Best Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Monsters

The best monster of the game: My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

The Top Ten

1 Stogg

He's awesome, but I think you should get him later in the game because he sounds so cool.

Love his Melody. - _iTzJan

Stogg is very cute, and his song is amazing!

2 Phangler

Love this monster it's so adorable!

Phangler is so cute I love him so much

3 Kayna
4 Boskus

He sounds like a little kid in a bathtub.

5 Mammott
6 Thrumble

It's face isn't ugly, and it has a great sound! Plus, it looks nothing like a giraffe.

You know what? I SOLD him! He's like a purple giraffe with an ugly face going "OUMM! OUMM! "

7 Toe Jammer
8 Swog

SWOG? who wrote this?

Don't you mean Fwog?

It's Fwog.

9 Ziggurab

Sounds like reebro. Super awesome and adds a lot to the song.

10 Tweedle

She is Like A Little Girl! ' So Cute!

The Newcomers

? Sneyser

Looks a little bit ugly as an adult but I love it's cute low pitch ☺️

? Thumpies

Good sound! I just really love this monster.

The Contenders

11 PomPom

I hate them! THEY'RE SO STUPID!

When she tries to join in everybody else shuts up. it's like a tumbleweed moment. poor thing. :(

12 Yelmut

Yaa ya yaa yaaa...LOL I LOVE IT

He's loud but awesome.

13 Krillby

I like how one of its possible names is "Link", as in Link from the Legend of Zelda who plays an ocarina in some games(Krillby's sound is an ocarina)

14 Drumpler
15 Quibble
16 Bowgart

Heck yes! I LIKE Bowgarts!

Like in the first game, he plays though the entire thing with ease, adding fantastic chords and bass which makes the song sound so much better.

17 Sooza

She is like a low-pitched Bowgart! I love her

I think that the Hoola evolved from her or something

18 Glowl

On cave Island she's ugly but her song is amazing!

19 Rootitoot

Cool way of making sounds.

20 Candelavra

It sounds so heavenly!

21 Potbelly
22 Furcorn

This needs to be in the top ten. He is very cute and has a great voice.

23 Oaktopus
24 Pummel
25 Dandidoo

So cute as a baby!

26 Drummidary

He's such a cutie, and his adult form is just awesome! Also, he's a monster that didn't go to Party Island for once! (He goes to Cloud Island instead)

27 Flum Ox
28 Tring

He’s cool. His baby form is awesome
But he’s very quiet! But if you hear him it’s so cool!

29 Wynq

He’s cute, but his adult form is ugly and hairy

30 Floogull

At first, I didn't pay attention to Floogull. But when I saw Fire Haven, it caught my attention. Its animations were so cool and I like its design.

31 Incisaur

He is a new monster but I've read comments and I don't think anyone really cares about him :( At least he has a unique sound and not a ripoff of other monsters like those drumming monsters, monsters that go "bum bum bum" etc.

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