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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


There really isn't anybody in this business who is as talented, skilled, diverse and unique as Michael Jackson. Everything from his pronunciation to his choices in when to use aggression on his voice vs tenderness (listen to Butterflies and then Scream). His use of vocal expression is unparalleled and he knew exactly what to do and where to do it. If you listen to Michael's acapellas you will notice that sometimes his pitch can waver (who is it acapella) but the take used is perfect because of the absolute expression and emotive conveyance delivered, as though he would literally act while he sang (his voice cracking from crying in She's Out of My Life). His ability to control his voice was through sheer dedication and work and he was personally coached 3 times a day during peak performance lengths by Seth Riggs (a man revered as one of, if not the, most extraordinary coaches in the world) who cites Michael Jackson as a vocal genius saying that his range alone (spanning approximately 4 ...more

Good work this is ultimately the best I've read it's all there summed up elegantly and thoroughly wrapped. Bravo

Michael Jackson is by far the best singer of all time. The sympathy vote just does NOT exist when it comes to Michael. His talent is the only thing that sways votes, and his talent, especially when it comes to vocals, is undeniable.

His voice was incredibly powerful and was always filled with true emotion. I have heard "Earth Song" easily more than 1000 times in my lifetime (I had the song on repeat EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY for 5 months - I was obsessed! ) and every time I hear it, it's like I'm hearing it for the first time. He delivers the song perfectly and the emotion in his vocals brings me to tears upon every listen. Michael truly cared for our world and its people and you could really feel that in whatever he sang. The range Michael had AFTER going through puberty was just astounding and his vibrato and tone were so beautiful. His tone and vibrato can really be heard and admired in "Speechless" during the acapella intro and outro.

I find it so ...more

Yes! I'm so happy that Michael is number one! Only Michael deserves this.

I don't remember when I first heard of him, I mean I don't remember that there was a time I didn't know the name "Michael Jackson ". However, all that time I didn't really know Michael. I heard from my father that he was an amazing dancer but that was all I knew about him. I still remember the day when I got the news of Michaels dead. There was a big picture of him with sunglasses in the newspaper on the front page. Even in the countries where I lived ( It's maybe one of the least known countries) Michael Jackson's dead was top news, and even there everybody knows Michael. He is really popular ALL OVER THE WORLD. My parent's were shocked when he died, I was 14, and I didn't know him well enough to be very shocked. After his dead I started to listen to his music and look up his video's. I remember the first songs I heard from him are Dirty Diana and Human nature. I immediately became a big fan. I ...more

Michael jackson you are my special singer Michael JACKSON FOREVER!

Yes hi is all time great singer in the world. No doubt about that.
He was not only singer also songwriter, musician, composer, dancer, choreographer, record producer, actor, businessman, philanthropist
Current days no one like him. He won also 23 Guinness World Records
1 The Best Selling Album of All Time
2 Highest-Paid Commercial Spokesperson
3 Most Successful Concert Series
4 Highest-Grossing Tour
5 Largest Attendance of Audience
6 Lifetime Achievement Award
7 The Most Expensive Short Film
8 Most Charities Supported By a Pop Star
9 Longest Music Video
10 Best Selling Music Video
11 Most Successful Pop Family
12 Most Successful Entertainer of All Time
13 Youngest Vocalist to Top the US Singles Chart
14 Highest Paid Entertainer of all Time
15 First Entertainer to Earn More Than 100 million Dollars in a Year
16 Most Weeks at the Top of the US Album Charts
17 Most Successful Music Video
18 First Vocalist to Enter the US Single ...more

You're living in fantasy world the bulk of his money is coming from the Beatles and songs that he bought the right to because he knew his crap wouldn't last. Check it for your self. - buckles

He's the best vocally,... No one can sing with emotions as he did. He kept his style as the world changed around him. The world followed him, the world still copy him to this day. If you've see this is it, you saw the musical genius he is. He didn't do anything for you to love him, his raw talent forced you to keep watching him to see what he's going to do next.

Today we have commercial pop stars, generic, fake and predictable. They bombard you with images, force feed you their music over and over, a new perfume at macy's. The generation today thinks if the radio plays it 20times a day then it must be good.

