Whitney Houston

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Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012) was an American singer, actress, producer, and model. In 2009, Guinness World Records cited her as the most awarded female act of all time. Houston is one of pop music's best-selling music artists of all-time, with an estimated 170–200 ...read more.


Always been fascinated by her voice, not one professional singer nor a unprofessional singer can sing like Whitney,... I even wondered how scientifically even she could do it, I have considered that the drugs she was doing somehow cleared her nasal area allowing her to place much more clear vibrations in her mouth-nasal resonators. Or that she unlike many she just had a unbelievable way of making her chest so soar into her head voice. Either way though many may come close they never can sing as clearly and powerfully and with such control, Anybody who says she is not that great obviously never heard her version of I will Always love you, ir her version of the national anthem,

whitney is too powerful in terms in vocal...not like mariah so hasky. very powerful voice,,,,, once you heard her sing u can feel that you already see the best singer in a worldwideworld. in my own.... whitney and sheryn regis is the most angelic and very powerful voice. Sheryn can sing any kind of music........ I love them Both. Try to Watch "star in a million story - sheryn regis" U can reall tell.... what i've wanted to say.... no words can explain..... she can sing... whitney, mariah, celiene, chaka khan songs. i love whitney and sheryn .... very much.

such a big blessing in this very fabulous world. - kireu

By far the greatest vocalist of all time. Her perfect, angelic tone quality, beautiful and at times unbelievable vocal runs, powerful resonance, stage presence, and absolutely gorgeous appearance combine to make her uniquely the greatest vocalist and immediately recognizable. Unlike the majority, she did not lip sync but gave honest, soulful, classy performances and always gave praise to God. The only vocalist that comes anywhere close to Whitney is her Godmother, Aretha Franklin.

Whitney Houston had the most powerful voice with complete control over her vocals compared to other singers in her rank and genre. This is why she is called "Voice". There will never be another Whitney Houston. No one could out sing her in her prime, not even Mariah Carey or Jennifer Hudson. Whitney, in my view, was unbeatable in terms of her vocal power.

There is some people who did not like her music but, her talent is undeniably her incredible voice and the way she passionately sings with emotion and conviction.

Whitney Houston is the greatest singer ever. Period. Although Michael Jackson was the superior performer because of his outstanding dancing ability, there is no comparison when it comes to singing. Whenever I hear Whitney sing You Give Good Love it gives me chills because of the unparalleled soul and emotion she poured into that song. I mean when she sings "so good" at the end of the song you felt the love she was giving from her heart. Mariah may have the greater range but in terms of overall singing nobody and I mean nobody is better than the incomparable Whitney Houston.

Whitney had great range, great dynamic, beautiful tone and great power. She belted and cradled notes, delivering every word with real emotion. You didn't just listen to her sing, you felt every meaning behind every word. You believed what she sang, experienced the story she told through her songs. She could make you cry or dance with joy. She was a singer who had a perfect recoding voice yet sounded even better live. She knew her instrument, watch her live performances, she always delivered. She could simply sing anything. Her voice was just stunningly beautiful.

Oh my god WHITNEY is number 14, seriously I think she should be on number 1, but also I respect michael jackson, but if michael was the greatest singer of all time, whitney is the greatest live singer of all time. And honestly for me to me to be the greatest singer of all time. Is not just To have the best songs but it is how you performed the songs live. So if you are questioning why is whitney is the greatest, just please watch whitney performances of greatest love of all in artista records and the didn't we almost have it all.

Number 22, seriously? This is an insult to her.! The only singer that influenced the generation of all singers now a days male or female and the most awarded female act of all time and the only singer with a soft and powerful voice according to her highly educated vocal coach and David Foster said that Ms. HOUSTON is one of a kind that there will never be another like her before the very 1st generation of singers and the coming future singers.!

My God how can anyone with ears NOT say WHITNEY HOUSTON! Not only was she classy and beautiful, her voice surpasses anyone else, range, control, vibrato, emotion... Just an incredible singer. Look at some of her live performances in her earlier years, like on SNL, "All The Man That I Need, " etc.

Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry and George Michael were also terrific but Whitney was the BEST!

Whitney Houston was amazing! Wasted talent... someone should have put their foot down with her... She was out of control! No one had the balls to tell "the boss" NO / STOP! How many are really ready for fame? God bless MCCartney! He came up in an unbelievably tough time in the business... Weathered the hype, women, drugs... Became the MOST SUCCESSFUL... Worth tons of money... With an unreal body of work! Look at his peers... Look at Morrison, Joplin, Jimi, Michael, Whitney etc... If you want to be in the music business Paul IS THE TEXTBOOK! - frank

Greatest female voice in the history of music. So smooth, beautiful low and mid range and her falsetto was so crisp and clear, and then her power soared so gallantly and easy. She's one of those singers that made singing look easy, and a singer that can make any song her own. She should be higher on this list, next to Michael Jackson. She was wonderful and a great person too. Rip Whitney x

Whitney Houston is the most Phenomenal singer that ever lived. Her voice could move some nerves in your body that you never knew existed. She could move you to tears, she would mAke you "wanna Dance with somebody". Her voice is exceptional. One of the greatest power houses of ALL time. She deserves to be in the top 3 of this list. Whitney will always remind me of "The Greatest Love of All" and to always believe in myself and never let anyone take that away from me. Thank you Whitney for inspiring me to be sing today. Xoxo.R.I.P. sweet angel

I think it's a tragedy that whitney died R.I.P whitney. Whitney not only sings amazing but controls her voice. Her movie the bodyguard is great too she is an amazing actress. Whitney is an amazing person! One Moment In Time is awesome so powerful and the lyrics really make that song so loveable and that means not only is it meaningful and like I said powerful. You are a wonderful person Whitney.

