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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


I don't care what this damn list says but she is #1 any way:1- the way she write songs. I mean the way she makes a song of at most 4 min seem like a complete story with certain start and ending is admirable! No one can write like this! No one! Not even mj or adele or enrique... Neither or them have lyrics like blank space or style or bad blood she expresses whatever is in her mind with unbelieving phrases and sentences which have benn put in a perfect beat matching the exact words and tone. It's a common belief that says : taylor swift says whatever a girl want to say and hear 2-her voice is perfect. while I believe this matters completely on each one's favorite, no one can claim that her voice has got technical problem 3-her work style and the way she makes the music videos is of her own creativity and her active mind in assembling and matching the lyric with the scenes and images. I can definitely say that the music have never seen videos like 22 and we are never ever getting back ...more

Taylor Swift does not deserve number one. I agree with the Fanbase saying Katy Perry should be lower than her, but I think that some of the the lower ranked singers that are underrated should be higher up than Taylor Swift. Her songs are unoriginal. Guess what? They're about love, forgiveness, and breakups...yay? To those saying that she's pretty as a reason to be number one, WHY THE HELL would that even make sense? Pretty does not count as a factor and by pretty I think you mean how much makeup does one slather on their faces. Second, it doesn't matter how many fans or squealing girls and boys are chasing after her. That's absolute bull. This list is ranking singers by their talent, skill, range, and uniqueness in their voice, songs, and lyrics. So please, Fanbase down in the comments, be ' reasonable and have some logic. Enjoy her ranking right now and be grateful that she was even high up here.

If you're really pissed and aggravated by this comment or if I struck some nerve, ...more

This list is for singers of all time! Don't think she has earned it yet. Sorry, but an artist should not be placed on a list just because you like them right now and that they are popular right now. Use some thought and show respect for some singers who have truly earned it already by the very long careers they have had and are actually better when thinking of ALL TIME . Show some respect. There are far more who have more credentials when one thinks of all time . If you don't know who some of these artists are take some time and do some listening. Not putting down her music in any way, but this list should not be comprised of artists of right now. We should be thinking of great artists who have already standed the test of time. Some respect please. She may get her chance later when she has earned it in comparison to many other artist who should really be compiling this list.

Taylor Swift is the best, come on everybody knows that, she absolutely knows what is life, and sings about it, she has a beautiful kind voice, which she can make be pretty adrenaline too, she is the queen of the songs and nobody will steal her crown, not even Michael Jackson, she will always be the best, and nobody can say that she is a b*tch like the commenter on youtube, but I gave him a lesson, so anyways, she is the best with the best voice and everything, so I subscribed her VEVO. Hey, #1 fan of Taylor Swift, we are both #1 fans of her!

She has talent-a lot of it-but I can't help saying that she's overhyped.

I can't take an hour long car ride without hearing one of her songs being played like ten times. There are a lot of other talented artists, ya know, there's a reason this list exists...

Diary type songs are kind of obnoxious if you keep writing about the same thing over and over until it feels like you're breaking up just to make money. She has a nice voice, but it honestly could belong to anyone. It's nothing special-not a huge range in songs, no especially distinct timbre...pretty, but similar to all the other pretty stuff. Her songs are classics but not creative. I understand emotions aren't something you can really control, but does every song have to be about breaking up or falling in love? Don't even get me started on writing on other people's expense.

Taylor Swift should be #1! She is my absolute role model and she has the most beautiful voice. Her lyrics inspire people around the world and I love her albums! Especially Speak Now because it shows Taylor Swift singing her heart out and she is the most awesome singer ever! She deserves to be in the top 10! I love her songs because she is so real about them and she writes songs that I can relate to. It is as if she looks through people's diaries and she gets her inspiration from people like me.

Taylor Swift's deep cuts are what makes her deserve to be on this list. Yes, she is a phenomenal pop star with some great bops, but her slower, or less poppy songs are what really make her stand out. Look to "Haunted," "All Too Well," "State Of Grace," "I Wish You Would," and "Holy Ground," all fantastic songs with a great rock edge to it. She is a super talented songwriter, who does occasionally write break-up songs, but more importantly explores emotions and love in general. She has a super diverse discography of songs, exploring everything from country, folk, pop, and rock. Taylor Swift has managed to be relevant for over a decade, which is something very few singers can do, which is commendable in itself.

Based purely on the awards she has won and the records she has set, she is definitely in the top 10. Even people who are not fans of her music can't disagree with this. She writes all of her own songs. In 2008 and 2010 she sold more albums than any other artist in ANY genre of music. The worlds top selling CD in 2009 was her album Fearless.

It seems like people in this particular chat are letting personal feelings affect their decision. This forum is about "The Best Singers of All Time", not "Our Favorite Artists." Don't get me wrong, Taylor Swift has a decent voice, but her music isn't creative, its integrity is non-existent. But then again, a good songwriter does not necessarily make a good singer. Even with that in mind, she is in no way, shape or form the greatest singer of all time.

Taylor Swift does not rock

Despite good voice quality, she wastes all her talent on making break up songs, and there is no way a woman who makes money out of her boyfriends is a great singer

The Top Ten singers here isn't just about voice quality, the material of the songs she make and her accomplishments also matter A LOT. That's why Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury are the two best singers in this list, both men apply creativity in their songs and they have accomplished quite a lot in their time.

Why is Taylor Swift number 91? Come on! At least top 20. I love Taylor Swift and her music. I may only be a kid, but all of her songs means so much to me, weather I can relate to it, or it reminds me of something that has happened to someone I know. The songs that she writes really connects with all her fans, and everyone that listens to the songs. I can guarantee that at some point of everyone's lives, they'll be able to share some sort of connection with all of her songs.

