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41 Kayna

Remember when the game said it was seen a long time ago? Well, I am Kayna from a long time ago. There I said it, I confess.

68 items including at least 7 rare ones, and the lovely Kayna didn't make the list yet!?

42 Drumpler

Drumpler belly is big but he's cute how to breed him well it is a Noggin and a Mammott.

43 T-Rox

T-rocks is great! He reminds me of one of the WWE superstars for no reason. Although he's fascinating with its beating and clanking sounds.

He is adorable I am going to name mine digger

He plays rock- that's why he is called T-rocks

The T-rocks Rocks

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45 Tweedle

Er... A beautiful voice! Like a angel rising!

Tweedle, you sound like an angel rising up to heaven. And I mean it. Plus, you're cute-looking.

She's so epic! Love her! 😍

46 Fwog

It turns out, my game saved when it was deleted. So I still have my progress saved! YAY!

Well I used to have one... but my game got deleted, because the iPad got updated.

Guess what I have a rare Fwog.

I do, too.

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47 Congle

In tribal island he is COL

He's cute and cool, and he finally sings on Tribal Island. HORRAY!

48 Reebro
49 Potbelly

What did you do, record a horrible sound for the Potbelly?

My potbelly sounds terrible in my island, but sounds so great on others like my brothers

Awesome monster! It adds a nice touch to the game!

50 Arackulele
51 Humbug

On Wallykazam!, a Nick Jr. show, they used this name for a stupid humming bug creature.

Also Diane Delsig's favorite monster!

52 Rare Hoola
53 Jeode
54 Dragong
55 Bellowfish
56 Brump
57 Zynth
58 Thwok
59 Dwumrohl
60 Creepuscule
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