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481 Martina McBride Martina McBride

I LOVE HER! SHE IS THE EPITOME OF FEMALE COUNTRY MUSICIANS! Not only does she have meaningful songs, but she has the greatest singing voice ever for those songs!

Do you all forget "independence day"

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482 K. S. Chithra

Definitely, she is regarded as "nightingale of south India"
Anyone who listen to her voice would know that..

Her voice is majestic
It is one of a kind, people listen to her, she should at least be in the top 10.
One of a kind, she has sung in many different languages and yet she maintains the angelic voice she has


How can we forger kerala's nightingale... So rude
Before shreya goshal, all indian movie songs where in the hands of Mrs Chitra...

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483 Cho KyuHyun

He is the Best Singers of All Time, his voice unbelievable. I love " oppa!

He sings very well, even words can't describe how good his voice

Kyu hyun has the voice of an angel. He's amazing! Saranghae oppa! Even without the fangirl perspective, you can hear how amazing he is. His vocal range is unbeatable and though he has the lowest voice of all the members of Super Junior, he has the greatest range. He has a smooth baritone voice, perfect for ballads. He deserves a higher place on this list (Jaejoong is higher than Kyuhyun? Just... No. )

Kyuhyun should be at least in the top 15.

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484 Kim Junsu

I like him, his dance is perfect in my eye, his voice is unique, I love him forever!

My favorite singer in the world! He's both good at ballad and dancing songs. And he's an excellent dancer. And he composes music and writes lyrics himself! So talented! Support him forever!

Born to sing, the son of song. Kim Junsu, your voice is the wealth of the whole world. Listening to your intoxicating performance is the greatest honor of me, I will support you for all your life. You are so beautiful, I love you.

Is this best singers worldwide because I only know North American singers and she's nt one

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485 Mohamed Hamaki Mohamed Hamaki Mohamed Hamaki is an Egyptian singer. In 2010, he won the award "Best Arabia Act" in the MTV Europe Music Awards and music award in 2006 for "Ahla Haga Fiki".

"Mohamed Hamaki" Egyptian Singer, He is The Best Arabic Singer From MTV 2010

Hamaki is the best Arabic and Egyptian singer ever.. He has millions of fans in the world

Hamaki is the best singer ever... I love his lyrics, always describing me... His melodies always touch my heart deep down... He deserves to be number 1 and powerfully...

I love you Hamaki morethan loving my self you are the best singer and person I have ever seen. You are very kind and handsome. Whenever I see you I feel that I am very happy and I reached to the sky. I will never forget you. I will spend my life only loving you.

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486 Pierre Bouvier Pierre Bouvier Pierre Charles Bouvier (Born May 9, 1979) is a French-Canadian musician and composer, best known as the vocalist and frontman for the pop-punk band Simple Plan.

Definitely one of the greatest voices in the world! In my opinion he is the best, hands down and he should have been the first in this top! Every time I hear his voice it makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I can get lost in his words and his interpretation of their songs, not to mention the passion and the feelings that he can express through his voice alone! I love to close my eyes and listen to their songs, and no matter what they can always make me feel like I'm on top of the world! Not to mention that it's hard to differentiate between his recorded performances and his live ones because he's so damn good! His voice is amazing and he's one of the few remaining examples of what a true artist should be!

what's wrong? why pierre placed in 65th. everyone should have his/her own choice, but I Think Pierre is the best for me and many people. I don't care if pierre can't be the first, but he is the best for me

Pierre is one of my inspirations and the songs he writes together with Chuck really has saved alots of lifes... Including mine I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN!

Greatest vocalist ever and Simple plan is one of the best bands ever!

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487 Atif Aslam Atif Aslam Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.

Atif Aslam is the best singer in history even though he is a playback singer because he don't want to be famous... I like his nickname Mr. SOUL

He is the best singer of the list given here as for as I know the singers here... I don't know why his number is very late in this list...

He's the voice of hearts the voice of pakistan and simply the best.Atif is undoubtedly one of the best vocalist of all times

Please vote him guys. He is the best singer all time.

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488 Suzuka Nakamoto Suzuka Nakamoto Suzuka Nakamoto, known by her stage names Suzuka and Su-Metal, is a Japanese idol, singer and model. She is represented by the talent agency Amuse, Inc. and has been a member of three musical groups formed by the company: Karen Girl's, Sakura Gakuin, and Babymetal.

