Paul McCartney

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Sir James Paul McCartney is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer . With John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, one of the most popular and influential groups in the history of pop and rock music .


Paul McCartney is easily THE most versatile vocalist of all time! Incredible vocal range, an amazing variety of tones, varied vibrato techniques, attitudes and projections! Grit, sweetness, energy, growl, power and dexterity. From Long Tall Sally to The Long and Winding Road... Mother Nature's Son to Helter Skelter... Baby's Request to Coming Up (live)... And I Love Her to I Saw Her Standing There... Call Me Bsck Again to Warm and Beautiful... AND ON AND ON! This man can ROCK, POP, R&B, CROON, FOLK AND IMPROV ANYONE UNDER THE TABLE! Check out Call Me Back Again on Wings Over America and the end section of Hey Jude for GREAT examples of "singing the outside"! Bask in the pure TONES of I Will, Bluebird, Til There Was You or Fixing A Hole. The effortless range of Band On The Run and Arrow Thru Me! Falsetto style in So Bad and POWER of Beware My Love! McCartney does a DOZEN things BETTER than MOST! Additionally he COMMUNICATES stories / lyrics to a point of crystal clear understanding! ...more - frank

I remember seeing him and John Lennon On The Ed Sullivan Show with George Harrison and Ringo Starr when they were The Beatles

So, best singer should be measured by pure voice tonality, and other criteria related to voice. So, based on this, I would not pick Paul McCartney to be number 1 (but I would definitely not pick Michael Jackson either). So, Paul had definitely a greater influence on music than anyone on this list... ANYONE! At the same time, his voice is well suited to the songs he sang... Anyone who has heard "Baby I'm Amazed" and has at least one living cell in his/her body must recognize he does not deserve being at #60. Justin Bieber is rated higher, in 5 years Justin will be another, "What ever happened to" while Paul... Huh... Why am I even comparing the two. I'm an idiot! ; )

Come on guys he deserve the position 1 because he is a legend how can you compare him with all these singers that do not know how to make an album the greatest hit of all time like sir paul mccartney he is the richest musician of all time. He was the leader of the band who is considered the god of the music. The band who started music the band who sold out more number of album than any other band or any other artist. The person who found enormous amount of success even after his band breaks away. Did anything left out that I have to say to prove his legacy. Do you thing that it is an easy job to do.

He does everything really well, from tender sweet ballads to the raunchiest of rock screaming. And he does every genre in between. And his vocal range and his ability to utilize it are just insane. Forget the fact that his songwriting and musicianship influenced EVERY other act from the sixties on. Instead, listen to something soft like Yesterday, My Love, or For No One, then a couple screamers like Long Tall Sally, Oh Darling, or Maybe I'm Amazed, then listen to some of the countless hits where he sang in so many other voices.

Paul McCartney was a member of the famous band: The Beatles. He is a one of a kind kind of guy (along with his voice) and he sung such beautiful songs, such as: "Yesterday," "Till There Was You," and "And I Love Her." His vocals and song writing abilities were amazing, and he's still singing and sounding amazing in 2016 (He's currently in his seventies) without auto-tune or any other kinds of adjustments to his wonderful, natural singing voice.

Sir Paul has one of the most changing voices ever, and I can only say that he gets better with age. He has a fantastic range, even at age 70 and he finds interesting ways to sing things that he writes. He is truly a genius and his voice will be dearly missed the day he checks out. He is and will always be the biggest music legend to ever walk this earth.

He can do every genre and do it well. His range is incredible and his hard rock voice is phenomenal just listen to songs like Golden Slumbers, Helter Skelter (Anthology version), Long Tall Sally, Maybe I'm Amazed, Oh! Darling, Sgt. Pepper, Hey Jude, I've Got A Feeling, You Never Give Me Your Money, After The Ball/Million Miles. All Excellent examples of his amazing vocals

Are you kidding me? Number 57? This list is blasphemy... Britney spears higher than paul McCartney and john lennon? Wow... And aretha franklin and elvis? What is this. This list is just terrible...

