Best Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Monsters

The best monster of the game: My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

The Top Ten

1 Stogg

He's awesome, but I think you should get him later in the game because he sounds so cool.

Stogg is very cute, and his song is amazing!

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2 Phangler

Love this monster it's so adorable!

Phangler is so cute I love him so much

3 Kayna
4 Boskus

He sounds like a little kid in a bathtub.

5 Mammott
6 Thrumble

It's face isn't ugly, and it has a great sound! Plus, it looks nothing like a giraffe.

You know what? I SOLD him! He's like a purple giraffe with an ugly face going "OUMM! OUMM! "

7 Toe Jammer
8 Swog V 3 Comments
9 Ziggurab V 1 Comment
10 Yelmut

He's loud but awesome.

The Newcomers

? Drummidary

He's such a cutie, and his adult form is just awesome! Also, he's a monster that didn't go to Party Island for once! (He goes to Cloud Island instead)

The Contenders

11 Drumpler
12 Quibble
13 Sooza

I love the Sooza! She's so cute and I love how her face turns red when she blows on the sousaphone. Who else thinks she looks like a purple pompom? - Ku

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14 Rootitoot V 1 Comment
15 Krillby
16 Potbelly
17 Tweedle

She is Like A Little Girl! ' So Cute!

18 Furcorn

This needs to be in the top ten. He is very cute and has a great voice.

19 Oaktopus
20 Pummel
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