Signs that a Person is a Hater

Feeling tired of having haters? Well, you're not alone at all. Because this is the ultimate guide for you...

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1 He/she says unpleasing/disappointing/offensive things that you didn't like
2 He/she is mad at you

For no logical reason. Looks for reasons to be mad. Won't tell you why they're mad. Looks to be mad as a way to be "in control" and get some sort of attention from you, and ruin your day/mood.

Poor hunnyqueen being bullied by a stupid hoe - yunafreya648

3 Calls the Cops on you with a LIE

Who does that?

4 Trashes your Place or Belongings
5 Posts the most Unattractive pictures of you on Facebook
6 Takes, keeps, and shows you, the most unattractive pictures of you
7 Finds out of your insecurities, and throws them in your face.
8 He/she makes dumb rumors/gossip against you

And tells your personal business (usually the bad) to others you don't know.

I hate it when that happens

9 Contradicts your opinions

Or interrupts you when you are speaking. Or acts bored and uninterested with your opinions. Or jumps on a bandwagon of something you are saying that is good, just to get control over you in the situation.

10 Throws in your face negative experiences you've had at times to benefit them

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11 You think he/she hates you because he/she's insecure of you...
12 Tells you impersonal and embarrassing about their inner circle, like family and friends
13 Talks about you everyday when it comes to hate

When you go through "tiffs" in your relationship, they broadcast it to the world - ie. Facebook. Exaggerating, making you seem like a Loser and them like a Great Catch.

14 He/She sets your car on fire

Or damages ANY of your property. My ex threw out two of my items. One- a watch which he previously said he liked and looked good on me. Two- a diamond ring which looked better than the "ring" he gave me say he wanted to marry me. Then, he ruined 4 computers. The first two, while I was unemployed, looking for a job. The second two, when I got a job, and received the computers, and needed them, for my job.

It's a really good way to tell if he/she is a hater. 99.7685 percent accurate. -

omg can you imagine someone setting your cat on fire.

That would make that person obviously a hater!

15 Thinks you're DUMB and he/she's SMART

Just because I'm conservative! (yeah you heard me... JUST BECAUSE OF THAT! ) God I hate people like that.
p. s. I always beat him/her (confidential) in a debate. - fireinside96

When you express your opinion about something, they look disinterested and bored. When they talk, they go on and on and on and on and get mad when you interrupt them- even if said "interruption" is just to agree, comment, or join into the conversation.

16 Gets mad when you get some positive attention on Social Media, and posts smart a** comments
17 He/she is shrewish when it comes to you
18 Ignore you for no reason
19 Is a critique wannabe, and you're the genuine critique

so many people especially when it comes to music - ballaboi17

20 He/She says/posts awful and offensive comments on video he/she hates

Especially on YouTube. I hate when stupid uneducated kids post useless comments on videos of artists/sportsmen they hate. It's so low -

21 Tries to sleep with your significant other

Its not that their so attractive to them just want to hurt u and sabotage your relationship

Or just try to steal your crush. For example, (my story) my crush appears to like me back and Iike him as well but we haven't said anything. The fake bitch comes and tries to be "friend" so she can get my crush to forget me and like her. My "friend" did most of these things on this list 🙁

22 Tries to exclude you from things on purpose

Say what? LMAO!

23 Tries to make you feel dumb for no reason.
24 Is a poser for money
25 If he/she puts marijuana in your car
26 Points out negative things about you only
27 Makes plans with you and then cancels them on purpose
28 Interrupts you every time you try to talk.
29 Will give you bad advice on purpose.
30 Everything you do will be lame until they do it, then it will be considered cool.
31 Will compare their self to you unfavorably.
32 Will insult your accomplishments.
33 Will gain your trust just so they can find a way to hurt you.
34 Can't wait to hear about all of your insecurities and weaknesses so that they can use it against you.
35 Makes fun of you around your boyfriend/girlfriend.
36 He/she tracks you down
37 They get dabbed on
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1. He/she says unpleasing/disappointing/offensive things that you didn't like
2. He/she is mad at you
3. Calls the Cops on you with a LIE


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