Rob Halford

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Robert John Arthur "Rob" Halford is an English singer and songwriter, who is best known as the lead vocalist for the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Judas Priest and famed for his powerful wide ranging operatic voice.


Halford could hit vocal notes so high that vocalists would run in fear and then simultaneously switch to a soft moody voice for the ballads and he is lower than Michael Jackson and M. Shadows? Halford was also an amazing frontman displaying how a real concert performance should be done. He truly lives up to the name "Metal God. " I think the song "Beyond the Realms of Death" sums up what I just said nicely.

Rob won't ever place high on any top whatever list because these things are popularity contests, not true evaluations of vocal skill and ability. Not to mention there are relatively very few of us who appreciate, love, or even know that Heavy Metal exists. Another thing that isn't really analyzed are factors like song writing, emotion, genre crossover, and lyric command. Those of us who love and adore Rob Halford know these things are all prevalant in his performances to such a degree that when we see him perform or listen to any album he performs on, we're always blown away.

Rob Halford is one of the best singers of history of music. He can play everithig with his voice. I recomend listen Dreamer Deciever and Painkiller. He changes and experiment an evolution with the voice against 3 decades and is one of more influential singers in the history of rock. Alive he is sometimes better than Mercury. Regards from Argentina. Sorry about my english!. Jajaja

Come on, how can Rob Halford be 50 on this list and Katy Perry 49?! People who voted for her instead of vocalists like Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Frank Sinatra, Rob Halford, Aretha Franklin and Robert Plant know nothing about music. Be smart and support Rob Halford with a vote because he deserves a way higher position than this, and if you don't agree you got another thing coming!

He is called the Metal God for a reason. And that reason is that he can sing better than any other singer on the planet (excluding opera singers maybe). The range of his voice, the power and emotion he pours to his singing send shivers down my spine. Plus, lots of the singers mentioned above can't hit a note to save their lives...

No 49.

Even though I am a member of this generation, I must say, most of us have been humped in the brain, before we got out of the womb.
I see worthless, pathetic singers ahead of The God Of Metal. I mean really, Lady Gaga, Chester Benington, Sonu Nigam.
I mean, what are we smoking?

He should be in the number 1 spot, and surrounding him with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, John Lennon, Bruce Dickinson.

His vocals were rough at times and clean at others. More than anything, though, this man possessed a vocal range of 6 Octaves (now 4 due to age). That's one of the largest vocal ranges any human has EVER possessed. He showed it on songs, often going from rough, sort of spoken verse into a soaring scream. Excellent vocalist. One of the greatest.

Only because not too many have listened to his music is rob not top 5 or even top 2. He combines passion, vocal range, and perfect pitch, especially in the first 2 decades of his career. His music is complex and rich. He does not sing any particular song in only one key, but varies the notes and keys so that he gives a full and tune just with his voice, almost not needing the accompaniment.

Agreed. All these top ten lists are driven by mainstream. Rob halford followed closely by Queensryche lead singer Geoff Tate. They both hit ridiculous pitches both high and low, have amazing control over their voices, and are rock gods. Please, Michael Jackson? - jewunit69

Hello... Nr 46 as I write this. CAN NOT BE! BLASPHEMOUS! He deserves to be on number one. Just listen to Victim of Changes, Beyond the realms of death, dreamer deceiver or even The Ripper. This man is one of the best and I love all genres! I prefer listening to Rob Halford over anyone who is mentioned above!

This guy's scream would knock everyone on this list out, they would just drop dead on the spot. No idea how he can be this low on this list, as his voice is superior to almost everyone else, with a few exceptions like Dio, Dickinson, Mercury, Plant and maybe even Osbourne when he was in his primes (Black Sabbath)

I'm sorry, but if you put Halford below Eminem and Rihanna, your list becomes awful. It's disgraceful to say the least. Nobody can put so much power behind their voice like Halford can, not even the great Freddie Mercury (who is, despite this, a better singer in other categories, and is actually at his rightful place on this list.) Listen to songs like Painkiller, Exciter, Savage, Dreamer Deciever, and Run of the Mill and you'll see what I mean.

No one can put down Halford.All I need to prove it is Painkiller,whole British Steel and Screaming For Vengeance albums actually any Halford album.Fight,Two,Halford and Judas Priest are the best bands ever.Definetly deserves to be #1

He's called the "Metal God" for a reason, and just by listening to some of his records anyone can realise the good vocalist this guy is. He's got one of the widest vocal ranges I've ever listened and, adding his vocal control and strength makes one of the best singers ever. Sorry Bruce, I love you too

Listen to the song "Run of the Mill" and you will be amazed. He can go from very low to inhumanly high with the most amazing clear emotional and/or hard driving voice. If you were to actually pit him one on one with any on this list he could beat them up vocally. He is definitely the best.

It makes me really sad how Billie Joe Armstrong and Rihanna are higher than Rob. This guy can sing pretty much anything, from Christmas Carols to very aggresive songs and sounds good doing it. He possesses a vocal range of 4 octaves and has control over all of it. Listen to Dreamer Deceiver, for example. He starts off with some pretty high, very light singing and moves on to much deeper, low larynx vocals. He finishes off the song with entire verses in the 5th octave, up to a sustained clean G#5!

Luciano pavarotti, a world famous opera singer, once called Rob Halford the greatest vocalist of all time

What?!? Halford 46th? He deserves to be first more than everyone! Too bad people listen to st music. Listen to this vocal range! He can sing anything so perfectly! This guy really deserves his nickname of Metal God! All Hail Halford!

Rob Halford has the best voice. His pitch is unmatched. How is M. Shadows and Eminem higher up than the master? M. Shadows can't touch Rob. And Eminem is a rapper. Rob Halford is #1

Rob Halford is #1 This "list" is disgusting! I refuse to look any lower! Halford should be on top along with Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson, Roy Orbison um and where's Andrea Bocelli? Pavarotti? Frank Sinatra?

Listen to the song Painkiller and try telling me that he does not belong in the top 10, only Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson rival the metal god Rob Halford. - OC96

I love all Judas Priest songs I recommend that you listen to breaking the law and the sentinel. He has the most amazing voice and I am surprised he is voted 40th. WOW! He should have been rated number 1.

I'm not living in a world where Madonna and Bruno Mars is a better singer than Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson. I simply can't.

Some people in this list are laughable at best. MJ at no. 1 shows the lack of talent that people like to vote for. Look at rock n roll museum's inductees to see what I mean!

Long live the gods!

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