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281 Donna Summer Donna Summer LaDonna Adrian Gaines, known by her stage name Donna Summer, was an American singer, songwriter, and painter.

Such a singer and songwritter who should be remembered for merging disco and rock

A list that that puts great iconic singers like Donna Summer, Nat King Cole, Robert Plant, and Aretha Franklin at a ranking below Selena and Nick Jonás? Or to have Celine Dion so low on a list? Many of these on the list are probably unknown to many. (What is a Demon Kakka? ) A travesty to these accomplished vocalists. The list is not titled correctly. Should be, perhaps, Best Performers. Then I can see Madonna or Katy Perry being high on the list. This is sad.

282 Johnny Rotten Johnny Rotten John Joseph Lydon, also known by his former stage name Johnny Rotten, is an English singer, songwriter, and musician.

This one is bad guy from lazy town

By far the most brilliant singer in rock history.


283 Nick Jonas Nick Jonas Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas is an American singer, songwriter and actor, best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a pop rock band he formed with his brothers Kevin and Joe.

He is so talented and has an amazing voice and he shouldn't be all the way here

Nick jonas at 338 this list is insane

He is talented and a good singer and he should at least be in the top 100 my favorite songs are

Please vote

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284 Perry Como Perry Como

Probably before most people's time but certainly one of the best

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285 Pharrell Williams Pharrell Williams Pharrell Lanscilo Williams is an American singer, rapper, and record producer. Williams and Chad Hugo make up the record production duo the Neptunes, producing soul, hip hop and R&B music.

What the hell? He should definitely not be in this place!

He should be in the top 60

How could you put him this far!


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286 Jen Ledger Jen Ledger

Wow! This girl's voice is amazing. That's all there is to say. It's like perfect, beautiful, pretty and awesome.

Skillet was awesome before Jen. Now, Skillet is complete because of her. She's there because of her drumming abilities, but her vocals are next level.


287 Brian Littrell Brian Littrell

Brian Littrell God love shoot the moonlight and starlight and Charlotte Nicky Nicole Brzeczek

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288 T-Pain T-Pain Faheem Rashad Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain, is an American recording artist and music producer from Tallahassee, Florida. V 2 Comments
289 Nils-Petter Power Nils-Petter Power
290 Cole Apperson
291 Aaron Pauley
292 Matt Holt
293 Ruki (the GazettE)

Ruki is awesome, he can sing any kind of music, he can transform his voice from distortion to clean, just like changing guitar effect.. Awesome

The god of vocal...
he has a typical voice,
he as well has a beautiful face but charismatic...
success for THE GAZETTE,

Death voice of the gazette! I think it's just about time for him to go to the top! Go Ruki!

The best, the gazette

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294 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan (born 15 August 1967) is an Indian guru, music producer, singer-songwriter, actor, and filmmaker. He has been the head of the social group Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS) since 1990. more.

Great singer can sing any type of songs devoted to god at any moment best of all

Best singer on this earth, sing in all languages

He is the most versatile singer, his voice is very strong and sweet,

Dr Ram Rahim is the tuition 10 the real messenger of God in whole world

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295 Jared Leto Jared Leto

His vocal range is amazing. Almost nobody knows what is his range, But everybody knows that is the best. I love Jared, his voice and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Jared is able to show a large range with his voice. He can go from a harsher rock sound, to a punk sound, to a sound completely unique and all his own. It would be very hard for others to show such range (including some of the people higher up on the list). You can recognize his sound, and he has extreme passion, and his lyrics have MEANING. Truly inspirational. Clearly should be in the top 10. Easily in the top 5. In my opinion, #1

Amazing vocal range that doesn't sound cheesy... Amazing vibrato, and low range and insane high range energy and screaming! And best of all its all original...

Why he is not the first?!

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296 Lata Mangeshkar Lata Mangeshkar

She is one of the famous knight angel from India... She have won lots of award for best female back singer, she is the only female singer who have won bharat rantna.. She sang in more than 20 languages, proud of India.. Hatsoff to this singer, you are proud of India..

