Greatest Sins In Islam

Islam is the 2nd largest religion after Christianity, It has more than 1.5 billion subscribers. It runs with certain rules and forbids certain sins to guarantee peacefulness and provide a safe healthy happy society. Here are the greatest sins that any Muslim who wants heaven should avoid.

The Top Ten

1 Polytheism

Yet the most dangerous sin and the one that god said he shall never forgive on the judgement day, he can forgive any other sins if he wanted but this one shall not be forgiven unless who did the sin repent it and seek forgiveness before his death - AbdRahmanSalah

Islam is a good way of life in Muslim

Islam is best all world

La Illaha IlAllah This means there is no God but God. Also Non-muslims don't be afraid when a muslim says Allahu Akbar, it just means God is the greatest. Whats so scary about that?

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2 Masterbation

I'm pretty sure everyone has done it once in a while - XtremeNerdz12


It's not the wanking that bothers me, it's spelling it wrong,

3 Sodomy

A person who does this sin in Islam is an unbeliever and rots in hell forever since he gets out of the zone of Islam, and it was a wisdom from Islam to forbid this sin because it was proven by science that anal sex is extremely dangerous it can bring many serious diseases and viruses like aids and cancer. the percentage of sodomy in the Muslim world in general is way less than in the rest of the world - AbdRahmanSalah

Everything is wrong with this pizza guy.

Gay feelings aren't haram, ACTING on them is

This sin is not an act of kufr. Nowhere does it say in a hadith or the quran that it puts him beyond the pale of islam

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4 Adultery

Adultery Is a great sin in Islam, god punishes Muslims who do this in both life and afterlife, but if they repent the sin god forgives them and wont punish them on judgement day but still punishes them in the current life - AbdRahmanSalah

May Allah protect us from such evil. Ameen

5 Murder

In Islam if you kill one person its like you killed whole humanity but if you save one person its like you saved whole mankind.

This is the Biggest Sin!

The exception to murder is if you leave Islam to become a Christian - you can be murdered.

Masturbation is no way closer to the MURDER

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7 Gambling
8 Lying

Lying bring others to pain, to expectations, to believe something that isn't right.
Lying can bring other to commit others sings, to be angry, to false happiness, to wrong interpretation off facts and fight between.
Allah is the purity and the truth, when you lie to others, you lie to yourself because in fact you are lying to the one who sees all.

God wanted to control his Muslim society by forbidding lying - AbdRahmanSalah

Second name of Islam is truth

It's the biggest sin in Islam
Please Allah forgive ol my sin whatever I hd done..
I really regretting

9 Theft
10 Rape

Yes this is the biggest sin...

A sin in your dreams! This isn't "Sodomy".

One of the worst...

Rape is the greatest sin in islam
it can't be forgot

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The Newcomers

? Not wanting knowledge to get closer to Allah

For example not wanting to go to the mosque in Friday's and using your phone when there is a speech going on.

For example going to Friday prays and using your phone when there is a speech going on.

The Contenders

11 Suicide

It's a sin but not one of the biggest. Top 1.. Are you kidding? I bet you are not a Muslim.

Suicide must be the top 1 sin. Allah never forgives the people who do it.

The life of a Muslim is on the hands of the almighty allah and no one is permitted to spoil their lives by themselves. They will be punished
On the day of judjement

One shuld nt take his/her life no matter the sutiation @ any moment. It is one of the greatest sins.

12 Alcohol

How can you guys live without alcohol? - AGK

13 Not Praying Five Compulsory Prayers
14 Physical Touch Between Man and Woman

Yes this is a really weird sin, and shouldn't have been a sin at all, and Islam has also forbidden love and declared that the only legitimate relationship between a Muslim man and woman is marriage and relationship outside marriage is considered a sin - AbdRahmanSalah

Yes! Its correct. Physical touching raises certain incurable diseases. And so included as sin

Oh my! What an uninformed, uneducated in Islam and the words in the Koran you are. Sorry but you must study harder. This is not a sin

Not a sin at all, completely halal for married couples and in required circumstances (doctors, surgery, etc.)
This doesn't belong on here

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15 Music

One of the absolutely negative points about Islam, because music is just great and have nothing bad about it at all but god considers it a fatal sin and god punishes Muslim who listens to music at judgement day by pouring molten iron into his ears - AbdRahmanSalah

This is right, music and dancing was created by satan (apparently) don't know if its true

16 Usury V 1 Comment
17 Women Who Wear Tight Clothes
18 Disobeying Parents

The one disobeying the parents that they do not obey or love allah

It is said by the Prophet, "Paradise is under the feet of our mothers."
If you have not completed your compulsory requirement to care for your guardians, you are not worthy of heaven.

19 The Men Who Wear Silk and Gold
20 Leaving Islam
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