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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.


I honestly don't even know why she is all the way down here! This girl should be number 1! Selena is so talented and gorgeous! She made a wonderful and smooth transition from disney to being an adult and I think that that defiantly deserve some props. I mean look at Miley Cyrus! The only way that she is able to transition from disney to adult is by twerking in her bra. Selena gomez has made an enormous impact on society and been a break through star without doing crazy and insulting things! Vote selena to number 1!

Oh yeah. I can give you facts that selena gomez loves the store Justice, she also hang out with katy perry, Taylor swift, Demi lovato, Ariana grande, and more. She loved her baby sister Gracie very much, and she had many fights with Justin Bieber. She loves pop music, she had deals with Hollywood Records, she had twitter like @selenagomez, and had 18 millions of twitter followers. She had movies like "wizards of Waverly place", Ramona and Beezus, Princes Protection Program, Mount Carlo, and more. Her songs, Come and get it, is number 6 on the billboard chart. She is appreciative of her fans, she missed Demi lovato. So, I think you should vote for her and at least let her be top 20 or more. So, VOTE FOR SELENA MARIE GOMEZ!

Correct your spelling, my friend. The name of this movie is Monte Carlo, not Mount Carlo. - playstationfan66

The song Sick Of You is my best song ever. Selena gomez always put effort on her songs. For example,
" You know that fairy tales don't come true, not when it comes to you."
This shows that she really don't like the guy.
Selena gomez had independence more than anyone.
Please vote for her, she is the best!
I will love to see her in person too, but I want to see her in top one!

Selena's the best. She certainly should be in the first or at least the top ten.. Please Please Please vote for Selena. She is so amazing and her voice WoW Her voice is like I don't know how to explain it but it sounded so nice and sweet. So please vote for her.

If you vote for her, or check her history, you will see that she will have a great history, best that ever had. If you give her just a little bit of try, you will be reall surprised that the little thing that you got her will affect her whole entire life. And if you ever saw "Wizards of Waverly Place", "Mount Carlo", "Another Cinderella Story" and all of her movies, you'll know that she is the best. So please wote for her! She is my role model for my entire life.

Yes, Selena is very beautiful. But I'm sorry, I don't think she should be on this list. Her voice is very very weak. I saw her live singing come and get it. And it was bad. Seriously she shouldn't be here. She has improved. But I don't she think she has an amazing voice and vocals. I'm not jealous. I'm just stating my opinion. She just isn't an amazing singer. I feel she is really overrated. Ever heard of auto tune? Selena doent have a powerful voice. I don't think she could sing an Alicia Keys or Whitney Houston song.

I love selena gomez shes the best I think shes the best singer of all time shes so talented please vote for her selena is the best celebrity ever I love her song and her voice and her movies she the one of best singer and actress in the world and she have a lot of fans I just wanna say shes great please please please vote for her shes amazing

! Why is Selena Gomez all the way down here!? I thought she would at least be in the top 10! She deserves Number 1! She is a great singer!
She didn't change her image that much (Unlike other Disney Stars)
The lyrics in her songs are so helpful! Like "Who Says". And its not just her singing career! Her old show Wizards of Waverly Place was and still is one of the best shows on Disney (Unlike the terrible ones they have today) Anyway, Selena is a very talented person! Please vote for her she deserves number 1!

I love Selena Gomez she is very beautiful and her voice is amazing she is pretty too and I love her style I can't even describe her she is the best

Selena Gomez is the best singer of all time and I put her on the top 100 as number 1 for my homework. I am truly her number 1 fan no matter what. YOU RULE SELENA GOMEZ

How can SELENA GOMEZ be at the bottom! She's the best singer! She has the best voice! This isn't fair for Selena! Guys you have to vote her! She needs to be in TOP 10

She is amazing I am in love with every song on her album revival. Its amazing. And I relate it. Her quotes inspire me. Her songs push me to try harder when I feel like giving up! She is honestly my role model. Please vote she is such a wonderful person! She really is!

I just love her... Selena is amazing... Her voice suits her songs and all her songs are fab! Selena is cute and a great singer so I think she deserves to be in the top 20... Her album 'FOR YOU' rocked! 'STARS DANCE' was also good... All in all, for me, Selena is the best female singer

She is the most beautiful women my eyes have ever seen. She is my second favorite singer, my first is Alice cooper but her songs sometimes remind me of my life and she inspired me to do what I want when I grow up.

Selena gomez should have been number one on this list. Who agrees with me?
You know that her songs are awesome. First of all A Year Without Rain. I love this song because this shows about how she misses her friends or families or boyfriend, nut whatever.
Did you heard Who Says? She wrote it just for Mount Carlo, one of her best movies. It shows that you need and have o believe in yourself no matter what happens. It sends a good example for kids.
Also, Hit the lights. AWESOME! It is kind of like a party song, but also a little romantics in the song.

There are other reasons I vote also she had greatest T.V. shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Mount Carlo, Another Cinderella's Story, Ramona and Beezus, and a lot of others.


How can you forget selena gomez... Who owns the heart of every teenager of this world... Specially mine... I just love her...

Love Selena Gomez! I think she deserves at least the top 10! I know some girls are jealous cause she is dating Justin Bieber. Loved her show Wizards of Waverly Place. Her songs are amazing! Please vote for this amazing talented singer!

She Is The Best! I Love All Of Her Songs... She Rocks ;)... I love her songs... And she really works hard for whatever she does... She does it wuth all her efforts! She loves her fans.. A lot! And her fans - we the selenators of course... Love her too... So much...!

Wow I can't believe Selena Gomez is not here. Truly she's an awesome singer she should be in top 20 at least she has a natural voice I love Justin Beiber too but I can just pick one so my votes go to Selena Gomez.
p. S Happy Birthday Selena!

Selena gomez is the best singer her all songs are so good and she is so beautiful. She would be at 1.

Please vote for her! Give her a chance! Look! She has tons of cool songs, and she even is an actress! She played cinderella the new story of cinderella. If you like cinderella, please vote! My best friend's name is Selena by the way...

She is great

I like Taylor swift and Katy perry better but she's good too.

I love Selena Gomez! Please vote for her! She has a really good voice!

She is awesome, I love all her songs! Her voice is very powerful and he is very cute :)
At his 20 years he could find the perfect combination between fun and music and she come a very good singer, actress and fashion designer

Selena Gomez deserves to be number 1. I love her. Selena, Justin Bieber is cheating on you