Have you heard the vocal range of this girl? She is just 18 and seems to have a bright future ahead. - Juan-G

The girl has one hell of a stage presence and can go from staring into your soul to being a laughing bubbly teen within moments. Plus she has one heck of a voice. I am very interested to see where her future will take her.

A really precious voice in the Japanese scene, if she keeps polishing her voice it may become one of the best singers of our time.

She is Metal Queen. Amazing voice!

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489 Michael Kiske Michael Kiske Michael Kiske is a singer best known as the former lead vocalist for the German power metal band Helloween.

The most amazing range and power concerning male vocals! He can sing in any genre from metal to grunge. Also one of the most catchy and emotional male voices ever.

Best vocal range I've ever heard, a power metal legend. - LostDream258

I can't believe that my favorite singer and the voice of melodic metal is on 492

Greatest vocalist of all time!

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490 Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Stanley Bert Eisen, known professionally by his stage name Paul Stanley, is an American musician, singer, songwriter and painter best known for being the rhythm guitarist and co-lead singer of the rock band Kiss.

Excuse me but Paul Stanley should be #1
merely for the fact that he can sing better than anyone I've ever heard!
if you haven't heard love gun or detroit rock city than your missing out!
he can go from high range vocals to low with no effort what so ever!
he's gives more than half of the losers on the this list a run for their money! So sad these people don't know what their missing out on!

Technically the very best vocalist EVER. I've hear all his songs. He's got a great range of tones... simply the best. If Kurt Cobain is in the top 50, then why is Paul on 128???? Listen to this guy! He is the best ever. - MeMyselfAndI

His vocal ability with out a doubt is one of a kind but I think due to a lack in lyric writing skills he very underrated

People are stupid paul stanley has an astonishing voice and made up kiss anyone who doesen't respect him and only respects Bieber is a moron

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491 Norm Ender Norm Ender V 2 Comments
492 Siavash Ghomayshi

Definitely one of the best Iranian singers and by far the best Persian song-writer of all time. Words cannot even begin to describe his marvelous work.

He's the only singer whose songs truly touch your soul!

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493 Mohsen Yeganeh

He is the best singer, Just Yeganeh

Mohsen have mad his voice as a legendary love making voices.

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494 Gunther

Gunther is actually crap, but so is this whole list, so my vote goes to Gunther! Keep on being a retard!

495 Lara Fabian

Lara is the female counterpart to Steve Perry. She can sing anything and is BETTER than a combination of Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Maria Carey and Celine Dion. Better than ALL OF THEM, put together. And prettier than them all, too.

Are you guys crazy? Have you ever read the Encyclopedic of Royal Academy of Music? She's in 10 best vocalists in this world! How could she get only 253th position? Just silly election!

One of the finest voices I have ever heard. She is the best when it comes to live performances.Unfortunately most people like the show more than the quality. This is why she is so low on the chart!

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496 Eric Adams (Manowar) Eric Adams (Manowar) Eric Adams has been the singer of the American heavy metal band Manowar since its inception in 1980. Previously, he sang for a group called LOOKS, a band which also included future Manowar bassist and childhood friend, Joey DeMaio.


Eric is really an awesome singer!

497 Tony Bennett

At 86 years old still has a great voice. He is still touring plus he has found some great classic songs to do duets with some very talented artists that come from all different gernes of music. With the songs he has chosen and the person he does the duet with, makes the magic of these songs sound brand new again. His best song in my opinion "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" will leave you with chills.

Love his singing. Better now than when he was younger, especially the older songs and his duets. Check out
'How do You Keep the Music Playing'.. a duet w/ George Michael. - ladyjo

498 James Ingram

rough hefty voice that men may kill for

499 Peter Cetera Peter Cetera Peter Paul Cetera is an American singer, songwriter, and bassist best known for being an original member of the rock band Chicago, before launching a successful solo career.

Him and terry kath were great together but I would say he's almost on par with Steve perry

The fact that he isn't listed in the top 10 is sickening

truly great lead singer for chicago and also went solo and did even better.

500 Aaron Neville V 3 Comments
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