but the lyrics to the songs that he wrote were more than just a catchy tune.

I had a thought the other night about what this genius would be doing for the world if he were around today. I just recently watched a documentary about something that may or may not be true about his murder or suicide and its just something that we all will have to move on from.

I can't believe he's this dam low Axl Roses is even higher than him. Come on people what place do we live in? Kurt Cobain was one of the best lyric creator you may not like his life but you can't hate on his music.

What the hell? Kurt cobain this down low? Everyone knows his voice touches everyone, but too bad not many people don't have what it takes to understand my legend me hero Kurt!

Hands down, best singer of all time he shows so much emotion in his voice. An amazing song writer however not the best guitarist. No one can be better then Kurt he is a musical genius/legend

RIP - jlrox

Just because his style of music is associated with teen angst I think a lot of people have never realised how well he could sing. It doesn't help that in a lot of his live recordings he's probably on his ear he's so drunk/drugged.

come on!!!!!Kurt Cobain is far ahead FROM ALL OF THEM.He is in fact the clear no.1" the GREATEST GUITARIST,VOCALIST AND SONGWRITER.he is the GOD of grunge rock and other rock muziks!!!!

What. I think that Kurt Cobain should be much higher! Kurt and nirvana were WAY BETTER than Madonna who lip syncs! Only 55? Come on people. A good singer takes an excellent voice. If its anyone I would vote for, it's Kurt Cobain.

Great singer probably my second favorite next to Freddie mercury at number 1. He is ranked way to low and how can anyone put any modern day singer especially Katy perry in front of him. Kurt had one the best voices in grunge history. He should at least be in the top ten.

Kurt Cobain, the god of grunge and alternative, below Adele? Bruno Mars? They are TRASH! I'm not saying he should be above legends like Mercury, McCartney, and Jackson, but at least in the top 10. I've never even heard of a lot of this pop junk above him. There is no way. - KingofSnails42

I have almost nothing to say about this placement except... SERIOUSLY? KATY PERRY IS HIGHER IN THIS LIST THAN KURT?

Get your act together people.

Kurt Cobain should be higher, but only a couple more spots. Nirvana was a great band, but he wasn't the main reason why. He certainly helped, but personally I think the music of Nirvana was better, except Endless, Nameless... hate that song.