Stupid list written by stupid kids. Michael Jackson #1? Come on, not even top ten. Madonna can't sing; Eminem is a rapper; I've been listening to music everyday for 50 years, and I haven't heard of have of these people... Here is my list best male singers ever. Two men are on it, #1 is Tom Jones and #2 is Ray Charles. Then you can start another list starting with Robert Plant, Paul McCartney Klaus Meine, Freddy Mercury, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, John Fogerty, Women singers: in no order: Ann Wilson, Chrissy Hinde, Gladys Knight, Patsy Cline, et

How Paul McCartney isn't at the top I'll never know. Paul had a beautiful voice, great vocal range and could really add emotion to his songs (such as yesterday and hey Jude). Let's not forget, unlike most people on this list, he could write some of the greatest lyrics ever, play a multitude of instruments and of course, he was part of the greatest band to ever live.

Paul McCartney is an amazing singer. If you don't agree listen to Hey Jude, Let it Be, Silly Love Songs, Maybe I'm Amazed, Let 'em In, Yesterday, and Blackbird. Blackbird is my favorite song of all time because of the amazing vocals and instruments. This song is credited to the Beatles, but all in all this is sololy Paul McCartney. Overall, he is amazing at singing, songwriting, and any instrument. I feel like he deserves more credit.

His voice is so beautiful and way better than Michael Jackson and Freddy mercury. The best singer of all time hands down, listen to hey Jude, let it be, so many others, and listen to his studio work where he would impersonate other singers and sing with accents. He is so talented and has the most gifted voice in history

What ho's he at no. 13. This list sucks. Just compare The Fool on the Hill with Oh Darling or Helter Skelter. From soothing to power. Can anyone do this? NO, no one has a better voice than him. And why is John Lennon at 14 and I can't find Robert Plant. Seriously, the voters should be killed.

I like Paul McCartney better than Lennon. I think he was a better songwriter and could sing a little better. As far a his singing he didn't have a good around range and I don't think he had the powerful vocals that a lot of these other singers had. I do like Paul, but just not for number 6 all time greatest singer.

Hands down #1. Anyone who knows at least a third of his body of work could not not agree. Because we all have different tastes, there really is no best - only perhaps a best within a certain genre. But it's precisely this great divide of genres that McCartney effortlessly transverses so successfully.

The man is a legend, member of the biggest group of all time with probably the greatest song list of all time he should be number 1 no doubt, his he had the cleanest voice in music proved in songs like 'yesterday' and 'for no one' but can range it as well and make it sound rougher in songs like 'oh! Darling' and 'helter skelter' it suits his songs perfectly as well, no way he should be at 7 and below artists like Madonna and Whitney

Let's have a bet. The Beatles albums is the best seller, the songs all great, they make their fans scream when they sing The Beatles songs. And that's because Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Even, when they broke up, they made a great career. So, you lose the bet, and quickly, move The Beatles to number 1

There's the Beatles then everybody else in all categories. They were the driving force for bands weather people know it or not. So to me they should all gt more respect than these polls show.

oh my god you people suck eggs paul should be #1 he beats Michael j. in a second in a competition for vocals plus he was in at least 4 bands and in each band he had a hit with each album he wrote - sumocheeks

Definitely the best voice of the Beatles. To go is my favorite by far, but his voice is not too good. George had too much of an accent. And john was good up until he met Yoko. Paul can sing any type of music and is probably one of the best musicians ever, let alone singer

Seriously? Madonna has the vocal range of a rat. Why is she on a higher spot than Paul? Paul is the master. Just compare "Mother Nature's Son" with "Why don't we do it on the Road? " and you will see how amazingly wide his vocal range is!

YES PAUL MCCARTNEY ROCKS! HE IS AMAZING! I love his song blackbird and I love hey jude (i'm not sure if he wrote that) but still he is amazing I'm nine years old and I have a musical family so I know this stuff.i can play blackbird on guitar not to brag. But like I said, AMAZING

Simply the Greatest singer/songwriter to have graced this earth. from early songs like Yesterday to older ones like the Long and Winding Road and Let it be, simply god amongst mortals. - TryptoPhun420

Paul has beautiful, melodic vocals that make u feel a plethora of emotions. John Lennon should be ranked higher on this list though; his voice is magical, it has an incredible mystical feel and the power to transport you to another world.

Paul McCartney is much more well known as a vocalist than Kurt Cobain. I am not one to say Kurt is bad at singing but Paul is much better or skilled at it in my opinion. - Beatlesfan9