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Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachov, known professionally as Vitas, is a Ukrainian singer and songwriter. He sings mainly in Russian. His music is often difficult to categorize, incorporating elements of techno, dance, classical, jazz, and folk music.


I like to be in every different musical world. And I can't help being attracted with Vitas' voice since I heared his songs. Vitas is really a talent on musical arts and a composer too. The most importantly, Vitas' unique voice always brings soothe and inspiration to people who will feel such emotion of love. Vitas' singing is the most favorite treasure in lots of people's hearts all over the world. His songs are very worthy to listen and keep as eternity! - Vangelinna

Vitas is a sensational Russian singer with a unique voice so strong and clear that he has been dubbed "The Diamond Voice". A talented composer, as well as singer, his works cross many genres. His shocking vocal range spans an amazing number of Octaves from bass to whistle range. Once you experience him, you will be forever captivated. - vitasfan

This Phantom Unbelievable Powerful Great Fine Talented "Voice of an Angel" no one has even came Across to be good as he could sing with Different High Range of Voices, I Thank this Gives from God called "Vitas" must says he has Captures Millions or Billions Fans Hearts Around the World - God Bless you "Vitas" with many years to go...

Vitas' music is all the things that people have listed... But... The real test is to see him in person! Be close enough to reach out and touch him! WOW! There will never be another moment like that in your life! You should try it sometime. Find Vitas' concert near you and GO! You won't regret one minute of travel time and the cost? Well... PRICELeSS!

There is no one in this world like Vitas, period. Everything about him makes me go crazy over him. It's called the v-virus, once you're "infected", you'll never find a cure! Not to mention he is super charming and handsome... If you're a girl, you're gonna find yourself obsessing over him!

He is unique singer and completely, his voice and performance very fantastic, its amazing.. Touchable to everyone in other country with his songs in his Russian language, magic! He able to break all barrier its

OH MY GOD! I did not even know he would be on this list! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw his name. His voice is like no other. Trust me, listen to some of his songs to be proven how ' amazing he is.

Vitas has the only voice that stirs my emotions, and flows them into the ocean of life through my soul. The most crystal clear, and smoothest notes I have ever heard. His music has become my obsession. Unique. Eccentric.

He is a greatest singer. He has a beautiful pure voice. The voice that touches your soul and soothes your broken heart. You can feel what he wants you to feel, simply by listening to his wonderful voice.

Anybody who has heard Vitas sing is hooked in an instant;so I suppose nobody of the above has heard him partly because he sings in Russian & partly because these competitions are partial to western singers (sorry ). Vitas has a powerful voice with a range of 5 octaves & more importantly it is melodious & beautiful. His songs touch people of all ages & cultures & he has a huge following. He sings ( & looks ) awesome!

In my opinion, Vitas is the greatest singer of all the time. His voice is magnificant, when you hear it you know that it is him. He is unique. - elfyi

I really believe that Vitas is a great professional, he is very attractive, his voice is magnetic and helps us to fly to the sky. I'm very happy to realize the fact that Vitas is A Diamond!
I love him and his family, his group! Be happy, please!

I have never heard a voice like his. It's hypnotizing. I have no clue what he is saying but it doesn't matter. I could still listen to him all day!

Just get to know of his range.. Who else can hit that amount of high pitched vocals and still reach base the next second.. He is the best...

For real, real singing, it's Vitas. In a category of his own, period. Why waste any words, listen, look and be awed.

He is the best person and performer of any year. This singer is real and very humble and sweet. Anyone that listens to him, their lives will be forever touched.

Vitas is a really unique, and very talented singer. Every song he sings becomes special. Vitas can sing anything! Wish him a long and great creativity! Hope one day he will amase the world once again with some great new song, like he did once with his Opera 2.


Vitas has the best vocals I have ever heard, and it is not usually the type of music I usually Listen too. I have only recently discovered him and I carnt stop listening to his music. He is undoubtedly one of the best performers I ever seen.

His is Inspire and soul from God.
His music and voice can refresh my soul,
A pure and simply man have never met.

Vitas is the best singer with special voice!
And his voice is full of secrets, nobody knows how he's able to sing like this.

I voted for him but still he s not on the list! Is everybody crazy? Vitas is the king of You Tube an immense following on FB ;his songs are heavenly, his voice (range of 5 octaves) is powerful melodius & addictive;listen to him singing Adagio, Lucia, Dedication among so many others;once you hear him you never listen to anybody else!

Unforgettable voice
Hope US market can have different voice and he will be the one

As soon as I heard him singing, I was blown away and couldn't stop listening to his songs. They are so original and he seems to be able to sing everything he wants to with grotesque ease.
His live shows are fun to watch, as he enjoys every single performance.
As an extra, he is extremely good-looking~

He should be number one haha this brotha can SING! Thank God he wanted to be a singer laugh out loud could you imagine if he had this God given talent and was just like, "Meh, I don't really want to be a singer. "... My life just wouldn't be the same haha! I killed the replay button on youtube listening to his gorgeous songs