I completely disagree with the rank given to Lata Mangeshkar! She is ranked below Justin Bieber, is not possible! Justin Bieber SUCKS! Lata M deserves a place in top 5! Lata Mangeshkar is a legendary singer, and I pray for her to be singing in her lovely, flawless voice in many years to come. At the age of 82, her voice his unbeatable and sounds as if a young singer is singing! HATS OFF TO YOU LATA MANGESHKAR! You deserve our utmost respect and admiration!

She has the est of voice, I have ever heard. Among noticeable feats, she ahs Guniess book of record, has sung in 20 languages, has the highest civilian honor of her country. - monitor


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297 Agnetha Faltskog Agnetha Faltskog

She should be way higher on this list. Her voice is pure and sweet. ABBA wouldn't be complete without her. She works so well with Frida, Bjorn and Benny! I wish they didn't break up! You should listen to "The Winner Takes It All", "SOS", "The Day Before You Came" and loads more ABBA songs! She is a star in ABBA!

This gal had the voice of an angel with an incredible range and a great sense of timing. Along with Frida Lyngstadt set the Pop world on fire. As part of ABBA she and the rest of the group sold more records than anyone else on earth. Looking her Frida or ABBA on youtube will tell the story of the numbers. Millions of hits on each of their songs and nothing but compliments in the comments section. Clearly one of the best that ever was.

She's the first A in ABBA with the voice of an angel.

Although she had made a name for herself as a solo artist and song writer in Sweden, Agnetha Faltskog will always be best known for being part of the singing group ABBA.

Agnetha is a woman that transcends time, no matter the passing years, she will always remains the Queen of Hearts. -

She has such a sweet and angelic voice! As a solo singer, she is quite underrated but as a member of ABBA, she is an amazing singer! - ivylee

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298 Brian Molko

He has an unique voice, one of a kind! you either love or hate him. I rather go for love... Once listen to it, you will not forget it!

His voice is so remarkable, so unearthy, so special. I love beautiful things - and his voice is one of the most beautiful and perfect things I've ever known. It is really precious.

299 Van Morrison Van Morrison

His recent work not withstanding, Van Morrison is, without a doubt, the greatest white singer ever to hold a microphone. From Astral Weeks to Hymns To The Silence nobody has come close to matching his vision and vocal power. He taps into things almost no other vocalist has ever reached within a framework of his own unique musical style - pure feeling and spontaneity matched to timeless songwriting. Bitterness and anger poisoned his later work, but nothing can erase the glow of his many, many stupendous masterpieces.

Van the Man. Not only is he one of the finest songwriters in the history of rock, his voice stands out as one of the most amazing as well. He started out almost punk with his early band Them, then amazed us with his pop sound of Brown Eyed Girl. But when he finally took off, it was the voice...the voice that gave you goosebumps as Van sang Madam George, Sweet Thing and Astral Weeks. The voice that entranced you on Moondance, Tupelo Honey, Listen to The Lion, Into the Mysic and so many others. Van Morrison's powerful voice makes him a top 20 singer without any doubt.

Clearly there are people voting here that have no concept of rock history. They are confined to their only little world of pop music. Van Morrison is one of the all time greatest voices in rock music. He's at #158? Insanity! - Storm63

One of the best poets and voices of a generation. So versatile and has so much soul in his voice (for a pasty Irishman, lol). When you listen closely, you realize he doesn't always need words--his voice takes on the tone of many different instruments. He is, and will always be, a true classic.

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300 Harry Styles Harry Styles Harry Edward Styles is an English singer and song writer, known as a member of the boy band One Direction .

Okay many people say that he has a bad voice? If you just listen to his lead vocals they're absolutely brilliant. I may be biased because I am completely in love with One Direction, but no matter what I wouldn't be able to deny he has a brilliant voice even if it isn't near the best in the world, just listening to his voice is true talent! Some of you should listen to their music and they do have talent regardless if you like their music or not.

Whoever put this needs to be reminded that this is a list of the BEST singers. A voice of a 5 year old doesn't cut it.

His voice was so sexy but he can't really use it right. They also gave him so many solos and now his voice sounds really sore. I'm happy their having a break

You are the best

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