The king of Music Michael Jackson did not need to be commercially pimped. You travel all over the world and you'll find people of different age groups, demographics and they can sing you a MJ song. No other artist have such a gravity pull. For years they didn't play his music on the radio. After his death, you can hear his music walking through the mall, cars passing ...more

MJ is the best!

MICHAEL JACKSON patented the "anti-gravity bend" from the "smooth criminal" he is amazing! And I'M not just saying that because I like his songs it's because it's true this singer MJ is the great singer of all time, no wonder they called him "king of pop" a lot of other singers and actors/actresses loved Mj and after his death and before they kept telling only positive things about him. Maybe you might be thinking "well that's what YOU think" well maybe you are right this is MY opinion that MJ is the great! Well I think that his voice is really good and even at the age of 50 he sang amazingly. All the songs he sang; Thriller, Billie Jean, Black or White, The Earth Song, Heal the world, Hold my hand -nice songs and they were all written for a REASON - of course.

I don't think anyone will take his place in a long time - being the "King of Pop"

Mj always wanted to help - save the world. Some people ...more

He is the ultimate artist.. No Elvis or any other could really come near him.. If any artist even imagine to be compared with Michael Jackson.. He is the biggest fool. Mike is the real King.. He's an icon who changed face of music all by himself.. And when he is on stage not even all the artist on this planet could compete with him.. His singing and breath taking dance moves could surpass any other Artist.. And his voice really got energy and this energy could blow away billions.. There is no artist who got such a powerful voice.. Mike rocks forever.. He is the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul and the only one who will always rule music world.. This guy breathes music.. He breathes dance.. That's what makes him so superb and above every other artists.. And yeah why we have Mariah Carey for greatest singer.. This poll is for singing not for crap..

Singers these days suck!

They try to be cool on the out side and on the inside and with interviews as well.

And singers these days try to make the songs cool with no meaning in them at all!

But Michael had it all different.

He was always defending himself in interviews cause he had to, put up with tabloid crap, He even wrote a song about TABLOID JUNKIE! Ok do you think any singer these days would write a song about that hey? No way they are too scared..

HE really cares about nature that's why he wrote EARTH SONG! BUT no singer now would write a song about earth cause that's just not cool.

What about THEY don't CARE ABOUT US! WOW SO DAM GOOD AS. that's why I love him so much he is pure sweet kind and loving to every person. he's floorless.

MAN IN THE MIRROR says in it: I see kids on the street with no enough to eat who am I to be blind pretending not to see their needs. I LOVE THAT WHEN HE WRITES SUCH AMAZING SONGS THAT ACTUALLY MEAN ...more

Undoubtedly, Michael Jackson is not just the best singer but one of the greatest artist, the greatest entertainer, a superb composer, a brilliant person in terms of business and making music and most importantly a great humanitarian and a good person though a bit odd sometimes but it is what made him magical, cosmic and unique... he broke a lot of records having 31 Guinness world records including best entertainer of all time, an artist who donated most to charities donating not less than $350 million, best selling album of all time, highest paid artist of all time and many more. He is the most popular and the most famous.. Though a lot of elvis and Beatles fans won't agree.. however wherever site you go, still Michael Jackson remains at the top.. moreover some may not say so especially if you're a westerner but the fact is that he is the most famous in the whole world, ask anyone, may it be illiterate, someone from the alps or someone who knows no civilization, if you mention the ...more - graciadolinobv

This is so true just listen to each of his songs. He sang with different voice ranges and also with so much love and soul.
He was truly amazing. He should us who he was with everything he did and he is very dearly loved.
He offered the world so much that no one can ever beat.
He moved the world and made it better.
We should put into our heart and mind what he said.
"Before you judge me, try hard to love me"from his song Childhood.

If only everyone takes the liberty to know him, all will find the true him even with all the tabloids. His greatness will always be in our hearts.
I am really amazed how he put into words such emotions that most of us wouldn't imagine he would feel and sang his songs with all the love that he gave. He will forever inspire people.
He changed my life only within 2 months just by watching him and listening to what he wanted to say. I really do hope people would learn to know him to.

