Top Ten Sirah Songs

Sarah Elizabeth Mitch white rapper and too short who lives in the heart of ours

The Top Ten

1 Up & Down Up & Down

This is the best song ever, a little dubstep a little rap, and the video is great perfect! - humanalien

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2 Double Yellow Lines

This is the best old song, neither everyone knows it but the video is the second most viewed - humanalien

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3 My City My City

This is a grat song about New York the sirah's city... welcome to my city - humanalien

4 Motel Bible Motel Bible

I've never understood this song a Bible that is a motel or a motel that is a bible - humanalien

5 On to the Next On to the Next
6 First Impressions First Impressions

The best song, first impressions, you need know well the people and don't judge for the first impression - humanalien

7 Blew Your Mind Blew Your Mind

Another song that is a little dubstep and a little rap but is a excitest song - humanalien

8 Inhale Inhale

This is a song about the people who wants too bad someone and do anything to get it - humanalien

9 Bangarang Bangarang V 1 Comment
10 Kyoto Kyoto

Well this chorus everyone know, YO SKRILL DROP IT HARD, sure the song with the Japan's city name KYOTO - humanalien

The Contenders

11 When I'm Gone When I'm Gone

Do you know when You're so numb? This song is about this moments... - humanalien

12 Made It Made It

In this song sirah talks about the kids time, when she could spend all time doing nothing - humanalien

13 Icarus Icarus
14 Like Me Now Like Me Now
15 You Know You Want It You Know You Want It
16 Stick Up Stick Up
17 Survival
18 Weekends! Weekends!

The first feature from her with Skrillex It's just awesome... - humanalien

19 Lilies
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