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Mariah Carey, born March 27, 1970, is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She is one of the biggest best-selling women in the music industry, with 18 number 1 records to her name. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and music videos, and she is "well known" for her over-the-top more.


There really is no other voice like Mariah Carey's. Many have tried to replicate it, but to no avail. Her melisma and range are unparalleled. She also writes all of her own material, which makes listening to her sing her songs such an intimate experience. Her effortless transitions from head voice to the "whistle" register are phenomenal and such a difficult feat. And although she is known for her freakishly awesome whistles, she also has the most underrated lower register. Any naysayers should see her her videos live at Proctor's Theater or MTV Unplugged or her Daydream tour in Japan or in Madison Square Garden. Damn! Too many too list, I'm now beginning to realize.

She is able to write and produce 14 songs to hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in ONE decade. Her whole career had 18. She gained 2 Grammys and 4 #1 singles by her DEBUT album. Don't say she is better just because she started first, Mariah is a bomb from the first year she entered the music industry. 5 octave voice with amazing colour. SHE CAN STILL SING if you see how she had done on #1ToInfinity concert that was a big success. What do you want? Catchy songs? I present you Honey, Dreamlover, Fantasy, Always Be My Baby, Heartbreaker, We Belong Together, Touch My Body, Don't Forget About Us, which are just a small example. A heartfelt ballad? She had a lot, but, Vision of Love, Love Takes Time and My All, I Don't Wanna Cry, Thank God I Found You could tell you enough. A song to dance to? Someday and Emotions would be amazing. An inspiration? Hero, Make It Happen, When You Believe, Can't Take That Away, and a lot. Song with raps? She had a ton, with Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, the Brat, ...more

She is one of the best singer in the world! Mariah Carey is an inspiring singer! I'd love to be like her. She has many hit singles including 'always be my baby', 'bye bye', 'I'll be there' and hit Christmas single 'all I want for Christmas is you'. Although my favorite song of Mariah Carey is 'Hero' because every time I listen to that song it reminds me to never give up no matter what. Also it shows, the soldiers in war are all really having a hard time. But the most amazing thing is she actually wrote the song. When I listen to Mariah singing it (on You Tube) she shows great emotion and I believe she actually means what she is saying.

Mariah Carey is not like many other singers today- she doesn't just create an 'upbeat' song to make a lot of money and to have fame but because she wants to show why she is singing and why she became a singer in the first place.

I feel that Mariah Carey is one of the underrated artists. She has a wide vocal range of 5 octaves, allowing her to sing in the glass shattering whistle register. She is also a song writer, penning 17 out of 18 number one singles on the billboard hot 100. Apart from being a vocal powerhouse with "titanic" vocals, she remains my greatest inspiration. She is a biracial woman and her story of overcoming adversity in her life and career. She puts in her soul and emotions in her songs like "Hero" and "Through The Rain".

Wide vocal range and she can't use it in live because even in her prime she lip sync or growls in live singing! - martin199

Mariah Carey is the best singer ever. She is beautiful, a genuine singer and a living legend. Mariah Carey's voice sounds like an angel and the most beautiful voice ever. Also she writes many good and inspirational songs. Mariah Carey has a real talent and unique voice. Who can sounds like so high note and like a songbird and who can whispers like Mariah, Who can sounds so clear and like an angel. Only Mariah Carey can. Also she is still singing and looking beautifully and amazingly. Only Whitney Houston can be equal with Mariah. But Mariah Carey's voice is more angelic and beautiful than Whitney. Other singers can't touch. The most important thing about her voice is Mariah Carey's voice is like angel, heavenly and so strong. Her voice range and control is amazing and so powerful. She is one and only. MC is Number 1 and the best.

Whitney had more angelic and more beautiful voice than Mariah Carey who can't sing in live and even in her prime growls or lip sync! - martin199

Completely unique singer and inarguably the most advanced vocal technician to exists in popular music. Her songs are so vocally unique they are nearly impossible to imitate. Her voice itself sounds like if God had to give one human being the gift of music, he gave it to her, she sounds like a descendent of heaven a true angel of in tone. And it is fair game to say that every young artist aspiring to make it to the 'big time' admired and mimicked Carey's vocals growing up and most of our more prominent vocalists of today's generation all have traces of her influence or a spin off of her usage of the vocal chords ad an instrument. She is hand's down the most influential, humble, and beautiful soul of modern music.

Mariah Carey is the best singer of all time, Such range an power. Such flexibility an agility in her voice. She can truly sing anything an make it great. That is why she is the best selling female artist of all time. an artist of the millennium an have the song of the decade two times in a row. An has the most #1's by any solo artist in history on the Billboards Hot 100 An has the longest running #1 single on Billboards Hot 100 among other achievements. But Really Mariah's voice is like no other. Often imitated but Never duplicated. Such a talented artist an let me not even get started on her writing all of her own songs!

Never duplicated? In Bulgaria there are imitators who can imitate her great! Whitney Houston had more feminine and mature voice and most of the older people I know prefer her and she didn't use lip sync to sing great in live! - martin1

She shows inspiring relatable emotion with every lyric she sings! She can hit those whistles without a care, and drop down as low as the snow can go! She can drag you into a song and feeling that you might not even relate to and when she sings you listen. We'll never have another Mariah Carey. Too many legends in music have passed and we let them go feeling forgotten about while we have an irreplaceable iconic musical gift from God still with us, who we leave outside the top 10? That's madness!