She was an excellent singer, knew all genres of music. She sung pop, r and b, and gospel. Anybody who says that she is not the 3rd best singer in the world is insane. She would be right behind Mahalia Jackson and Shirley Caesar. She is so influential, she has a powerful and touching unique voice. She should be above Michael Jackson. He was good but he could never sing gospel.

Whitney? Who placed her all the way there... She has the best vocals I have ever heard. Her vocals are out of this world! Her voice is simply not human! Its angelic! She is simply the best live performer and her creativity was out of this world! She never sang a song the same way it was recorded.. Where else can you find that?

Her voice was like none other! Her voice oozed perfection! Whitney is the ONLY girl I know that could and HAS created her own rendition of songs and turned it into pure gold! (e.I. "I will always love you" & "The Star-Spangled Banner") Not only was she famous for her technique, but she also knew how to reach the very heart and soul of those listening to her music. She had a way of penetrating through the exterior of ones being and connecting with the listener in a spiritual sense. This is why she deserves to be recognized as such.

No other singer can compare to the power of Whitney's voice. Unlike the majority of popular vocalists today, whitney never lip-synced or dubbed any performances. She had the most control over her voice by far and could sing any genre of music like any great singer should. Whitney and Aretha are probably the greatest singers to ever be recorded.

Before we talk about Whitney Houston, I just need to say one thing to all of the modern pop females...to all of you Ariana Grandes, Selena Gomezs, and Katy Perrys...I think it's time to converse with this woman because she could tell you a thing or two about NAILING live performances, not just SINGING in them. (Oh wait...you can't...she's left us. :( #RIP Whitney).

Whitney Houston really knows when to use vibrato and when not to use it. Her powerful and controlled emotions in her voice make her much more preferable than Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Madonna.

"I Will Always Love You" showcases Whitney's beautiful and emotional vocals. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" is her most entertaining song because, like Michael Jackson's music, it makes you WANT to dance and CRAVE the feeling of dancing (and this is coming from somebody who hates dancing).

Her live performances...oh my goodness...earlier I told some other singers to seriously take lessons from this woman...and ...more - DCfnaf

amazing i heard her once and fell in love with her voice and later that year our school carried out a survey on our favourite singers and 93% of the student body voted whitney houston and the rest went mostly to mariah carey
whitney no one can EVEA outsing you - grantrussell

The "Best Singer" can be defined in many different ways by many different criteria. For me, if we are only speaking about the voice and how songs are sung, how lyrics are depicted and how emotions behind the lyrics are shown through singing, Whitney Houston was the best singer of all time.

I grew up listening to Whitney's early albums because my Mum was and still is a huge fan so, eventhough they were recorded before I was even born, they were playing in our house every day. I loved her voice from the start and I love all the ballads and as my mum calls them 'Torch songs' she ever did but I have to admit we went off her a little when she went away from that style and tried a more up-tempo R&B, dance and hip-hop style for an album or two. We both agreed that didn't suit her.
To die like she did was such a tragedy and such a waste of a beautiful, unique talent but thankfully her music lives on and for me she will always be one of the greatest female singers of all-time. - PoppyParker

The most angelic of them all, Miss Whitney Houston soars as the angel she is. She was the most beautiful singer and woman of all time! Will forever be remembered for her elegant and timeless style and voice. Whitney, I will always love you! She was a true gem, in many ways. A lady, fashionista, actress, singer, and still stayed true to Whitney. I will always love you is the most beautiful song of all time! Whitney, thank you for the classic music. We will always love and remember you forever! Keep singing in paradise, Nip!

When I heard her songs played on the radio for the first time, I thought she sounded great. Then I purchased her album and I realized I liked every single song. Then I heard her sing live and I was blown away at how she sounded just as good singing live as she did on the album. Her voice, her tone, the power, the feeling was just amazing...she touched me like no other singer ever has and that is why she has my vote as THE GREATEST. She truly was "THE VOICE"... Thanks, Mike

I thought this list was about the best singer? Vocal wise Whitney Houston should be number one. And where are Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin and Elton John, to name a few. Or what to think about Amy Winehouse. Michael Jackson shouldn't be number one. He is a great artist and a good singer but there are better singers than him.

She was simply known as the voice. In her prime, no one could beat her, not even Mariah Carey. She could simply stand and sing a song and bring you to tears. Her presence was so. Great, that even when she was off the stage, she could just walk into a room, and the people would go crazy.