Top Ten Sirah Songs

Sarah Elizabeth Mitch white rapper and too short who lives in the heart of ours

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1 Up & Down

This is the best song ever, a little dubstep a little rap, and the video is great perfect! - humanalien

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2 Double Yellow Lines

This is the best old song, neither everyone knows it but the video is the second most viewed - humanalien

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3 My City

This is a grat song about New York the sirah's city... welcome to my city - humanalien

4 Motel Bible

I've never understood this song a Bible that is a motel or a motel that is a bible - humanalien

5 On to the Next
6 First Impressions

The best song, first impressions, you need know well the people and don't judge for the first impression - humanalien

7 Blew Your Mind

Another song that is a little dubstep and a little rap but is a excitest song - humanalien

8 Inhale

This is a song about the people who wants too bad someone and do anything to get it - humanalien

9 Bangarang

This is the best featurin' from her had won a grammy award! - humanalien

10 Icarus

The Contenders

11 When I'm Gone

Do you know when You're so numb? This song is about this moments... - humanalien

12 Kyoto

Well this chorus everyone know, YO SKRILL DROP IT HARD, sure the song with the Japan's city name KYOTO - humanalien

13 Made It

In this song sirah talks about the kids time, when she could spend all time doing nothing - humanalien

14 Like Me Now
15 You Know You Want It
16 Stick Up
17 Survival
18 Weekends!

The first feature from her with Skrillex It's just awesome... - humanalien

19 Lilies
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