Best Single Track Albums

Basically, albums with a single song that lasts the full length of the album.

The Top Ten

1 E2-E4 - Manuel Gottsching

Hour long dance party that created techno. - djpenquin999

"A krautrock guitarist walks into a studio for a few hours and inadvertently creates techno"
one of my top 10 favorite albums EVER - Erucu

2 Dopesmoker - Sleep

An hour+ doom metal odyssey of weed aliens and riff-filled lands - Erucu

This is my #1. A complete mind trip - ryanrimmel

3 Flood - Boris

Repetition repetition repetition repetition...very hypnotic, emotional, and downright crushing metal/drone album
another top 10 favorite of mine - Erucu

4 Ascension - John Coltrane

A masterpiece of avant-garde jazz - Erucu

5 Music for 18 Musicians - Steve Reich

Ayo where can I find the original version? - djpenquin999


6 I Am Sitting in a Room - Alvin Lucier

Lucier recording himself reading a text, then re-recorded again and again until it becomes some space-like drone that plays with the resonance of the room...great stuff! - Erucu

7 The Visitor - Jim O'Rourke

A real nice folk/jazz piece heavily influenced by American Primitivism - Erucu

8 Coffin for Head of State - Fela Kuti

One of his best works in my opinion, with a scathing attack on the Nigerian government for their army's destruction of his Kalakuta Republic compound - Erucu

9 Ladybird - S*** and Shine

40+ minutes of repetitive rock grooves and layers upon layers of delicious noise and feedback - Erucu

10 Thursday Afternoon - Brian Eno

A 60 minute conceptual ambient piece set to different "video paintings." soothing stuff! - Erucu

The Contenders

11 Mirror Reaper - Bell Witch
12 Crimson - Edge of Sanity
13 Crimson II - Edge of Sanity
14 Pleiades' Dust - Gorguts
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