Lady Gaga

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the first female artist to ever since Cher to get nominated by the Grammys and Emmys . In 2013, during her era on Artpop, she was chosen to perform in a concert from iTunes . more.


33? Really? While I understand why she may not be number 1, because there are a lot of classics with better and more powerful voices, but she isn't just an singer. She's an artist.

Most pop singer float around in the safe waters of love and heartbreak, but stay light and out of the darkness. Even the darker songs aren't dark. But she.. sho goes into the dark, pushing boundaries like there's no tomorrow. The whole of The Fame Monster, Marry The NIght, Dope, and Till It Happens To You are some examples. She reaches into the core of humanity, and into the darkness of humanity. She's not a singer. She's an artist.

It is a disgrace to have someone like Lady Gaga way down here. For someone to just in a few years push all the boundaries of modern pop music and get it redefined as her own is truly amazing. With so much talent and love for what she does, and for the people she does it for, she is truly an artist you can count on. Fashion, art, music and worldwide love & equality.

Lady Gaga, I bow to you

LADY GAGA HAS THE GREATEST VOICE OF OUR GENERATION, THE FACT THAT ONE OCTAVE SELLOUTS MADONNA KATY AND TAYLOR ARE ABOVE HER IS RIDICULOUS! Listen to Gaga perform live, her vocals are ASTOUNDING and she doesn't need autotune to sound legendary. She can sing so many different genres and can almost reach 4 octaves. Listen to her sound of music tribute, she MOVED the audience to tears and her voice is so angelic. PLEASE vote and give this vocalist queen her credit!

You may hate Lady Gaga, but you have to admit her vocal range and her voice alone are amazing! I adore her, of course and I love that she supports everyone and accepts people the way they R. I understand that not everyone has the same musical tastes as me, but you don't have to like her music to realize she has a great voice. AND WHY THE HELL IS Justin BEIBER HIGHER THAN OUR MOMMY MONSTER?

A true artist, gives everything in her power to put on a wonderful show for her fans. I truly have a huge respect for her, everything she does, the clothes she wears, the shows she performs, every single little aspect she had designed and that is something that not many people would do. She would give everything for music and damn it. She's amazing live. She's misunderstood but she is real to me and I thank her for giving me courage

Lady GaGa is THE BEST SINGER EVER! She is a REAL ARTIST! MUSICIAN! FASHION ICON! Lady GaGa writes THE LYRICS and THE MUSIC of her songs! Mother Monster has THE BEST FANS ALL OVER THE WORLD! Little Monsters Love her and Support her! Lady GaGa is AMAZING! She Support GAY'S RIGHT and She created BORN THIS WAY Foundation Which is an Anti-Bulling Foundation! WE Love Lady GaGa and WE WERE BORN THIS WAY!

I think that lady gaga is my hero. Born this way saved me from a depression that I didn't think I was gonna pull out of. Today I still battle my depression but when I listen to born this way I feel better and she makes me feel better whenever I think about her and her facebook comes up on my phone. Thank you mother monster for everything you do. This is one devoted little monster here.

If people would wouldn't concentrate on her provocative style and her odd music videos, way more people would see what an amazing voice she has. Her voice just gets forgotten because everyone just focuses on what weird video she is gonna make or what exotic outfit she will wear. She is great at singing live as well. Actually take time to listen to her music and you might be surprised.

Lady gaga has a weirdness that is awesome. I do not care if she copies Madonna or has a weird fashion sense. She will always be my most favorite singer of all time. People think she is stupid or she is a guy. The only reason they say that is because they are either in love with her or they are jealous. So why don't they the truth. Lady gaga is the best singer who ever lived. I am definitely a little monster. We all love you mother monster!

She is different than others, she given us new fashion. She given her fans confidence to do anything so is cool, stylish and amazing and I am listening to her now. LaDy GaGa we are your faithful little monsters, we love you. And deserve the 1st place. "a little monster"

How can Lady Gaga be at #40? There are very few artists that can do what she does - she literally changed what music had become. Everyone followed her. Yeah she went... "Gaga", but didn't you see? So did everyone else! After 2008 (when Lady Gaga came), "weird" became the new popular! She needs to be in the top 10 AT LEAST!

The FUDGE? NO NO NO. GaGa is WAY BETTER than JUSTIN BIEBER! Tell me, Does Justin Bieber have a Foundation like GaGa's "BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION"? I don't think so bitches... Does he have more thank 10 Grammys in his life? OH hell NO... GaGa forever!

I think its not just the music but her fashion sense is so mature. She could be dubbed a s the world's first fashion scientist as she regularly experiments. She has an incredible vocal and whatever awards she is winning now will be among the firsts to many to come! I'm a Monster for life!

WHY ON EARTH IS GAGA THIS LOW? I remember last year she was 54th and everyone was complaining saying it was too low and now she is 101st! SHE IS THE 4th MOST POWERFUL WOMAN ON EARTH AND THE MOST POPULAR SINGER ON THE EARTH! She must be 1st! - ctcrighton

How is she not even in the top 10, she has a beautiful voice. She steps outside the box in all her songs and isn't afraid of what others think of her. Not to mention all she has done to help other people, not only talent but a kind heart...

I cannot believe that Lady Gaga is way down! She is one of the most influential artists of all time. She redefined pop music, and helped everybody realize that they can be whoever they want to be! She has done so much for everyone, and she doesn't ask for anything in return! Truly remarkable.

Oh she could really sing she used to be my favourite singer but she is not anymore selena gomez is my favourite singer now. I don't like her anymore cause she acts wicked in those videos like I am on the edge with you.

Gaga has a 3.3 octave range, incredible power and almost unparalleled versatility. Plus...unlike most folks favorites, she sounds BETTER live than she dies in the studio. She's as solid a singer as they come.

Lady gaga is the best artist in the world not only because she has influenced and amazed us with all of her capabilities but because she is one of the only real artist there is these days. She has an amazing voice and talent that cannot compare to anyone. I love you lady gaga! Monster for life

Best singer ever! Enough said
I love her style personality and music
I would be crying like so much at her concerts
And she resembles power to me and that's what her music is POWERFUL

Watch Speechless, You and I, or The Edge of Glory live, acoustic. She might not have a super wide range, but she's breathtaking in her range. One of the best in this generation, top 25 of all time.

Yes! Lady Gage! I love your songs! I cannot believe she is ranked below Katy Perry and #35! Her voice is truly amazing and unique. The songs she sings are really creative. I am a huge fan!

What is she doing in 106th place, tell me, Does Madonna or Britney have her vocals, hell no!, You stupid people can't see true talent.

I think the people who voted her are joking... Not saying I'm a great singer/music critic! Just surprised one of the most insulted artists of all time made the list.

I have been on her concert and it was so strong experience for me. She is very talented singer, her voice with piano is excellent... Lady Gaga loves its fans, give hapiness, energy and positivity around... I love her not only for her voice and perfect songs but because she is a good person and really unique artist.