You crazy idiots! Rated 28th? Are you kidding me?! Mariah is definitely number 1, equal with Whitney Houston.

Michael Jackson had more good songs and I really love him but have you ever heard him perform live? It's crap. You can't vote him number 1.. Impossible.

Mariah Carey is soooo good i love you whitney isjust a normal singer but Mariah her voise is fantastic i cant believe she hasnt fount a producer yet everyone would want to produce her i would anyway
i love mariah carey. whitney is alright but mariah is alot better she has a great voice i love you mariah carey!

Whitney was way better! She had more feminine tone and didn't need lip sync and pre-recorded tracks! Mariah is just a normal singer with girlish voice! That's the reason most of the older people I know prefer Whitney! - martin1

I say it again, no female voice is compared with the voice of our MIMI! is definitely the biggest and best female artist of all time! and his career proves it, of course also the most recognized worldwide billboards oh yeahh! LAMB community is huge! Let's fan around the world! what are you waiting for! we support MC
- Nathalie

She has an unparalleled songwriting ability that changes lives. Her lyricism that flourishes in the light speaks for itself. Not only that, but she also have an amazing 5 octave vocal range wherein she masters every vocal register from her abysmally low notes through whistles of soaring heights. She's an artist who inspired so many with her vocals and creativity.

Great range, awesome vocals, amazing and unique tone and texture, good whistle register control, she simply eats music for breakfast. My top 3 singers of all time is 3. Aretha Franklin 2.Whitney Houston 1.Mariah Carey. There are tons of great voices out there but this is out of our world.

There is not such thing as first, second and third! It depends on the mood! But still Whitney didn't need lip sync and pre-recorded tracks to sing amazing in live! - martin1

Mariah is the Queen of Ballads and has an incredible voice that sounds angelic. She inspires me with her voice. She is absolutely an extraordinary singer. I believe that she is one of the best singers ever, but I also believe that every singer has his/her time. Hopefully she continues and makes great music the way that she does.

Miriah carey is the bom ! not other voice in the history of music can came close to her.she can reach notes no one alse can and play with her voice like like only she can! to compare her voice to others artist you must lisent the son oh holy night which many others artist sing no one can close !

What is Mariah doing up here on the 19th position?! She's the queen of melismas, her low notes are probably the best of any female singer. She has a MASSIVE range, she's basically a walking piano (HECK! She can go 8 notes lower and reach an C#7). Her vibrato is amazing! And that Super head voice (whistle register)? BREATHTAKING! Type on YouTube "Mariah Carey Best Performances" and you're gonna see she blows out of the water every single vocalist in this list!

Just a studio singer who always lip sync or sings with pre-recorded tracks in live! Whitney as 1000 times better! - martin1

NO ONE sings like Mariah Carey - her vocals are from HEAVEN. She could sing the crappiest song on Earth and make it number 1 on all lists because of her voice! She should be number 1 on this list!

- Alana

Uh... she's below Katy Perry? Obviously most of these people haven't listened to videos of Mariah live from 91-95 (in my opinion, the absolute PRIME of her vocals). Not only that, but she does have the most hits out of any solo artist (all written herself, mind you). Anyways, she's extremely talented, and you should check her out.

She writes only lyrics but Walter composes the music! And Whitney was better performer and didn't use lip sync! - martin1

You know and I know that her songs are the hardest to sing. Ever! I really admire her so much. Her monstrous and death-defying vocals and wide range made her to the top. Plus, her whistle tones which are her signatures. Sadly, her voice is not that good anymore but a legend will still be a legend no matter what.

Mariah is able to sing her songs the exact same way every time. She never has to change her music around to adjust her voice. She can't hit her notes the same every time if you listen to a lot of other singers when they sing live. There songs don't always sound the same of the original song. Mariah's ALWAYS do.

Mariah Carey represents the old soul and contemporany R&B, it's one of the most inspirational female singer for two decades; she has the voice, sound like Eden. If you want to know her best soul work, Vision of love, Someday, Can't let go, If it's over, emotions; If you wanna know her best R&B music: Fantasy, We belong together, The roof, Crybaby, Yours, Circles. She sing gospel, christmas songs, jazz, pop and and her unrivaled ballads.

Mariah Carey is God! She encourages so many real music fans to sing. Ariana Grande is Satan and worked much more easily than Mariah Carey did. Also, people have no perspective to get Justin Bieber in a Mariah Carey song.

I love you! In GLITTER, you SAVED the show! You're the BEST along with Whitney Houston and my Brother LOVES your song and voice! He sings your songs in the shower and you helped him achieve a high-pitched voice even though his voice broke!

You are the best! My Brother says that if anyone says someone else is nearly as good as you (except Whitney Houston, of course, she's also so amazing) he'll punch them, literally! YIKES!

I love YOU!

God Bless, Isabelle Low Su when

Thank you!

Mariah Carey is the number one. There is no need of explanation. Why is Mariah at #17. She must be at #1 of the list. Why people don't realize the living legend. Mariah Carey is the best singer of all time.

Mariah is one of the few singers and song-writers that wrote timeless and impossible to reproduce songs. That would be: hero, my all, I don't wanna cry, I am free, emotions, there's got to be a way, and you don't remember, whenever you call and so on.