Taylor Swift should be #1! NO DOUBT! Her fan base is huge, she sings about the real things in life like love and horrible break-ups, she can sing about what everyone relates to and it's like she knows you without even knowing you. She's gorgeous, fantastic live and she has one of the best personalities in the music world. <13 Make Taylor #1!

Taylor Swift is amazing! I don't get how people are saying she's a bad singer, she's so good live! Not only is she a terrific singer, she also writes her own songs. She wrote Speak Now entirely by herself! And she is THE best songwriter around. No doubt.
"Please don't be in love with someone else Please don't have somebody waiting on you"
"I'd tell you I miss you but I don't know how I've never heard silence quite this loud"
That's just a few. If you listen to the rest, you can be rest assured she is a genius and a songwriting prodigy.
Back to December
You Belong With Me
Love Story
Teardrops On My Guitar
I Knew You Were Trouble
Begin Again
Last Kiss
Long Live
Those are just a few of her most amazing songs ever!

Why is Taylor Swift in the 36th? She is so good in making good music. Her songwriting skills are just awesome even though her voice is not that good. But she is very kind hearted. Katy Perry is nothing like Taylor Swift. Having some cathy and hit songs doesn't make you any great. It is about the quality of the music. Its about how you express your feelings in music because that is what music is all about after all, expressing yourself. People who say that Taylor only writes break up song hadn't really listened to her albums.

What! Taylor Swift is #23. Are you kidding me fans of Taylor Swift? ! Hey realize teenagers. We must be honest. Taylor Swift is not great singer. She hasn't great voice as Mariah Carey, Whitney Housten, Pink, Aretha Franklin. There are so many good singers who are better than Taylor Swift. For example, Beyonce Knowles, Celine Dion, Adele, Jesie J, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys are much better than Taylor Swift. Also Demi Lovato is much better than Taylor Swift. Teenagers and childen! Don't VOTE for Top lists for Taylor Swift. Because it is important. Everybody wants to be honest. So if we are act like leaf and can't judge honestly, we need to be quiet. I used to be like Taylor before. But I realized that Taylor Swift is not good singer as most of singers. She just acts like sweet and surrounds by famous pretty female friends and dates handsome famous guys. But it is all fake. Open your eyes. She can't be at 23. Actually she is a singer with good looks. I can't add adjectives of great ...more

Amazing singer who should be at least top 5, no other singer makes a fan relate better then TAYLOR SWIFT! And she is by far one of the best singers out there... Taylor should definitely be #1

So, basically anyone who saying that she should be number one thinks that she is better than Michael Jackson, "the king of pop" and Freddie mercury, who was named as the best male rock singer of all time? She is not better than them. Freddie and Michael wrote songs too. Freddie Mercury wrote Bohemian Rhapsody, one of the greatest songs ever. She shouldn't even be in this list in the first place, but everyone who says "she dessrves to be #1 "is too blind to see that there are so much better singers than her.

Taylor Swift has an amzing voice. Her songs are so unique and fun to sing along with Taylor, if you ever read this, you are my role model. Your a singer who wants to sing. You're not like everyone else who has this bad reputation for doing bad things, or someone who tries to get attention to theirselves, not their singing. Keep singing Taylor, you deserve #1! Your personality and attitude are amazing! Your so pretty. God has blessed you so much. Good luck with your career!

She is the biggest disgrace to real pop singers like katy perry,kesha, and lady gaga and many more who deserve more credit than her. She steals all the credit from those singers and her pop songs are the worst I've ever heard. She needs to go back to country, even though her songs were boring but she put effort in it and not simple lyrics and horrible beats. I did not like her music in country but I didn't hate her with burning passion. Now I hate her so much that I want her to retire, I can't stand her and she is so annoying. I wish she can quit making music. She can't sing and her songs are rude she only has a few songs that are different. She looks fake and she is mean to people that never meant to hurt her. Bo!

Too many idiotic teenagers are saying Swift should be number 1. Clearly you have never experienced true music. All of her songs are about breakups because she has no creativity. Saying she is number 1 is a disgrace to Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Robert Plant and so many more artists.

Taylor Swift is NOT the best artist. She's too country for pop, and has alienated her country fan base. She's also too much of a pop princess for country. Some of her songs are good (Teardrops on my Guitar) but others... fail horribly (22). COME AT ME WITH YOUR TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS!

Taylor Swift... So good... Every songs are more than super. I am the biggest fan of her. She is the best of the best. The first song I heard in english was 'enchanted'. From then I just am her biggestt fan. I am just wondering when the next album will be released. She is so beautiful... I have heard all her songs more than 50-100 times. Still, I can't stop hearing them. Taylor swift must be number 1. None can steal her position. And, please vote for her.

I am such a Swiftie. I love her music. From old old (Taylor Swift), old (fearless), modern (speak now), new (red) and brand new (1989). There isn't one song I don't like. She's so beautiful and creative and speaks to me. Some songs I feel like crying, dancing, finding love, or just about Taylor. She's so unique and one of a kind. She has an amazing personality and looks (I just wish her hair was long and curly again). She's the only music I listen to. I have all of her CDs except deluxe versions and her Christmas one. I want all 90 songs on my playlist. I even want to learn to play her songs on the piano. I have an addiction to her. I like her country songs better but I love all her songs. She sings from the heart and not all her songs are breakups people. How about Our Song, Love Story, Ours, Starlight, Today Was a Fairytale, This LOVE, come on. I can't wait for her 2016 album. Swiftie forever! Go Taylor.

No one can match Taylor Swift's songs. She is just awesome. She is far better than Lady gaga. She is very beautiful too. Her all songs are heart touching!

Taylor is my favorite! Why so low? She deserves at least the top 10 or 15 at least! She is the best! I'm looking forward to reputation, too, the songs released already are beautiful! This country queen is the best!

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