Morten Harket


Morten Harket is a Norwegian musician, best known as the lead singer of the synthpop/rock band A-ha, which released ten studio albums and topped the charts internationally after their breakthrough hit "Take on Me" in 1985.


Nobody really comes close. Morten was born with a gift that no other has. A true tenor. Sometimes you can't even tell if he's singing in falsetto or not, drifting right into the top notes with such ease and crystal clarity. And when all others sing in his upper chest range, and find they reach their weakest point - well, that is when Morten's is at his strongest point. Should really be in the Top-3. He has all the best ingredients for tone and power. Master of the ballad. Also has the best falsetto in pop-history. Would be good to hear a couple Opera tracks by Morten too, like "E Lucevan Le Stelle", "Torna a Sorriento", or "Vesti la Giubba". Do that with power and we've got to be looking at least for the all time Top-5! :-D

It is truly pathetic that this incredibly talented individual is all the way down here on this list, but unfortunately also understandable. He, like many other talented musicians from outside of the US were cut off from the mainstream media in North America apart from maybe one song. Seeing A-Ha and other great bands being put in One Hit Wonder lists on ridiculous T.V. shows is extremely unfair and misleading, implying that the only place where fame is allowed to be measured and to be important is the "grand ol' US of A". It would also be nice to see Alison Moyet somewhere up here too, but of course she is too far removed from mainstream, modern US culture that nobody knows who she is now. This list isn't a representation of talent, but more of a representation of who sold the most records thanks to their fantastic PR teams and management. A-Ha had many other popular songs outside of the US. The clarity and range of Morten Harket's voice is truly remarkable and whatever your ...more

Morten Harket is in a class far above the majority of the people in this list. The only reason he's not at the top is because the North American market has been blocked from the majority of A-ha's releases, which subsequently has impacted the reach of Morten's solo material. Only in North America is one of the most diverse, consistently brilliant musical enterprises of the 20th century considered a "one-hit wonder" due to cultural ignorance. Morten's voice is unique and precious and the man's charm and even superficial beauty combines into a package that suggests he is the offspring of the gods.

I think that this singer has made itself from zero. It worked over a voice much, at first sang in chorus, further has won dispute that white too can sing a black jazz. The range of possibilities at it is huge. From a blues to opera compositions within 5 octaves. I understand, each singer has fans only this voice. In a case with Morten we hear the person who all life works over vocal possibilities. Such phenomenon meets seldom. To me it is not important, in a rating it occupies what position. These competitions are very subjective. For me in modern music as the vocalist this person is number one.

The very best singer alive today :-) It's is hard to describe how amazing his voice is especially live unless you have heard it for yourself. He has an five octave range and holds the record for the longest note held in recorded music and he carries it off live as well, each time I am seen him he's held it for the record time of 20 seconds.
After over 25 years in the business and at the age of 52 his voice is just as good today as it was in the 80s and he constantly proves he is not just a pretty face he has the vocal talent to back it up as well

How can I can say... He has the most beautiful voice in Planet Earth! Just only hear him sing and enjoy! His voice is like a musical instrument... powerful and sweet. And the way he sings the songs, with passion and emotion, makes him a unique singer... His performance in live shows is amazing too!

The most beautiful, talented and kind creature of existence... His voice has become the beat of heart and the meaning of many things in my life, Impossible not to love the mellow and sweet songs of this Norwegian God.

It is a shame that Morten is not in the top 5, much less not even the top 100! We here in America have not even had the pleasure of the a-ha discography or solo work of Mr. Harket being fed to us as it has in the rest of the world. Most people I know consider a-ha a "One Hit Wonder." How sad that so many people have no idea what talent, what shear brilliance, what musical genius they could encounter by engaging in Morten Harket's voice, career, and music. He is, and will always be #1 in my book!

The most unappreciated singer in the world. Even if he's not your style you have not give him full marks for his voice. In every factor which makes a singer great, he's mastered them all. Morten should no1, Freddy should be no2 and Michael no3.

Morten Harket has been a great asset to the American music industry. I was very grievous over the fact that he's not touring Europe this year, as he did in 1999. I only wish he would, I'm dying to see him perform. Morten has amazingly admirable vocals!

I cannot find the words to describe how Morten's voice moves me. Since the first time I listened, I felt in love. He makes special every song, his voice transmit all his feelings, he touches me every time I listen...

Unbelievable voice and embarrassing he is this far down, rather than just voting for a load of American stars maybe you should start exploring stuff that didn't get that high in your charts and admit you got it wrong

Truly, Morten Harket is one of the best singers of all time, with soaring vocals, hitting highs and lows. You can always expect great quality music, performances, and singing from non other than the singer of a-ha. He is a great Human creation of God, making some of the very best music.

The unique voice indeed and what is more it gives some calm and peaceful feeling! I simply can't explain it, I guess that's something beyond comprehension...

Morten has the most beautiful voice in the world and is the only one to rise as high... His voice touches your soul, it's magical, unique, unforgettable and we want to hear again and again... it's the best... The one and only!... I love him forever...

No-one can sing as powerful and as god-like as morten can. Best range ever! Just the best... Simple, with such ease.. This guy deserves more credit than he gets

His voice is the reflection of the most beatiful human feelings and the expectaction of a world full of hope. He sings and all the rainbow of viril colours explode in the air, filling it.

The best voice I've ever heard, he has soul, heart, makes you feel floating in the air. A voice from a man soul. Just the best singer in the whole world.

Unique, amazing, breathtaking, special, wonderful. Definitely, the best singer in the world. His voice is as beautiful as him. I recommend you to listen to his songs over and over again. You won't regret.

Fantastic voice! I grew up on a-ha such great memories and such haunting songs which only Morten could have sung. Great singer great band.

The most unforgettable voice, with its highs and lows in a beautiful harmony that makes you want to sing with! Morten's voice is the same for 27 years and doesn't seem to regret!

A magic voice! No other can make me dream like Morten's voice... It can be sweet or strong, it always shows a real emotion!

The best singer for me, ever. A smooth crystal voice, great whatever he's singing. A rare singer who wants to be on top at each concert he sings.

Best male voice, ever. And he can sing better live than in studio. At 50 years old he is still one of the few touched by god

His voice is special. Lots of emotion in all songs he sings. Really touches our souls and brings us all beauty someone can show by the voice!