Thank you so much for ...more

Do I have to explain to you people why he is the Greatest Singer/Artist of All Time? The titles given to him by the world is enough to know he is the greatest "The King of Pop", "The Greatest Entertainer of All Time", "The Greatest Human Being to Walk the Earth" and countless more. I mean no one, I MEAN NO ONE, can make you tap your feet and make you dance on the very first second of the song like Michael Jackson! He has world records that have yet to be beaten, he has "The Greatest Selling Album of All Time" and so many others it's impossible to name them all and he has powerfully influenced our generation and he will be doing it for the rest of time and it's incredible to think that all these words are coming from a thirteen year old, who wasn't even old enough to witness his greatness and yet still be impacted by it is just how incredible of and entertainer he is.

There is no other, nor will there be any other artist like Michael Jackson. He is a once-in-a-lifetime artist and was blessed with talent like no other and proved he was born to entertain. One thing I really love about Michael Jackson? His pure originality! Whether it's the way he dresses, his dance moves, the way he sings, NO OTHER ARTIST has ever done his signature ways before him. The ones who do it now are nothing but copy cats. Another major plus? He proved his passion for music. He proved he was not in it for the money and proved he had the longevity and ability to last his lifetime. He's a perfect inspiration of rags to riches. His music moved people of all races/ages/nationalities. I've never met anyone who's never heard of him. I grew up a military brat out of the U.S. and I must say, even in that foreign country, Michael Jackson was very popular and had plenty impersonators. The Beatles now? Never heard of them until I stepped foot in the U.S. I love Michael Jackson and his ...more

Michael Jackson was an amazing singer and entertainment artist like no other. The quality of his vocal range was just astounding. His music catalog is enormous in it's quality and quantity. He wrote most of his own songs and lyrics. He also choreographed many of his incredible dance routines (.. No one moves like MJ.. ). He also co-produced and co-directed many of his videos which have stood the test of time. He then performed around the globe to record-setting sold out concerts to vast array of diverse cultures and races. He is without a doubt the most beloved of all music artists EVER. In fact the vast majority of today's top selling artists cite Michael Jackson as their major influence and absolute idol. You can travel far and withe to most corners of this world and people from all over know who Michael Jackson is. That my friends is MEGA MEGA star power...!

Michael Jackson is #1 because so many people have heard of him and his voice and legacy is recognizable by many people regardless of culture or generation. Many of the other singers might be good or even great, but you can't be the greatest in the world if the world has hardly heard of you. I listen to quite a bit of music of different genres and I'm not familiar with many of these artists. God forbid, but if Rhydian passed away, who would be affected? Maybe a few of you, but I wouldn't. It will take more than a couple pretty songs to top MJ.

Nothing comes close to the world's best singer/dance/humanitarian like Michael Jackson. From his amazing voice, his creativity... Michael was the best there ever was. The world will miss him dearly! He will reign in our hearts forever, his music, his iconic persona, will live forever... Because Michael was a legend, and legends never die... Simple as that... I wish everyone would understand how thoughtful, caring, and astonishing he was, no is... Right now he's above us, rocking the heavens, just like he rocked the Earth. A true Michael fan is a believer, so keep believing (: After five, ten, twenty years, will you still care? Will you be there? Remember that not matter what, Michael will always be there for you, in your heart. But in return, you must always be there for him (: Long live the King of Pop... And keep spreading the MJ love.

There are many great singers... But mj was completely unique. He was in a league of his own. His vocal range was insane. It is truly sad that people who don't understand anything about music comment trash about the king. People who feel Mj was not the greatest(at least one of the greatest) really need to get their ears checked. Long live the king

Michael Jackson had an AMAZING voice and vocal range that still blows me away. He could sing high AND low and both sounds amazing. He was THE KING OF POP but he could sing much more than only pop. Among others he was able to sing pop, rock, soul, disco/dance music and EVEN hard rock. He could sing pretty much every genre. He could sing low and rough like in "Dirty Diana", which is a hard rock song by the way, where he sounds like a real rock star and he could sing high and clear like in "Elizabeth, I love you" where he sounds like an angel - listen to that song, his singing is incredible here.

He's the most gifted singer ever. So many great, famous singers like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Usher and many more envy him and have him as a role model.

