Matt Bellamy

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Matthew James "Matt" Bellamy is an English musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and compose most famous for being the main vocalist in alternative rock band Muse.


So much emotion in his voice, it's so powerful and his range is endless

This musical genius has a really vast vocal range. Songs such as Micro Cuts, Exogenesis 1, Showbiz, Shrinking Universe, and Supermassive Black Hole show his amazing falsetto while songs such as MK Ultra and Spiral Static show his lowest vocal notes. His voice is just breathtaking and amazing, and can convey any message or emotion with it!

I love Freddie Mercury and Ian Curtis' voices, but Matt Bellamy's has something really unique to it.

The powerful falsettos, the passion in the songs, Matthew Bellamy is one of the best singers in the world now and forever 'cause his voice is very unique, his range is very wide, the Exogenesis Symphony specially part I Overture... His voice there or in microcuts. I don't get why he gets lower places, come on Bruno Mars? Bill Kaulitz? Over Matthew Bellamy? I don't have anything against them and I don't hate them or something like that but I don't think that singers like them are in higher places than Matthew in a top what a name like "greatest singer of all time"

Um what? You people are delusional. He may not be number 1 but he deserves to be higher than this. I don't think people realise just how amazing his voice is. I know everyone says that about their favourite artists but I really believe that he has an abnormally wide range. He can sing ballads, rock songs, anthems. Anything from small venues to stadium rock, he can adapt his voice to fit anything. He truly is an incredible singer.

Long live Matty boy

55? What!?! THIS CHART IS MESSED UP! Elvis Presley? All the way up there? Pfft... What the hell? I don't know about 50 of the people before Matt Bellamy. And even though some of the rest I like, like Billie Joe Armstrong, Jared Leto, and kinda Michael Jackson... I still think Matt's the best. Just plain amazing. His vocal range is 3.5 OCTAVES! How amazing is that!?

He is only one of two singers that has ever made me cry, every singer above him has a voice, but they don't have the fiery passion, emotion, just raw energy that makes him so amazing. MATT BELLAMY IS A GOD AT SINGING. Just WATCH him and he can literally CHANNEL emotion straight into you, he definitely deserves a top 10 spot, that is something very few singers possess.

How the hell did Enrique Iglesias pass Matt! That dude can't sing, Period! Matt has such a beautiful and intricate voice that deserves so much more than 34th place. Where are all the Musers at? This is a crisis situation that needs to be amended! Listen to Hyper Music, Uno, citizen Erased, Bliss or anything really. At least pull this talented singer above Enrique Iglesias!

The fact that Matt Bellamy is not in AT least the top 20 is laughable. He should be in the top 5. He can hit notes that many singers only dream of. Seriously, look up some muse songs such as 'Micro cuts' or 'Take a bow' or 'Guiding light' and then tell me that somebody like Jared Leto or Billie Joe deserves to be higher than Matt in this list. You'd be trolling.

This list should be called most popular musicians, because from what I've seen it doesn't have much to do with singing talent. Seriously, many of these artists are famous simply because they started a new era of music or were highly influential. If you look at the facts, singers like Matt Bellamy should be at the top for SKILL. Matt Bellamy has a history in opera and has one of the widest vocal ranges in history.

Wow, as if Michael Jackson is number one, he was a pedophile! He used hormone suppressants to increase his voices height. And he still couldn't sing as high or as low as Mathew Bellamy!

Mathew Bellamy has the widest falsetto range I've ever heard, plays the piano better than anyone these last 20 years at least, amazing guitarist, what more could you want? Genius.

Matt's voice is incredibly dynamic. Their early work started with a strained and somewhat whiny voice, but over the years Matt has continuously developed his vocal skills, molding and shaping them into various styles. Today his voice is booming, full, and beyond comparison. He obviously deserves to be much higher in this list.

