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Matthew Charles Sanders, better known by his stage name M. Shadows, is an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter and founding member of the American metalcore/alternative metal band Avenged Sevenfold.


Just to add to some of the comments here, I've been an Avenged fan since 2008, and since then they have become more more well known. I'm not sure when some of these comments were posted, but I've seen them twice in the past three years (I see them on every tour), and they are easily the biggest Rock band on the planet, they had Metallica open for them at one point. Avenged is pretty well known, and the people that say Shadows is just carrying them along, you're so wrong. The skill in each of the members, Syn is a God with his guitar, the same goes for Zacky. Johnny is incredible on bass, Arin obviously doesn't and never will amount to Jimmy, but he's still got plenty of talent, and of course, Shadows is incomparable. I do not believe that he is top ten in the world/history, but as rock as any kind of rock music goes, he's definitely got #1.

M. Shadows is the best singer ever. he can scream, sing, and has a better vocal range than any other rock singer and just about any other singer ever has. how he isn't in the top ten confuses me. not many people can have vocal chord surgery and still sound as good.
listen to gunslinger, seize the day, chapter four, just about all of their songs make a7x the best band out there - johnfatty69

His voice I must say is purely amazing. If you go back and listen to Avenged Sevenfold's earlier albums you can tell that his voice didn't have that much training, but now it's much stronger. Also around this time is where you see more and more people making slips, but Shads voice stays solid. He doesn't try to push himself to impress the fans because he wants to keep his voice clean so that we can enjoy it. He should totally be higher.

It's a tough vote to decide! I had to choose between M. Shadows and Metallica's James Hetfield. Hetfield got an amazing voice no doubt about it (I'm listening Metallica song while typing this) but Shadows got a better vocal range in my opinion. Both are great, great singer.

I'm not voting for M. To go for the top spot, but he totally deserved a better place, like top 20. The list kinda screwed.. Christina Aguilera should be place waay higher.. AXL Rose, Hetfield, Eminem, Steven Tyler, all should be no lower than 30 in my humble opinion. - Pyansickness

The problem with the singers ahead of Shadows (like Chester Bennington) is that many of them have strained their voice to the point where they sound terrible now. Shadows has been belting heavy vocals for 10+ years and sounds as good as ever. Truly the best live singer I've ever heard. He deserves to be higher just for that reason. LIVE PERFORMANCES MATTER!

Avenged Sevenfold will always be the best band in the world, thank you guys for being a band and sticking together after jimmy passed. He was the best. Great drummer. Great song writer. Avenged Sevenfold will live foREVer!

Come on really? 37? He has one of the best vocal ranges out there. He's got more to it than allot of the people above him in this list. I bet people don't really know him that's why he ain't up there in the list. I know what talent is, I've got a good ear for music. Apparently others don't...

Come on, Matt is literally awesome even though at the beginning the whole band wasn't so good. But at the moment I find this band as one of the best, especially Matt's voice, he can go into pop, scream, hip hop, rap, whatever, his voice still matches EVERY SINGLE SONG!

Matt Shadows has an incredible voice. From his intense screams to the way he can control his voice in ways a lot of singers can't. He's a hardworking guy and extremely talented. My vote goes to him.

M. Shadows is unbelievably talented. You do not see his best vocal performances in any of the album's flagship songs. Listen to the second half of "The Wicked End" (2005's City of Evil) and you will see exactly what I mean. If you remember, the only songs that made it to MTV that year were "Beast and the Harlot", "Bat country" and "Seize the day". Not one section of any of the 3 songs compares to that song I posted.

Best singer of all time I don't care what anyone else says. His range is absolutely amazing. His voice is naturally deeper but he can still kill the high notes like in Afterlife and I won't see you tonight part 1. to be honest him and Axl Rose should be switched. Sure Guns N Roses is amazing, but Axl can't sing.

The fact than any man can sing as high, low, peacefully and grungy as he can (not to mention the screaming) means that he's talented, no questions asked. More people should listen to Avenged Sevenfold, they're like nothing else, which is helped with his vocals.

M Shadows' voice and range is amazing! He can scream with the best of them but can also sing with such emotion and quality on songs such as So Far Away and Victim that you can actually feel his pain. They give me goosebumps every time!

Amazing vocalist, whether its slow, gentle songs he completely owns them, and even the heavier, screamier stuff off waking the fallen and sounding the seventh trumpet are incredible, I'm not much of a screamo fan, but his vocals still sound great even for those first 2 albums... if anything I wish they still did albums like those first 2 albums

As I said about Gates, just watch any live concert of there's. He is an incredibly gifted vocalist. Not only can he scream with the best of them but he can also sing beautifully in songs like "Seize the Day" and such.

Avenged Sevenfold is the modern Metallica. They have amazing Guitarists, Vocalist, Drummer, and Bassist. Matt can hit such insane notes in some songs, mainly in the earlier albums. Listen to Desecrate Through Reverence, it will blow you away with the notes that are hit.

My top ones are (all are on first place, because I can't choose, everyone of them are amazing) M. Shadows, Ville Valo, Chester Bennington, Jared Leto, Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Bon Jovi, Amy Lee and many others fantastic singers...

... But M. Shadows can harsh, scream too, he has beatiful clean voice also...

Seriously this low, people should be ashamed because Matt just has this incredible voice have you ever listened to it even the injury he had couldn't stop the magnificence of his voice damn this is way to low.

I'm listening to Not Ready To Die right now, and I'm just thinking of how unbelievably talented he is. Because seriously, Bill Kaulitz as #19?! Uch, that guy has no talent. Matt needs to be in his place.

Man, M Shadows, Hah.. He should AT LEAST be in the top 40.
He is just pure amazing. Listen to Gunslinger, Beast and the Harlot, Warmness on the Soul,.. well.. all of their songs

Maybe its not the kind of music that most people listen depend the age but M. Shadow have a really great voice. I'm sure that a lot of singer would try to sing a7x song and won't be able to.

Hell no... He should much higher.. Top 20.. At least. His voice is so unique and one of the few too.. Especially in a heavy metal/hard rock band. He has improved his voice throughout the years too.. Sad to see him this low.

The only singer on the list with an actual singing voice and can actually sing live. Incredible range and controls the crowd. Should be #1 Corey taylor should be up there as well.

While the A7X style has changed between the first two albums and the Nightmare album it just shows how much they have grown as a band and how much M. Shadows Has Grown as a Singer.

I won't see you tonight is enough said... He has such a deep voice but he can't sing really high he is simply unmatchable its a shame that they are underrated he not only sings but he sings his songs