Best Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Monsters

The best monster of the game: My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

The Top Ten

1 Stogg

He's awesome, but I think you should get him later in the game because he sounds so cool.

Stogg is very cute, and his song is amazing!

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2 Phangler

Love this monster it's so adorable!

3 Kayna
4 Boskus

He sounds like a little kid in a bathtub.

5 Mammott
6 Thrumble

It's face isn't ugly, and it has a great sound! Plus, it looks nothing like a giraffe.

You know what? I SOLD him! He's like a purple giraffe with an ugly face going "OUMM! OUMM! "

7 Toe Jammer
8 Swog V 3 Comments
9 Drumpler
10 Quibble

The Newcomers

? Krillby
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The Contenders

11 Sooza

I love the Sooza! She's so cute and I love how her face turns red when she blows on the sousaphone. Who else thinks she looks like a purple pompom? - Ku

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12 Ziggurab V 1 Comment
13 Potbelly
14 Tweedle

She is Like A Little Girl! ' So Cute!

15 Furcorn

This needs to be in the top ten. He is very cute and has a great voice.

16 Oaktopus
17 Pummel
18 Bowgart

Like in the first game, he plays though the entire thing with ease, adding fantastic chords and bass which makes the song sound so much better.

19 PomPom V 1 Comment
20 Glowl

On cave Island she's ugly but her song is amazing!

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