Matt has an unbelievable voice, and unbelievable vocal range. He's voice is super powerful, dynamic and emotional. And, unlike many others ranked above him, he also sounds AMAZING live, in my opinion maybe better than in studio albums. Also, Matt's not just an amazing singer, but an awesome guitarist, pianist and songwriter. I think he should be at least in the top 5! He's just so amazing, he can literally sing any kind of songs!

MATT BELLAMY.. simply... Matt Bellamy... he's one of the best musicians and singers of the new generation... he doesn't write songs, he writes poetry... he is so special and so impossible to describe... just listen to Knights of Cydonia or Exo-politics

I don't think the God of music himself should be on the list. It seems unfair for the other contenders, but since he is on the list he should be number one. F2 to C6 vocal range and has the most amazing falsetto you will ever hear. It kills me to say it but Bellamy is better than Freddie Mercury himself.

I'm confused. He's pianically talented, guitarically talented, and vocally talented. People, listen to plug in baby, invincible, micro cuts, muscle museum, feeling good, he's AMAZING. People are crazy to not like matt.

There may be some greater singers in the world, but no other singer has so much different styles. If you look up Microcuts, and after that Stockholm Syndrom, then Shine, then Unintended, you'll find an touching voice in every song, but always with another technique. This list could go on for every single Muse song, and that's why he deserves to be on a higher rank on this list - darksky

Matt Bellamy is such a great singer, he has a 7 octave range voice, its amazing. He's part of the music group Muse, and one of my favorite songs by them is Uprising. Just look it up, an dafter 30 seconds of it, you will 100% agree with me!

How is Matt Bellamy not higher on this chart? For those who do not know who he is, you should check out such songs as Unintended, New Born, Time Is Running Out, Supermassive Black Hole, and Exogenesis Symphony Part 1:Overture. (All by Muse) Once you listen to those songs, you will truly hear the vocal range of the great pocket-sized vocal rocket that is Matt Bellamy.

Matt bellamy, 55! People you've got to be kidding me. The greatest singer of all time and he's ranked 55. He should be number 1. Listen to time is running out, starlight, love is forever, unintended, uprising and so on, so on... He's THE BEST! I want to see him in the top 5

Matt Bellamy's vocal range is the most unbelievable of its kind. And the fact that he pulls off both insanely high notes as well as insanely low notes with aplomb is staggering, and deserves to be considered. The fact that Eminem is rated higher than a vocalist that has the quality of Freddie Mercury shows that our generation only focuses on a funky beat to a song. This list is about the quality of a vocalist, not the quality of their music (although, conveniently, Muse is one of the greater modern bands to date).

40?!?! Have you seen how high this guy can sing? Wayy better than Bruno Mars, Eminem, Katy Perry how does pop crap like that even get on here! And no offense, I love 30 Seconds to Mars but Jared Leto sort of screams his songs which I love but this list is best SINGERS of all time. If you listen to Shine and Micro Cuts you can hear the beauty in Matts voice. And I love Nirvana too but Kurt Cobain is not a great singer really. MATT SHOULD BE HIGHER!

Why is he all the way down here? Below LADY GAGA and BRUNO MARS! Come on guys- I've seen muse twice live and the emotion in his voice no one can beat! Look up Knights of Cydonia or Time is Running out and VOTE!

VOICE OF AN ANGEL. He makes anyone who ever listen's to Muse's music feel complete. He truly is an idol that actually deserves all the respect not only in the music world, but also the main world as well.

Matt by far has the most raw talent out in the music business, he does it so naturally, what is amazing about him, is that he composes music to his liking, and yet it still amazes us, even though he's not doing it to what he feels like we would prefer. His voice overall is so emotional, I'm sorry I don't think Eminem should be higher than matt bellamy, that's just not right

He truly deserves to be in the top 10.
This man has an INSANE vocal range!
Not to mention, his insane guitar/piano skills...
But his singing is so full of emotion...
It can be beautiful.
It IS beautiful.
Matt Bellamy.