Ruki (the GazettE)


the most important voice in my life!
the voice of the best band!
the voice that I can hear from the bottom of my heart)
so.. what I can say else? of course we love you, Ruki! You're the best singer!

Ruki is an amazing vocalist his talent stretches far beyond anything or anyone I've heard in years

He has a wide vocal range. Yeah, he can't reach really high notes but for a rock band vocalist he can sing ballad, rock and screamo very well. His voice sounds amazing and relaxing as well, especially when he sing slow songs.

Someone who deliberately, tastefully, and skillfully puts such emotion into everything they sing... that's Ruki. I feel like I've been looking for such a passionate voice for a long time, and I've finally found it here. Somehow, he always seems to care about what he's singing, and it never waivers. Some artists can reach that level of emotion, but to sing at that level so consistently is a voice to be admired. Thank you, Ruki. Treasure that voice of yours and your artistic eye and ear, because it brings such beauty to this world.

Ruki's vocal is just amazing, I think he's the best modern singer. Perfect voice and its transformations. So - go, Ruki!

Ruki's vocal technique is mastered very great.. If you ever listen to the songs of The Gazette.. You'll know that Ruki mastered many techniques and vocal timbre that is very great.

His voice is mesmerizing. And their songs are just driving me crazy...

He's the best vocalist/singer ever! He's versatile and can sing ballad, rock, screamo. MY day is not complete when I don't hear his voice.

Ruki is only the greatest Vocalist of this time period. Even though he is a Japanese, there should be no ethnic discrimination because of the fact that he sings in Japanese. A singer is good on the the fact that he knows how to sing not what language they sung it in. HOW THE HELL DID BILL KLUTZ is higher than Ruki?!

His voice is amazing, so different, and the lyrics he writes make me cry...
He is just perfect.

Ruki is the greatest singer of all times. No one is able to capture the soul of his fans the way he does. He touches your soul with the power of his voice in heavy rock songs and the tearful melody in his voice in ballads are just unbelievable. Ruki, the god of vocals.

His voice is angelic vs. Demonic.. I like it! The voice is definitely giving impact towards his band songs and always taking them to best ranking in any charts besides the great music they have!

Love ya!
He is so amazing! And kawaii
Keep voting!
Always here for you!
He is handsome his voice so nice good to listen!
When I'm bored I always listening to his music..! I love you ruki!
Go for it!

his voice simply amazing, but itself he very nice and sexy))
I love his voice. )))

He have amazing good voice I think he shouldn't have first place but hie should be in first top ten.!

Ruki is the best in everything especially in singing... He can sing any kind of song... He's voice is just incredible... GO RUKI GO RUKI GO RUKI GO!

He is so kawaii!
His vocal is perfect!
The best vocalist ever!

The best singer off all time!
His voice is so good!
His voice is the most powerful one in the visual kei's 2000's era
His voice and feeling can easily fit into any song they write, from ballad to metal, alternative, all kinds of rock genre there are!

Ruki has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. The way it resonates perfectly with his band is extraordinary. I have never heard such a unique voice as his! As a person, he is very successful and has done numerous product designs for The GazettE, as well as his angelic voice. Ruki is the best!

Amazing singer. I don't see how he isn't one. Dude Michael jackson's DEAD let it go! (no offense Michael jackson and Michael jackson fans. )

For me, Ruki is the best singer of all time. He has an excellent voice, excellent lyrics. It is not only sing but also act, what makes this man. It is also a great person, as seen in several videos to them.

The main key of the gazette, he has this god-like voice! It's so awesome. How could you not love his voice? And also god-like face

Ruki has the best voice in the world!
I really admire him. I wish people would get to know more of Ruki!

The god of a hotness!
The god of a beauty!
The god of vocal!
Such a handsome cutie!

Ruki is surely one of the best singers of all time... his voice can shift from different levels, always guaranteeing a perfect combination with the music used in The GazettE's songs.