EVEN Frank Sinatra said: "The only male singer who I've seen who's better than me - that is Michael Jackson."

He was/is the king of pop (the king of music actually) because he was an amazing singer. The best singer ever, ...more

New artists born, new talents born, new music born these things will rise upon each generation and will fall in a line of competition showing different music, dance, graphics, choreography, screenplay, costume designs with all new and innovative appearances but the inventor of all these will always remain 1 incomparable and UN judge able who can be judge only by god it doesn't matter to Michael Jackson people keep on drawing false lines behind him and disliking his music or appearance or dance or may be anything he is least bother and for every each generation there will be a new rising artist with some name but for every each generation the culture of music dance humanity and life of people should accept the late beloved son of mother earth Mr. Michael Jackson he made the nature to feel everything and changed the world in many ways and I'm one among them so the one will ever born or ever lived in the history the legendary person and the name itself represents the power, extreem ...more

Michael Jackson is the best singer that ever lived and yes, his music will live for ever in our hearts. I'm only 13 and I did not get a chance to meet him but he was a great guy. I steel hope he was with us, and I do believe that he is alive I mean if you see a movie or video that's about the death of Michael it will convince you that he is alive. Call me crazy if you want but I do believe that and if he is alive, Michael if you are reading this please come back the world needs you, you're the best person I know, Michael I miss you. People who don't agree with me or with Michael being the first one in this list are crazy or they haven't heard of him. Michael is the best. I want to be a singer, I want to be just like him, he's my inspiration.

Michael I miss you, you're the best

Michael Jackson. What can I really say? He is music itself. He is the greatest singer/entertainer in the world. He is my inspiration. I look up to this man. He has saved my life. He is pure genius. Its sad to see this generation go downhill in music taste. Justin Bieber and one direction are no where close to this man. If you disagree. I'm sorry. But I have more than enough evidence proving Michael Jackson is worthy of this title. I've defended this man so many times and am willing to do it again. I was teased and bullied my younger life for sticking up for him. That's what you do when you have so much faith in a person. I truly believe Michael Jackson is the best singer ever to exist. Go buy some of his albums. You won't be disappointed. His talent is out of this world.

Well his vocal range and voice in itself was flawlessly matchless and one in a zillions! Critics said he had the best vocal range in the whole industry. His 'hee hee', 'aaow', distinct beatboxing and a lot more, was just amazing. Even his acapellas were enough to blow you away and leave you awestruck, literally amazed on how could one have that much talent, he was born totally jampacked with pure God-given talent! And that was/is unrivaled

Mike, I am one of your most supportive and most loving fans of you!

There are so many singers who are/were amazing but M. J is and will always be the best there ever was, I don't think the title King Of Pop does him justice he should be Known as The King Of Music, after all he did set the record for the best selling album of all time which nobody has broken yet, He won and incredible 739 awards not including Presidential Awards and owns the top grossing concert film documentary of all time for This Is It, Has the Record for the most expensive music video ("Scream" featuring Janet Jackson $7 million dollars), been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame twice (once with the jackson 5 and once as a solo artist) has over 109 million fans around the world.

Simply Put His The Best There Was, The Best There Is And The Best There EVER Will Be!

Laugh out loud look at those egyptian losers comparing Some egyptian low class unknown singer tamer hosny or watever to the world's greatest entertainer, most albums sold in the history of music, you ask anybody on the streets 'Who's Michael jackson ' And they will know.
He had an ORIGINAL voice, All those other artists tweak their voices and change it and make it sound good.
His whole life he sang mostly LIVE, and He can sing an Acappella better than Anybody's Best HIT.
Nobody can compare anyone to him, Like him or not, Nobody has done ENOUGH to be compared to him.
I am NOT a Michael Jackson FAN, But I can't deny he is REALLY the KING.

Screw all those egyptian farmers, nobody in the world likes egyptians because of how LOW they are.

Michael Is the greatest singer of all the times he is my favorite his voice is beautiful.. But not just his voice... His songs, the way he is dancing and his eyes and smile! He is just beautiful in the inside and outside! The whole world love you Michael and miss you a lot we can't even write it and say it And I still hope that you are alive and I hope everybody Love you Michael